JGN establishes ecological fund: global investment DAO


Official news, JGN established an ecological fund, global investment DAO! JGN cooperates with many leading global funds to establish the JGN Ecological Fund. Through Juggernaut, invest in more high-quality encryption projects, increase the growth of the JGN ecosystem, and expand the cooperation and development of JGN with more projects!

Why create a global investment  DAO ?

JGN has always been inspiring and innovating, improving and expanding Juggernaut’s influence.

The JGN team, consultants, and past and current investors have extensive expertise in the cryptocurrency field and have participated in and funded many different projects over the years.

JGN Investment DAO hopes to use a global network and rich experience in blockchain projects to provide financial support for high-quality projects and ecosystems in different fields of cryptocurrency.

The encryption industry has been rapidly updating and iterating, and there are many opportunities and new trends to explore. JGN Ecological Fund uses the opportunity of global investment in DAO to explore more value projects and more possibilities, and promote the development of JGN’s global ecological environment.


JGN agrees with CZ in this regard. In the rapid development of JGN, we also have to ask “What is the next step in the market?”. No matter how the market changes, JGN needs to be prepared and take advantage of all opportunities to expand the overall development of the JGN ecosystem.

The JGN Fund will invest in leading DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, GameFi (and more) projects to create new direct synergies for JGN and its holders, and create more future for the JGN ecosystem.

What is DAO?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This is a structure that does not have formal leadership, but allows any member to make decisions, so it is autonomous and decentralized.

Compared with the traditional structure, DAO has many advantages. It has no formal hierarchy, and its decisions are determined by community opinions. DAO relies on voluntary labor.

In JGN Investment DAO, JGN’s biggest advantage is its professional knowledge and strong connections. Since each participating fund will participate in the decision-making process, it will obtain the most innovative and powerful transactions in the crypto field to serve their best interests.

How does this benefit JGN? 

Through JGN’s global investment in DAO’s ecological fund, Juggernaut hopes to increase the growth of the JGN ecosystem, expand the cooperation and development of JGN and more projects, enable the growth of the value of JGN tokens, increase the maximum benefit of JGN long-term holders, and promote the JGN ecosystem Global layout and development.

Thanks to all the leading global funds participating in the JGN Ecological Fund, JGN can expand the scope of ecological marketing and industry status, strengthen JGN’s international influence, and strengthen the cooperative relationship between JGN and other crypto-related funds, investors and teams. The establishment of the Global Investment DAO Ecological Fund aims to benefit JGN holders, investors, supporters and the scope of influence of the project.

Advantages of dJGN holders

JGN Investment DAO aims to increase the interests of dJGN holders specifically.

The idea of ​​the platform to create dJGN is to integrate its components into the latest product line to enable more ecological development of JGN. The establishment of JGN Investment DAO will allow dJGN holders to get returns from more new investment opportunities.

About JGN

JGN focuses on the field of NFT + DeFi + GameFi. Currently, it has received strategic investment from Goldman Sachs Group (Canada), Australian SFIP Fund, Binance “Seed Fund”, SoftBank Group (UK), LD Capital and other institutions. JGN will continue to expand new Ecology, unlock the new layout of the meta universe.

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