JD NFT Collection Guide

After Tencent, Ali and NetEase have tried NFT, JD has also begun to try to use NFT.

On November 22, 2021, JD Discovery, the annual blockbuster technology conference of JD.com, announced that it will officially open. Different from previous years, users who register this year can get the NFT commemorative voucher for the JDD conference based on blockchain technology for free.

That is, Jingdong used the form of NFT for event registration and displayed it in a new form of event operation.

A set of 7 models of NFT, with different JOY images to mark the main forum of the JDD conference, as well as six themed forums on retail technology, smart logistics, digital health, financial digital intelligence, smart city, and digital intelligence technology and industrial practice. Users can obtain a complete set of 7 NFTs by registering and inviting friends to register.

The following is how to register and receive NFT

1. First search for the JD Technology Enterprise Service Center mini program on WeChat. After entering the mini program, there will be a JD Discovery Global Technology Explorer Conference registration display in the carousel picture shown above.


2. Click on the registration page to register immediately.


3. Fill in the relevant information and submit it, including attending the conference and making an appointment for live broadcast.


4. After the registration is successful, the NFT will be generated directly. By saving the picture and sharing the picture, you can invite others to sign up.


5. After registration, the card and coupon NFT will be displayed in the WeChat service notification to arrive at the account. After clicking to enter, you can view your NFT.



6. After sharing with others, if the other party signs up, your NFT will add one more.


7. At present, the author’s NFT has collected 7 of them, because the total number of a set is only 7 and the upper limit of personal holding is 7.

Information about JD NFT

Receipt: During the registration phase (October 19th ~ November 22nd), users scan the mini program code to choose the way to participate in the conference and specific theme forums. After submitting the registration materials, they can get free NFT commemorative voucher with JD JOY badge .

Supply: This virtual certificate is based on the JD Zhizhen chain and cannot be tampered with and will never be issued. After the registration is over, the release will be stopped. The NFT commemorative certificate contains the image of JOY, the unique NFT code, and the personal sharing code. Users can check the attribution in the JD blockchain browser (http://jdd-nft.jd.com).

Circulation: In the future, users can use public and private keys to confirm and transfer rights.

Technical bottom: NFT commemorative certificate is supported by blockchain technology by JD Zhizhen Chain. Based on the self-developed blockchain underlying engine system JD Chain, JD Zhiyuan Chain has built an NFT technical service platform to provide blockchain technology guarantees for the storage, confirmation, circulation, and traceability of NFT collections. This also means that this type of NFT is completely different from the NFT on public chains such as Ethereum in terms of technology.

Practical background: The release of NFT through the JDD conference registration is the first step for JD to test the waters in the NFT field. In the future, JD.com will further develop the application value of NFT in the fields of copyright protection, public welfare, art collection, and e-commerce based on self-developed blockchain technology and combined with JD’s ecological scene.

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