Jay Chou sells blind boxes in Metaverse

On the first day of the launch, the sales volume reached nearly 60,000.

More than a month after detonating the Chinese music scene with a song “The Greatest Work”, Jay Chou is on the hot search again.

On August 29, the two topics of #jay New YorkSubway# and #Jay Chou HiddenNewSong# appeared on Weibo’s hot search. As of 10:00 p.m. on August 30, the readings of the content related to the two topics reached 210 million and 13.01 million respectively.

Jay Chou sells blind boxes in Metaverse

Jay Chou sells blind boxes in Metaverse

The incident originated from an interview with Jay Chou VCR released by Jewell Music on the 29th.Jay Chou in VCR reviewed the creative stories behind the four classic works such as “Sunny Day” and “Love in BC”, and also mentioned a new song “New York Subway” that was unpublished 18 years ago. “Hidden New Song” refers to this song Unreleased New York Subway.

It is worth noting that the five-song DEMO did not choose to be launched on the music platform. Jay Chou in VCR announced that it has cooperated with the digital collection platform Thin Box APP to create a Metaverse space of DEMO, which will be sold in the form of a blind box for a limited time.

On the evening of the 29th, the “Jay Chou Limited Collection DEMO Space” originally scheduled to open on September 1 was launched in advance. As of press time, nearly 60,000 users have purchased blind boxes.


Different from the previous new album that caused heated discussions on the whole network, the “popularity” of this DEMO digital collection is basically limited to the content related to the topic of Weibo, which seems a little quiet.

On the one hand, compared to the one-month marketing campaign from the preheating to the official release of the new album, Jay Chou’s DEMO digital collection still lacks enough time to campaign.On the other hand, the circle of digital collections is relatively small, and there are certain thresholds for purchasing digital collections. The superposition of multiple factors has created a situation in which it is mainly Jay Chou diehard fans participating in relevant discussions.

Similar to other Metaverse platforms, after users download the APP and register, they need to create a virtual human image and then purchase corresponding digital collections.

This “Jay Chou Limited Collection DEMO Space” key blind box is divided into three types: classic, rare and legendary, corresponding to different levels of rights and interests. Blind boxes are divided into 499 yuan limited blind boxes with a limited number of 10,000 pieces and 20 yuan hardcover blind boxes.

Jay Chou sells blind boxes in Metaverse

Among them, the blind box at the price of 499 yuan contains two keys, one classic, one rare or legendary key, and each user is limited to 2 keys. The 20 yuan hardcover blind box has a random key, and each account is limited to 30 pieces. Each key can be used unlimited times at any time, and blind boxes can be gifted, but keys cannot be traded.

After the blind box went on sale on the evening of August 29, Susu immediately downloaded the APP and purchased the blind box for 20 yuan. Susu is a Jay Chou fan and a blind box lover, but this is her first time buying a digital collection. Susu said that the purchase experience this time is similar to buying a physical blind box online.

After purchasing and opening the blind box, you can use the joystick to control the virtual human to enter the Metaverse space. The avatar walked through a cyberpunk-style hall according to ground instructions and came to an elevator with the words “Jay Week” printed on it.

Entering the elevator and descending slowly, you come to the scene of “New York Subway DEMO”. Users can listen to the song while exploring the subway station, or board the train to go to the next demo scene. The whole space is composed of 5 3D scenes, each representing the demo of a song. After passing through the 5 scenes, you will return to the original hall. “It’s similar to playing games, and the picture quality is also good.” Susu said.

Jay Chou sells blind boxes in Metaverse

Jay Chou sells blind boxes in Metaverse

Jay Chou sells blind boxes in Metaverse

APP data shows that as of press time, 59,403 blind boxes have been sold, and the sales are around one million at 20 yuan each.

Jay Chou sells blind boxes in Metaverse

In addition, Jewell Music also revealed that it plans to make a special attempt in the field of digital collections in the future, turning the unexposed song DEMO of “New York Subway” into a unique digital collection for auction, and donating the proceeds for public use .


It sold 50,000 copies a day after its launch. In the niche digital collection circle, such a result is quite impressive, but it is far from the pre-sale of over one million copies of Jay Chou’s new album a month ago. From the point of view of the commercial return of sales, releasing digital collections is not the best choice for Jay Chou.

Among the five demos released this time, “New York Subway” has a relatively high degree of completion. The other four demos that have officially released singles are more like drafts, and some paragraphs do not even have lyrics, and are replaced by humming. These demos are almost unprocessed and can present the original images in Jay Chou’s mind when he created them.

This may also partly explain why Jay Chou chose to develop it into a digital collection.Instead of making these slightly rough demos into albums and selling them to the public on the platform, it is better to make digital collections for fans to enjoy. In fact, before the digital collection was released this time, only a small number of people such as agent Yang Junrong and lyricist partner Fang Wenshan had heard of these DEMOs.

In VCR, Fang Wenshan said: “There are so few people who have heard DEMO, and today it is transformed into a digital art collection. I feel very Jay Chou for such participation. His (Jay Chou) music has become a phenomenon. You go to collect a hall level. The works of the phenomenon are not only involved in artistic events, but also involved in musical events.”

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the gathering of cultural and entertainment industries such as movies and sports events has been severely hit, and many cultural and entertainment enterprises are eager to seek transformation and move their original offline scenes to online.

Some practitioners choose to live broadcast. Since this year, singers such as Mayday and Cui Jian have held concerts on the video account, and online concerts have also brought stars higher attention than offline concerts.

Due to its highly integrated characteristics with digital artworks, NFTs are also favored by many companies. The NFT audience itself is mainly young people, and this part of the group is also the main consumers of pop culture and blind box trend games.

For example, the NBA, whose revenue is affected by the epidemic, authorized NFT institutions to develop digital collection blind boxes as early as 2020. The blind boxes contain star photos, introductions and short videos of star highlights. According to the statistics of the rating agency TokenInsight, the sales of this product in 2021 will reach 660 million US dollars. Although it is far less than the revenue of NBA events, it has huge potential in the future.

In March of this year, the market value of the NFT project The Boring Ape once exceeded 2 billion US dollars, which is inseparable from the traffic effect brought by the purchase of superstars in the sports and music industries. For example, Jay Chou has purchased the Boring Ape NFT.

Jay Chou sells blind boxes in Metaverse

In the first half of this year, Chinese investors and related companies also joined this wave, including Cai Wensheng, chairman of Meitu, Zhu Xiaohu, partner of Jinsha River Ventures, listed companies Li Ning, and Greenland Group, all of which bought Boring Ape NFTs.

In addition, there are also domestic Internet companies testing the NFT field. In June last year, Alipay released 4 NFT payment code skins. In July of the same year, NetEase’s game “Eternal Calamity” also released NFT blind boxes.


Stars rely on the fan economy to enter the NFT field, and while making a profit, it is also equivalent to an endorsement of the NFT. But the seemingly thriving NFT has always been accompanied by controversy.

When buying Jay Chou’s DEMO digital collection, Su Su hesitated to buy a limited-edition blind box of 499 yuan. According to the introduction, the limited blind box must contain rare keys or legendary keys, which can be equivalent to the keys of all future Jewell music open spaces on the platform.

But after thinking about it again and again, Susu still chose the 20 yuan hardcover blind box. “What if the platform shuts down one day?” Susu’s doubt is that the “permanently effective” promised by the platform faces great uncertainty. .

This concern is being corroborated by real-world cases. On August 16 this year, Tencent’s NFT trading platform Magic Core announced the suspension of sales and gave users two solutions: one is to continue to retain digital collections, and the other is to apply for a refund.

The aftermath of Phantom Core is relatively decent, but once other platforms without the endorsement of big companies are shut down, it is unknown whether such a aftermath can be achieved.

In addition, fans are also concerned about the value of the collection. Although the digital collections released this time have put a lot of effort into the 3D space scene, users are essentially buying it for the music itself, or Jay Chou.

Under the official Weibo of Jewell Music and Thin Box APP, many fans are complaining about the leakage of audio sources. Before the release was announced, the demo of “New York Subway” was spread on platforms such as WeChat and BilibIli, and the number of related videos far exceeded the number of digital collections purchased.

Therefore, in the eyes of some users, the number representing the uniqueness of the NFT collection is no longer a social currency, but more like a symbol of “IQ tax”.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Jay Chou has caused controversy in the NFT field. On New Year’s Day this year, Jay Chou used social media to promote the NFT project jointly launched by his fashion brand PHANTACI and NFT platform Ezek. With the blessing of its halo, a total of 10,000 NFT collections were snapped up in less than an hour. Jay Chou’s operation of bringing goods aroused doubts from some netizens, who believed that he was “harvesting” fans.

Three months after being questioned about “harvesting” fans, Jay Chou himself also suffered losses on NFTs. On April 1, Jay Chou posted that the NFT collection of the Boring Ape that he bought was stolen, and after many changes, he finally sold 3 million dollar price. Due to factors such as the decentralized nature of NFTs and the absence of relevant laws, Jay Chou, who has suffered heavy losses due to the theft of NFTs, has no way to defend his rights.

Jay Chou sells blind boxes in Metaverse

In addition, in the process of experiencing the digital collection of “Jay Chou Limited Collection DEMO Space” sold this time, Susu found that the platform itself also has many problems, such as occasional freezes on the page, slightly stiff movements of characters, and sometimes the sound of songs will suddenly disappear. Exit and re-enter to return to normal and so on.

In a short period of time, the outside world’s concerns about digital collections will not disappear, and the shortcomings of digital collections themselves need to be improved. It may take a long time for Jay Chou fans to obtain an experience comparable to that of a concert in the real universe in the Metaverse. time.


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