Jack Dorsey is ready to give up his position at Twitter to work on Bitcoin permanently

Jack Dorsey: Whatever my company can do for it, making bitcoin accessible to everyone is the quest of the rest of my life

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claims that he is more certain about Bitcoin than he is about any of the pending projects facing Twitter and Square, more than Twitter and Square, the two companies he has led since their inception.

Dorsey has been very bullish and optimistic about Bitcoin and has been giving the Bitcoin Twitter community a reason to stay optimistic. Especially as the market is dealing with a lot of FUD (panic) as the bear market continues to run.

The billionaire was one of the guests at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami and shortly after that he made very optimistic comments about Bitcoin and disclosed that Square is considering making a hardware wallet for Bitcoin.

Also as the event planner he said what the audience wanted to hear, “For me, all other cryptocurrencies are completely off the table” and they are focused on making bitcoin the native currency of the internet.

At a conference called “baking the unbaked,” Jack Dorsey opened up to Alex Gladstein, chief strategy officer of the Human Rights Foundation, about his plans for Bitcoin and the role it could play in reshaping traditional financial markets as we know them.

Since the creation of Twitter, the application has played an important role in expanding direct communication between world leaders and ordinary people, as it provides a platform where each user’s voice can be heard equally.

While many consider Twitter to be an important project with a market cap of $47.09 billion, platform founder Jack Dorsey disagrees and believes that Bitcoin is even more important.

Dorsey believes that “Bitcoin has changed absolutely everything, and I don’t think there’s anything more important to do in my lifetime than to make Bitcoin accessible to everyone, no matter what my company can do for it. “

Dorsey also asserted that a new financial system that introduces Bitcoin as a decentralized platform that allows a growing community of users to influence the market would be one that needs to be protected and maintained for prosperity. He abandons the need for existing financial institutions to serve the previous generation and proposes Bitcoin as the only suitable alternative.

In a shocking but commendable announcement, Dorsey promised to work on developing bitcoin on Twitter or Square if needed.

The statement, which surprised the crypto space, states.

“If I’m not working on Twitter or Square, I’m working on Bitcoin-related work. If it required more help than Square or Twitter, I would save my energy and time for Bitcoin. However, I believe both companies have a role to play, and I don’t think anything could benefit the world more than that.”

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