It’s too late if you don’t call yourself “the first person in the Metaverse”

Mortal status is no longer suitable for them

In other words, after Facebook announced that it changed its name to Meta, San Yan once wrote an article “ Today, if you don’t change your name to Meta, you will fall behind. ” At that time, the article was actually taking advantage of Facebook’s name change to make fun of the phenomenon that the Internet circle loves to follow the trend and speculate on the concept, but it is surprising or somewhat unexpected. After just a few dozen days, I found that I am not self-proclaimed. It would be too late for the title of “the first person in the meta universe”.

In the recent past, the “pursuing” of Metaverse in the circle has not been limited to changing the name and surname. Some people have begun to think about using the metaverse to make a name for themselves and “occupying a seat” ahead of time.

The first Meta Universe chief analyst to debut?

On November 22, a conference call in the communications industry of Minsheng Securities attracted the author’s attention. Originally, an ordinary industry conference was nothing particularly worthy of attention, but the title of the host of this conference was eye-catching:

Ma Tianyi, chief analyst of Minsheng Securities Communication Meta Universe.

Good guy, someone uses the appellation related to the meta universe so soon?

It’s too late if you don’t call yourself "the first person in the Metaverse"

Sure enough, in a propaganda article, Ma Tianhao was described as “the first chief analyst of the meta universe”. Not to mention whether this title is a bit confusing to read, but what makes the author wonder is that the concept of meta universe has just emerged. How long does this “chief analyst” have any gold content?

According to relevant information, Ma Tianhao graduated from the Mathematics Department of Peking University with a master’s degree and has been in the securities industry for 7 years. He once worked for Essence Securities and Guotai Junan Securities , and joined Minsheng Securities in October this year.

Ma Tianhao’s research fields include technology companies that change the way people work, live, and communicate, and focus on hard technology companies that are in line with the development direction of China’s manufacturing industry. Metaverse is also its coverage area.

According to media reports, since September, Ma Tianhao has published more than 10 articles on the theme of the meta universe. In many publicity bulletins, Ma Tianhao said that Metaverse is the next generation of the Internet, including scenarios and content that can solve existing Internet problems; Metaverse also has an immersive experience that is difficult to distinguish between true and false, and an open creation system. , Three-dimensional social network system, decentralized economic system, diverse civilization forms, etc.

It’s too late if you don’t call yourself "the first person in the Metaverse"

In a video about the concept of metacosmos, Ma Tianyi also has the title of “the first person in the study of metacosmology in China.”

To be honest, the author is still a little confused after reading some of Ma Tianyi’s views on the meta universe. In short, it is the feeling of painting an infinitely charming pie, but just not being able to come up with the actual thing.

After thinking and thinking about it, I suddenly started. Isn’t this exactly the same as the behavior of a group of people speculating on the concept when the “blockchain tuyere” was blown up in the past?

Here comes the interesting thing. I dug into the background of Ma Tianyi and found that the chief analyst of Metaverse, suspected that he had actually promoted the blockchain before.

It’s too late if you don’t call yourself "the first person in the Metaverse"

In many previous drafts related to blockchain, a “Beijing Equity Exchange Center Marketing Manager Ma Tianyi” once made relevant publicity on blockchain technology.

There is no more information on whether this Ma Tianyou and “Meta Universe Chief Analyst Ma Tianyou” are indeed the same person, but by comparing the photos and videos of the events he attended, they should be the same person.

Ma Tianhao, the chief analyst of Metaverse, commented on his title in the interview draft, “I will not be the last one. In the future, Internet analyst may be renamed Metaverse Analyst.”

This is true, because a large group of “Meta Universe First People” are rushing to the front desk.

Various “Meta Universe First Persons” are here

The first author of the meta universe

Navigator of the meta universe

The first person in meta universe digital calligraphy

The No. 1 Internet Celebrity in Meta Universe

The first is a book “Big yuan investment,” the book author in one of the named Mao Yongfeng, the title is “vibrato deft yuan universe science Pilot.”

In a manuscript, Mao Yongfeng’s title has become the first person in Douyin Kuaishou Yuan Universe. He said that Yuan Universe is an excellent opportunity for investors. (I know everything)

Even the author who wrote books on the meta universe also “involved”, and the number one ranking must be specially packaged. 

It’s too late if you don’t call yourself "the first person in the Metaverse"

The recently published book “Meta Universe” talks about the concept of meta universe. There are three authors of this book. The first author, Zhao Guodong, is the secretary-general of the Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, who previously promoted blockchain.

It’s too late if you don’t call yourself "the first person in the Metaverse"

After that, in some activities and various propaganda, Zhao Guodong became the first author of “Meta Universe” and the “Meta Universe First Person”.

Sure enough, Zhao Guodong’s “Metacosmic Course” was on the shelves. The “Metacosmic Course” taught by the “Metacosmic First Person”, would you like to spend this money? Is it an IQ tax?

A few days ago, a bulletin promoted “The First Person of Yuan Universe Digital Calligraphy”, and the collection of Mr. Tan Wengui’s works will be published soon.

However, what makes Sanyan quite puzzled is that this article did not explain in detail what “Meta Universe Digital Calligraphy” is, and where the so-called “Meta Universe Digital Calligraphy” came from. Know.

The full text is only one sentence description, saying that Mr. Tan Wengui has worked closely with Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association Qianhua Digital Art Research Institute to advance from traditional art to digital art, and actively use the meta-universe platform to promote the excellent Chinese culture.

The author also tried to search for the relationship between this artist and Metauniverse and the “Metauniverse Platform” on the Internet, but failed to find valuable results, all of which were offline art created by Mr. Tan Wengui. Perhaps the author is not talented and missed the opportunity to log on to the “Meta Universe Platform”.

However, one thing is certain is that the title of “the first person in digital calligraphy in the meta universe” must be firmly won.

Several top “meta-universe first person” how many are real, and the “meta-universe first network Red” is entirely a virtual human thing.

Recently, a short video account named “Liu Yexi” became popular on the Internet. The account of a video released on October 31, is also only released three videos, but the amount of fans has exceeded 600 million.

The videos of “Liu Yexi” are all concept videos combining real people and computer CG. The beautiful women in the video are actually CG animations. At the same time, the various special effects produced by the interaction of real people and computer CG in the video are very technological and very attractive. .

This may be one of the reasons why “Liu Yexi” became popular. From this perspective, the title of “Meta Universe’s No. 1 Internet Celebrity” is somewhat veritable.

However, similar real-scene and computer CG combined content has long existed, and many well-known short video bloggers have become popular by producing computer special effects that are difficult to distinguish between true and false. It may be controversial who the title of “Meta Universe No. 1 Net Red” belongs to in the future.

Both the “City of the Yuan Universe” and the “Father of the Yuan Universe” will come?

In addition to the various titles of “the first person in the meta universe”, now the “father of the meta universe” and the “city of the meta universe” are here.

The first is “Datang Yuan Universe City”.

According to media reports, during the National Day this year, Xi’an Digital Lightyear Software Co., Ltd. and Datang Everbright City jointly announced that they would build the world’s first meta-universe project based on the historical and cultural background of the Tang Dynasty, turning Xi’an scenic spot Datang Everbright City into a “meta-universe”. City”.

In short, it is a digital one-to-one restoration of the style and features of Chang’an City in the Tang Dynasty to realize the Datang Yuan Universe. But for the final effect, we still need to wait for the final product to go online.

After Xi’an took the lead, Hangzhou “can’t sit still.”

November 15, China Mobile through the letter of the Council and declared that he would move Hangzhou Hangzhou fight the world’s first “meta-universe” city.

It is worth noting that China Mobile Communications Federation established the country’s first Metaspace Industry Committee on November 11. The committee also initiated a proposal to appraise Qian Xuesen as the “father of the meta universe.”

The reason why Qian Xuesen is the “Father of Yuan Universe” is due to the old handwriting disclosed by the media not long ago. In the manuscript, Qian Xuesen suggested translating “VR” into “spiritual realm”; and put forward the concept of “Dacheng Wisdom Project”; in addition, the manuscript also made assumptions and evaluations on the current ergonomics.

In addition, the Meta Universe Industry Committee also proposed that Qian Xuesen’s digital twin be made a “Citizen of the Universe No. 1” in order to pay high tribute to Mr. Qian Xuesen.

Needless to say Qian Xuesen’s great achievements, he obviously deserves the title of “Father of xx”. However, in the current situation where the actual development of the Metaverse is still in the early stage and the concept is full of hype, what is the original intention of the Metaverse Industry Committee to define Qian Xuesen as the “father of the Metaverse”? Is it because you want to borrow money from the old fame to give yourself money?

Moreover, the title of “Father of Yuan Universe” and “No. 1 Citizen of Yuan Universe” was given to Old Qian in this way. Did they communicate with Qian Xuesen’s family? Do they agree?

The term “meta universe” refers to all the science and technology needed to construct this concept, including VR, human-computer interaction, etc. But the “first person” who only pursues this concept is meaningless. In fact, there are countless scientific researchers behind it silently trying to promote technological progress.

Actually just hype

Every time an outlet is hyped up, the “xx number one” will follow one after another. It can be said that they will only be late and will not be absent.

It’s too late if you don’t call yourself "the first person in the Metaverse"

For example, casually using “O2O first person” as a keyword query in a search engine, you can find more than 1.3 million relevant results. And the search result is the “O2O first person” from all walks of life is vying for freshness.

There are the first O2O person in the wine industry, the first O2O person in health care products, the first person in O2O clothing…

It’s too late if you don’t call yourself "the first person in the Metaverse"

Another example is to search for “the first person in the blockchain”. Some say Justin Sun, some say Li Xiaolai, and some say Zhan Ke Tuan, and even more outrageously say that Sakyamuni is the first person in the blockchain…

It’s too late if you don’t call yourself "the first person in the Metaverse"

The title of “Artificial Intelligence” first person lingers among several bigwigs such as Robin Li and Jack Ma…

It’s too late if you don’t call yourself "the first person in the Metaverse"

The truth of the “first person in micro-business” will not be true for the author. Among the 2.57 million results, each of the top rankings is a different person. The author wondered that Gong Wenxiang, the “Godfather of WeChat Business” who had “weeping” and broke his family a few days ago, must be the “first person”. As a result, he didn’t even go to the homepage of the search engine.

In this comparison, the “first person in micro-business” is the most “volume”.

Everything in the world is profitable

Every time there is a new outlet, there are always people from all walks of life who want to be the first to “occupy the hole” and put themselves all kinds of cool and domineering names. The essence of these behaviors is either for profit or fame.

The initial outlet, did not understand the whole circle of new technology, the practical effect of the new concept, this time is the muddy water fishing in troubled waters “sweet spot.” Take advantage of the information gap, do some research casually, and label yourself as a “first mover” and “first person”. You can always fool some unknown “xiaobai”, and then you can cut a wave of leeks to cheat money.

When the industry has matured, or the vents are gone, when the gang’s enthusiasm cannot continue, they disappear again and seek the next vent.

I remember when the concept of blockchain was on fire a few years ago, various “evangelists”, “first people”, and “believers” in the industry… appeared endlessly. Then the block chain blast passed, and the group of people who used to be All in Blockchain quickly disappeared, either silently or changing careers. Above all kinds of self-proclaimed title of the universe yuan, almost all had a block chain line industry “quit” over.

Therefore, don’t be overwhelmed by the current hyped metacosmic concept, and don’t be fooled by the “first person in the metacosmos”. Especially when it comes to the so-called opportunities that require investment with the concept of “meta universe”, it is even more important to keep a clear head.

There is still some time before the real realization of the meta universe. Those talents who are truly worthy of being called the “first person” will only earnestly work in obscurity; on the contrary, those who want to hype and enthusiastically hope to wear the “first person”. hat.

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