It’s time for the Olympics to drive movies

What impact will the Olympics have on the film industry?

The much-anticipated Tokyo Olympics officially opened last weekend. 

For the majority of sports enthusiasts and netizens, how many firsts the Olympic Games will record in the future, and those uncontrollable factors inside and outside the stadium, can only be seen. On the whole, the current Olympic Games will be extremely difficult for the International Olympic Committee, the Japanese Olympic Organizing Committee, the International Individual Event Organizing Association, the National Olympic Organizing Committee, and athletes from all over the world. If you look at the difficulty of epidemic prevention and control and competition organization, The cancellation is not unacceptable, but it is unfair to all athletes and coaches. 

It must be seen and acknowledged that even if China has already had the glory and success of the Beijing Olympics, the Olympics will still have an extremely profound influence and influence on all citizens. This influence is not only in sports, but also in other industries to a certain extent. 

A country&a city can host the Olympic Games may require the cooperation of 100,000 or even hundreds of thousands of people. This is also an assessment of the country’s politics, economy and culture. Especially in Asia, China, Japan and South Korea have all done better by hosting the Olympic Games. He showed himself, and gained an economic take-off and a boost in cultural self-confidence afterwards. 

So what impact does the Olympics have on the film industry? 

The Olympics showcase the charm of cultures of various countries and further enhance cultural self-confidence

The charm of the Olympics is still infinite. Although compared with the fiercely competitive London and Rio, the smell of gunpowder in the Tokyo Olympics this year is much lighter, but due to special reasons such as small jet lag and close distance, the popularity of this year’s Olympics is actually higher than that of the previous two games. The European Cup and America’s Cup just ended. 

It's time for the Olympics to drive movies

▲ Kitano Tucao the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics 

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics can be described as ill-fated. After watching the opening ceremony, most of the domestic audience will secretly reminisce about the feat of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Of course, at a time when funding, epidemic prevention, and personnel rationing were stretched, the Japanese Olympic Games still used only resources to show the country’s culture more effectively. Even if it did not seem to be accepted by other countries, even the country’s great director Takeshi Kitano complained. Fan. 

Director Takeshi Kitano has always been accustomed to firing on political, economic and cultural events in his country. In his opinion, Japan’s own country’s better and more popular cultural elements can be shown to the world. At the same time, under the pressure of the global new crown epidemic, if the Olympics can pass Better to unite the world to fight the epidemic is undoubtedly a more kind and great move. 

For viewers and sports enthusiasts in mainland China, the Olympic Games showcases the best aspects of each country. Many generations born in the 70s, 80s, and 90s will remember the theme song from Seoul in 1988 (now Seoul) to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Profoundly, this is not only the charm of sports, but also the charm of a country’s culture. Every Olympic Games will have some shining points inside and outside the stadium that will make the audience remember deeply. 

It's time for the Olympics to drive movies

▲ Oscar’s best film “Parasite” (2019 South Korea production) 

Before and after the 1988 Seoul Olympics, it happened to be the period when South Korea as the “Four Asian Dragons” soared to the apex. The Olympics not only allowed the Koreans who had a strong national consciousness to unite better, but also solved a large part of the problem for South Korea at that time. employment, ” Residence industry” even if the Republic of Korea is equally important for the economy of developed countries. 

Even so, economically developed countries like Japan and South Korea want to export their own cultural symbols to the world. It is not enough to rely on sports. Moreover, in the Olympic arena, Japan and South Korea are more like competitors to each other, and the overall sense of existence is far less. If China, the United States and Russia are not hosting the Olympics by themselves, it will be more difficult for them to have a better chance to show themselves. 

Participation methods are diversified, and there are more possibilities for interaction between sports and Dianying

In the year of the Beijing Olympics, the box office of the mainland film market was tepid, but as a whole, there has been a certain degree of foundation and opportunity to break out. The proportions of domestic and imported films have been staggered. The Olympic Games not only opened the door to the country, but also further improved the vision of the mainland audience. 

In fact, with the exception of the Beijing Olympics, the overall movie box office in the Mainland during other major international sports events is not affected to a very small extent. On the surface, watching sports games will take up part of the audience’s time, but the boundary between fans and audiences is very delicate and difficult. Isolate or merge the two completely. 

Because of the differences in national conditions, and also because the Olympic Games is a comprehensive sports event that can demonstrate my country’s “multi-faceted hard power”, all Olympic games in mainland China are free to watch. This also makes the distribution of consumer rights for the Olympic Games very important. There will not be too much pressure on the audience’s pocketbook. 

The way the ordinary people participate in the Olympic Games is nothing more than watching games and buying some cultural and creative derivatives. Compared with nationals of other countries and regions, the real meaning of mainland audiences going abroad to watch the games is only a small part of them, watching TV broadcasts and Mobile computer live broadcast is more people’s choice. 

Most viewers and sports fans seldom face the “dilemma” of choosing between the World Cup finals and Transformers movies at the same time. On the contrary, fans (or sports enthusiasts) who both take care of both will experience exciting and exciting games. Later, randomly choose a movie to relieve the nervous emotions. 

At the same time, the specific and broadcast methods of the Olympic Games itself are different from those of football. The mainland rarely improves the food and beverages due to the Olympic Games. At least the Olympic Games are far less effective than the European Cup and the World Cup. The office topic gradually shifted to the Internet platform the next day. 

At this stage, the film and television show a trend of diversified development and multi-platform viewing. Now the Olympic Games also have multiple ways to watch and participate in different channels, unless they don’t care about and care about the event at all (this and many don’t watch it at all). The same as the nationals of movies), as long as they are selected by the push mechanism of the “big data system”, many netizens and audiences will be covered by the Olympics. 

It's time for the Olympics to drive movies

In 2008, the box office in the mainland was only a few billion yuan. Facing the huge steamed bun of the Olympic Games, there is still no better way of cooperation between different industries, and there is indeed a lack of good ways of cooperation. In recent years, large-scale international sports During the competition, Chinese mainland enterprises became more sponsors of the Olympic Games. 

The sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics in mainland China include long- and short-term video platforms like Tencent , Alibaba , and Kuaishou . These companies happen to have invested heavily in the film and television industry in recent years. Using the Olympic Games will not only promote their platform & corporate culture, but also have opportunities. Form a good interaction and cooperation with the film and television products produced by its company. 

Sports & movie powers go hand in hand, and movie products have greater cost-effective advantages

From 1984 when New China began to truly integrate into the international Olympic family, Zhang Yimou won the Golden Bear Award for “Red Sorghum” in 1988. For nearly forty years, China’s cultural and sports construction has not stopped. At the same time, sports and sports. Movies have gradually transitioned from a nationwide system to market-oriented management. 

For movies, the symbol of its generation is the cooperation between old film studios and private film and television companies. For sports, under the premise that the original local sports school & national team model has not fundamentally changed, private clubs are using heavy money step by step. Model to create and tap more sports elites. 

The dream of any sports student may one day be able to participate in a higher level of sports event, in which the Olympic Games is undoubtedly an ivory spire. Similarly, for any film worker who has dreams, he can have the opportunity to participate in a film that has been recognized by the industry and outside the industry and has won professional awards, which is the result of his work. 

If only from the books, using past experience and the situation of different countries, it is difficult to have a clear judgment on whether hosting an Olympic Games is cost-effective. Some countries hold the Olympic Games out of their own capacity, and it is difficult to realize the economic benefits in the later period under the premise that their own urban infrastructure does not meet the standards. 

Before and after the Beijing Olympics, China began to enter the ranks of sports powers step by step, and the film market also began to take off. Many cities and regions across the country have also achieved urban renewal through the holding of various world competitions. Emerging urban agglomerations and regional central cities also need corresponding theater supporting measures, and all of these have been carried out simultaneously with urban development. 

It's time for the Olympics to drive movies

Relatively speaking, although it is almost free for the public to watch sports games, most of them are expensive to participate in sports. Whether it is daily consumption or purchase of equipment, the number of expenditures is in a state of geometric increase. 

In the same way, regardless of the construction of stadiums and the organization and investment of sports competitions, the pressure on many government agencies is not small at this stage. At the same time, some private organizations’ self-prepared stadiums and facilities, even if they have a fairly good mass base, are still difficult to achieve profitability. The golden age of sports is dormant, but in terms of investment income, compared with the risks of the film and television industry Sex is not low. 

According to some public information, the current sports powers and powers generally invest an average of 100 million US dollars in the Olympic strategy every year. This does not include some sponsorships obtained by individual associations of these countries through other channels . If you look at the numbers only , To build an Olympic champion, the cost is almost equivalent to shooting a medium-cost movie. 

Chinese sports have more happiness and wonderful moments in the process of Olympic competition . This kind of happiness rarely favors Chinese movies. Modern Chinese people look at the sorrow of Japan, Iran and South Korea repeatedly winning international awards. Looking at the performance of the Chinese sports delegation in the Olympic venues than these countries, it may be good for many movie fans to win more gold medals in the Olympics, but the failure of the film to make it will always make everyone feel a little regretful. 

At the moment when the Korean movie “Parasite” won the Oscar for Best Picture, there were hardly too many cheers for Asian films on the Internet in China, but more “I’m sour” voices, after all, compared to sports. Sports that require pure talent and physical function are different. As a cultural product, film is a cultural product. China has reasons and strength to get better results, and the cohesion and pride of the people that this “achievement” can bring is no better than that of the Olympics. Poor gold medal. 


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