It’s only a matter of time before we’re back to 65,000

Musk recently re-activated on Twitter, before shouting from 20,000 to 60,000, and from 60,000 back to 20,000, which relies on the mouth to pull the plate and smash the power of the plate can be seen.

It's only a matter of time before we're back to 65,000

Musk recently re-active on Twitter, before shouting from 20,000 to 60,000, and from 60,000 to shout back to 20,000, which relies on the mouth to pull the plate and smash the plate power visible, the maniac serious suspicion, Musk did a rat position, he was bullish to not bullish, and then not bullish to bullish, the rapid change is shocking. Tesla second quarter disclosure quarterly statement, the total number of coins may not change, but whether the middle did the band no one can know, in short, capital is profit-seeking, we come to the market is a bayonet, someone barefoot with a stick standing in the field, someone driving a tank rampage, we have different weapons, the end result is completely different, making money is the first productivity to come to the market. Musk build a rocket is also quite expensive, the richer the demand for money, the market is not a savior, and ultimately can only rely on their own perception of continuous accumulation and realization.

Bridgewater Dario again stood up for bitcoin, saying he holds some bitcoin and believes the dollar will return to 1971, and that the U.S. will keep printing money and raising taxes for some time to come, which will lead to a rise in stocks, and will also lead to a rise in all assets such as bitcoin, gold, and real estate, saying the environment we are in is a cycle of dollar devaluation. Dario is very impressed with the maniacal judgment of the general cycle. He was not actually bullish on bitcoin before, but has started to hold it as he continues to learn, showing that bitcoin does have its own charm and value. The US institutions are not vegetarians in the market, using 20-60k as a position building level, is this not the bottom could it be the top? Is Wall Street all stupid? To start and finish, Madman still believes that this is the bottom range for bitcoin.

The founder of Guggenheim said that Ether is far more practical than Bitcoin, and Dario has been wildly bullish on Ether recently, including institutions like Goldman Sachs, which are singing the praises of Ether, and it’s also clear from the volume and premium of gray ETHE that institutions are buying buying Ether like crazy, a somewhat surprising wave of action. We need to respect the market and be bullish again on the trend of Ether some time later.

The SEC chairman tweeted his “green laser eyes” emoji, and the big head of the regulator has joined the MEME team. Although the surface meaning of the tweet is to support “green crypto”, Madman feels that it may have a deeper meaning. Perhaps the passage of a Bitcoin ETF is not far off.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon said he owns cryptocurrencies, and in the US, from the SEC chairman, to the governor below, to Wall Street bigwigs, all are bullish on cryptocurrencies, while the market is a bearish sound, feeling that the market is just too much fun.

About 1.8 billion USDT was transferred to Coinan in 1 minute last night, USDC issued a massive $6.2 billion over the weekend, and yesterday USDT printed another $1 billion, even so, USDT’s premium is still rising, which shows how abundant the bottom-funding is after this wave of plunge, while 95,000 bitcoins flowed out of the exchange yesterday, institutions are still picking up a lot of goods, and the strength of the market will continue.

Bitcoin and ethereum Google search volume hit a new high of nearly a year, the plunge not only did not let people’s enthusiasm retreat, but more people flocked to the market, 65,000 this top, re standing back only a matter of time, the maniac is expected to be around September, before and after the pickup man rushed into the market.

Panic index 22, after yesterday’s surge, the market is not so panic, but it will take time to regain vitality.

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Gray GBTC discount rate -3.83%, ETHE premium rate 11.38%, the premium rate rebounded rapidly, and the trading volume of ETHE exceeded GBTC, which indicates that there are a lot of funds buying ETHE in the U.S. stock market, this is the “smart money” that is bullish on the after market of Ether, we also need to keep up with the hot money and change our thinking. ARK fund continues to sweep Coinbase stock, but also to sweep GBTC, there are so many big brothers to escort us, think about it is comfortable.

Market Analysis


Although the maniacs are confident in the future of bitcoin, but the short-term embarrassment we still have to endure, the market is still in a relatively fragile state, the negative continues to besiege bitcoin, the market bearish sentiment is still very heavy, so after the short-term sharp rebound, will continue to shock finishing, this position is not too likely to go up directly, but in the long run, take the spot in your hands, keep up with the pace of institutions, pattern lock position The best way to make money is to ignore short-term fluctuations.


So big brother for him to stand, the short-term will be stronger than the big cake, but the overall shock inevitable, 2800 is strong pressure, 2200 is strong support, wide range of shock, high throw low suction.


Today the volume has been reduced, the need to shock a shock, the bottom of the profit taking and panic cut off the plate first wash away, the back to continue to rally.


Today’s rally is quite violent, mainly because the selling pressure is not big, so it is expected to continue to be strong.


The rebound volume is not large, the strength is general, the overall strength of the funds self-help limited.


The overall or linkage is dominant, there are funds to bottom out, and will continue to rally later.


The decline is not large, so the magnitude of the oversold rebound will be smaller, but his general trend has not gone bad, continue to hold the main.


Goose to no temper, the weak are always weak, anyway, the throw pressure is not too big, have the patience to take a take.


Rebound very strong, if back below 70, still can consider participating.


Linkage to the big pie is dominant, short-term into the oscillation range.


The above set a lot of people, direct rise back quite difficult, need time to grind.


400 above all the sleeve plate, need time to digest.

The market has experienced an oversold rebound, the overall need to digest, so it will be dominated by a wide range of oscillations, down more do not be afraid, up more do not go after, they master the rhythm on the line.

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