It’s not bright in the east! A turnaround in the bitcoin mining industry?

This segment is basically the epitome of the crypto world these days, with Musk taking the lead in questioning the environmental friendliness of bitcoin mining, and then we here immediately tied mining and carbon dafting together.

It's not bright in the east! A turnaround in the bitcoin mining industry?

01 We look at the trend

Short-term (intra-day): up

Medium-term (more than two weeks): down

02 We talk about hot spots

Let’s share the most interesting paragraph today.

American a: Bitcoin mining is not environmentally friendly, let’s not mine it.

A country: OK, OK, ban it now.

American b: Well, they’ve banned it, so we can start mining in an environmentally friendly way.

American a: Just set up a committee to certify that we are mining in an environmentally friendly way.

American b: You are a genius!!!

This paragraph is basically the epitome of the crypto world these days, Musk started to question the environmental protection of bitcoin mining, and then we immediately combined mining and carbon da peak together here, and the most hurt by several policies is the domestic mining circle, the next is today’s divine drama, Musk and North American bitcoin miners talk, the miners agreed to form a bitcoin mining committee, and then environmental mining is reasonable Legal compliance, I have to say really fucking genius ah. In any field, rule makers can kill through and through, no matter how strong the participants are, they can’t change that fact, so behind the scenes the domestic mining industry is going to be ready to face the test of internal and external problems soon.

Of course we, as coin holders, actually the concept of national borders is not that clear, so it is good for the sustainable development of the crypto industry to have a relevant institution take the lead in making rules, no matter who that maker is, we all belong to the community of interest. From a certain perspective, the mining committee did calm the crypto practitioners’ worries about the uncertainty of the future of the Chinese mining industry, which is considered that the east is not bright and the west is bright, and the rally of the sub-major market and the environmental mining committee are not unrelated, and of course everyone’s bottoming out is just right.

And as the market continues to rebound, these two days USDT premium rate has turned from negative to positive, the OTC price is currently 6.49, a premium of 1.24%, last week because of panic, many people once cut in the lowest price, U out in the lowest price, as if not quickly escape can not, the more panic, the more not, the market will educate you, so you become an old leek, this is the most basic course for newcomers, so nothing to complain about, so nothing to complain about. Should reflect and summarize the experience is right.

Finally, I would like to remind you that OK data has been leaked, so be safe.

03 We read the market

BTC: Bitcoin has basically recovered from the downward trend since 22:00 last Friday night, these two days a large number of funds to enter the bottom, 4-hour level, there are now two effective support, one is 29000, one is near 31000, I have also been saying that the probability of falling below 29000 again is relatively small, then the market after the main shock upward, because the biggest negative and The 4-hour level, the upper resistance 41000,48000, the lower support, 37500,35000.

ETH: Ether has been performing very well recently, but it was brought down by the big market again in the afternoon, but recently Goldman Sachs, Guggenheim and other well-known institutions are mining milk Ether, I believe the short-term trend will still be stronger than the big pie.

BNB: BNB trend also belongs to the strong mainstream echelon, the fundamentals are not much of a problem belongs to the public chain and Pingtai coin double leader, if you did not copy the bottom of the plunge a few days ago, this afternoon’s retracement is also a good opportunity to build a position in the grading is possible.

LINK: LINK continues to remain strong, the strength of the rebound is higher than the market, while the afternoon drop is lower than the market, so the medium-term view remains unchanged, in the next wave of DEFI wave, LINK is likely to become one of the leading bids.

DOGE: trend LINK large pancake dominated, short-term in the shock range, but due to Musk relentlessly stand for it, now the uniqueness of DOGE has been basically shaped, medium and long-term is still a must-allocate the subject.

FLOW: finally wait for you, fortunately I did not give up. FLOW today’s performance is amazing, from 13 knife instantly pulled up to 17.6 knife, and accompanied by the release of volume, if not in the overall fall in the general market period, I believe FLOW today is the opportunity to impact 20 knife, the previous view or unchanged, FLOW is a medium and long-term project, and belongs to the landing very clear project, its valuation is more Like the traditional Internet game company, and because of NBATOPSHOT and crypto cats, the actual foundation is very good, which is why I am pushing, FLOW is more in line with the value of investment projects.

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