It’s all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

A large number of functions need to be filled urgently, and regulatory risks still exist

There is no doubt that the gel app is the hot topic of social products recently. In the past week, in the office of theProphet Travel News (ID: yuyanjiayoubao) , the focus of the editors’ discussions often stayed on the gel, and everyone added friends one after another. 

However, there is an “outlier” in the office, Mengmeng, a new intern from the Prophet Travel News. She is not enthusiastic about the jelly app, nor does she use this social software, and even thinks we are “naive”. 

The Prophet finally couldn’t hold back any longer, and came to Mengmeng to ask her why she didn’t use gel, only to find out that she also used another Metaverse social app. It’s just that this App has been used by all of us, that is, the Super QQ Show built into the mobile QQ. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

Mengmeng told the prophet that the way of making friends with jelly is too troublesome, and the built-in system has low playability. She basically does not use WeChat, and has little interest in making friends with acquaintances, so she quickly gave up gel and continued to take root in the QQ show. 

Through the sharing of Mengmeng, the prophet also obtained the test qualification of a super QQ show. After entering the world of Super QQ Show, the Prophet found that in addition to the face-pinching and dressing functions similar to gel, the social functions of QQ Show are much richer. Strangers can watch the Winter Olympics together and play small games together. , The Prophet immersed himself in this world for several days and made many new friends, including Hua Ran, a lover of Robles. 

This year marks the 23rd anniversary of the birth of QQ Show. The QQ team announced the official launch of the Super QQ Show on the anniversary of February 10. We don’t know how fast Tencent’s social layout in the Metaverse is, but at least for young people like Mengmeng and Huaran, Jelly is too much like a hype of the Metaverse. Gamblers engaged in NFT, and Super QQ Show, is their latest private land. 

Unreal Engine brings a trendy style of painting, and a lot of decoration still needs krypton gold

Hua Ran told the prophet that after entering the super QQ show, the first thing that attracted him was the face pinching system. 

“The QQ show has always been 2D, and it’s really uncomfortable not to be able to pinch my face. I played Nintendo’s 3DS when I was a child, and it’s not difficult for me to think about the production of the Mii image, but before that, no one did it. Now the front camera of smartphones The precision is getting higher and higher, and these functions should be popularized,” Huaran said. 

Huaran has also played with some other software, which of course provide the function generated by the camera’s facial recognition. But Hua Ran believes that only the Super QQ Show seems to fit his facial features better, and it is more convenient to adjust. This is all thanks to the built-in Unreal 4 engine, although the earliest discussion was that the built-in Unreal 4 caused the software to be too large. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

However, the number of facial features and facial decorations in Super QQ show is not enough at present, and most of the facial organs have 13 different types. Eyebrows are the organ with the most wiggle room, with a total of 33 different types. Not only that, but special contact lenses or facial makeup also need to be paid. However, the special hairstyles are already included in the paid packages, which is a good deal. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

Dressing up is an important factor to impress Mengmeng. Similar to Huaran, Mengmeng believes that QQ show should be changed to 3D long ago. The reason why many costumes in the early QQ show are considered non-mainstream is also related to 2D design. Although several versions of the design have been changed in the later period, it still does not quench the thirst for ordinary players. 

The first time, Mengmeng recharged some gold coins. The “Trend Generation” suit is her favorite one, and Li Ning’s linked clothes are also very good-looking. The price of 60 gold coins is not expensive, and it is only 9 yuan in RMB. Mengmeng is looking forward to the follow-up of other brands of joint clothing to join in. 

According to rough statistics, Super QQ Show provides 14 paid suits. The previous Li Ning limited-time linkage suit has been removed from the shelves and replaced with the current “love experiment” suit. At the same time, Super QQ Show provided 207 clothing parts, including tops, pants, skirts, shoes, headwear, pendants, glasses and pockets, etc. In particular, some pockets and pendants that follow the trend are very popular among young people. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

Benefiting from Unreal Engine 4, the clothing of Super QQ show can see a relatively clear fabric texture, and the suit for the God of Wealth can feel the luster of metal. There are many similar examples. The clothing of Super QQ Show is much better than similar competing products such as gel. 

The ultimate purpose of these beautiful clothes is obviously not just a static picture. The homepage of Super QQ Show has an entrance to shoot the same style. Players can use their own avatars to shoot some templated pictures and videos. Since the test time is close to the Spring Festival, several Spring Festival templates such as “New Year’s Etiquette”, “Tiger Fist: Farewell to the Old Year” and “New Year’s Greetings” have become the most popular templates. 

Huaran also made some videos to share on other platforms, attracting many friends to stop and ask which software can have such an effect. But in his opinion, this function is still half-defective, and it can be considered complete only if the self-editing is enabled. It is obviously not enough to only support the replacement of clothing and faces. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

After a complete avatar is built, this type of software generally gives players a space of their own to dress up. Super QQ show is no exception. In the “Paradise” option that is side by side with the dress-up, the main function is “QQ Nest”. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

Mengmeng has played many furniture decoration games, including “Assemble! Animal Crossing.” In her opinion, QQ Xiaowo can only be said to be quite satisfactory. The degree of freedom in decorating the room is not as high as people think. Furniture needs to be purchased in three rooms with different themes, and three different room themes will be refreshed every day. There are only a few wallpapers and floors, which are obviously unfriendly to young people who want to show their individuality. 

Audio-visual room and mini games, interaction brings user stickiness

Subject to the grayscale test, there are only so many parts of Super QQ Show to create personalized characters. So, where is the real magic of this type of software? Yes, it is the interaction between people , including the social stickiness brought by some small games. Fortunately, at this point, Super QQ Show still has many ideas of its own. 

The most interesting function in QQ Nest is the video room. Like furniture stores, the furniture in the audio-visual room can be brought home, and the core function of the audio-visual room is obviously not to buy furniture. Different video content will be played in the video room at different time periods. It may be an episode of “Flavoured World”, it may be an episode of “The End of the World”, and of course, it also includes the Winter Olympics. In short, all videos on Tencent Video Platform can be viewed here. 

In the video room, players can communicate through text, greet each other, and make different actions. It is no different from a general chat room. The conversations between users in the video room are presented on the left side of the dialogue interface, and everyone in the room can see the conversation between the two. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

Huaran and Mengmeng both like the random feeling of the video room. Watching content randomly, and then meeting some different people randomly, Hua Ran believes that this is exactly what some current Metaverse social software hopes to bring to young people. It’s a pity that only this video room can be entered in the Super QQ Show, instead of providing players with multiple rooms, it still makes him feel that he lacks a little degree of freedom. 

Similar to the audio-visual room, there is also a large map called “Bihai Music Plaza”. As the name suggests, “Binhai Music Plaza” assumes the square function of the Super QQ Show. 

At present, there are not many interactive elements in the whole square, and the facilities in the store and the big map are not yet open for purchase. But whether it is the various vendors or the huge screen in the stadium, all players who enter the Music Plaza are reminding that this big map is like this week’s Super Bowl night in the United States, which can bring together more Super QQ show players. , and even some special events. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

Therefore, the highest degree of interaction in the Super QQ Show is the few built-in mini-games. These small games can be found in other games in terms of gameplay, and the art style follows the existing style of Super QQ Show.

Mengmeng is a veteran player of “Audio Dance Troupe”, so when she saw the small program “Super Dance King”, many memories emerged. It’s not too much of a stretch to think of “Super Dancer” as a miniature version of “Audience.” The game has two modes of play, single and team, and the player with the higher score wins. Similar music games include “Honor of Kings: Shining Notes”, which was born out of the IP of “Honor of Kings”. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

Compared with these audio games, a small game called “Rush Forward with Hilarious Laughter” is even more out of the circle of Super QQ Show. The entire game basically replicates the game mode of “Jelly Bean: The Ultimate Knockout”, which was popular last year, and competes for the final crown through one by one game. Each crown can unlock a costume, which naturally includes the Tencent logo penguin suit. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

“I also know in my heart that the overall painting style of “Rush Forward” is a bit like “Animal Party”, and it plays more like Jelly Beans. If you don’t worry about these, this game is quite fun to play. However, I still Looking forward to opening the map editing function later,” Hua Ran said. 

Huaran spends a lot of time on “Robles” every week, because their editor allows players to build one small world after another, and these small worlds are connected, which is naturally what people have been discussing. “Metaverse”. Similar functions will be installed after the Super QQ Show. Unfortunately, people still don’t know how much freedom Tencent’s editors are. 

Obviously, these mature mini-games and video rooms are the advantages of Super QQ Show over other Metaverse social software. Some players who have experienced Jelly at the same time said that although Jelly proposed the setting of “Friendship Apartment”, there is too little playable content. In addition to changing clothes and observing the status of friends, there are no other interactive elements. 

In contrast, QQ itself has a mature social system for group therapy and private chat. Backed by Tencent’s huge resources, Super QQ Show can expand more ways to play. This advantage is obviously not something that start-up products such as gel can match. In particular, it should be noted that the answer sheet submitted by Super QQ Show is only a beta version, and there is still room for growth after the official version is fully functional. 

A large number of functions need to be filled urgently, and regulatory risks still exist

Although the basic functions are complete, the Super QQ Show team still has to face many problems. 

The reason why Super QQ Show needs to conduct a long-term grayscale test is to worry about repeating the mistakes of some products in the past. The deeper reason behind it is that Tencent is exploring whether the Metaverse social products match the users of QQ Show.

When I first heard about the Super QQ show, Mengmeng was a little confused. Because just last year, QQ forced the cm show to pop up on the mobile client. A not-so-good-looking villain appeared directly above the dialog box of the chat interface. After groping for a long time, Mengmeng couldn’t find a button to turn it off. Even during that time, Mengmeng uninstalled the official QQ client and replaced it with TIM. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

Mengmeng said: “I like the QQ show, but it’s hard for people to accept such an image on my mobile phone for no reason. What’s more, the cm show is not good-looking.” Therefore, when QQ gave Mengmeng the qualification for the super QQ show test , He even thought that the not so good-looking cm show was going to make a comeback again, and he didn’t feel relieved until he clicked on the super QQ show. 

Senior users like Mengmeng still have similar confusion, and the attitudes of other user groups can be imagined. Baidu searches for “Super QQ Show”, and the first search result that appears is “How to close the Super QQ Show”, which shows the attitude of ordinary users towards new products. 

In addition to persuading users to accept new products, the Super QQ Show team also needs to further improve its functions and prevent regulatory risks. 

As mentioned above, the Super QQ Show already has a “Binhai Music Plaza” similar to the player community. The opening of vendors and the regular organization of gym activities can gather players more effectively. These contents need to be filled by the Super QQ Show team. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

In addition, although Super QQ Show has launched a large number of mini games, many mini games are seriously homogenized, and the map editing that Huaran expects is the core function of this type of software. However, when map editing was opened, a large number of low-quality content poured in, not to mention that some player-made maps can easily lead to regulatory risks. 

Hua Ran once entered a disco scene in another so-called Metaverse social software. The virtual female image played by the player uses the actions provided in the game to make “sexually provocative” actions to other men. Since related software can add friends and private messages, it is almost inevitable to produce black and gray products. Once a similar problem occurs, the QQ team will naturally shoulder the responsibility of review. 

It's all Metaverse, and young people love to play QQ show.

If you put the perspective back to Tencent’s “Metaverse ambition”, it is not difficult to find that the final effect of the super QQ show does not match the audience that the Metaverse is aimed at. 

Although the user groups of Metaverse and Super QQ Show are both young people of the Z generation, the consumption basis of users of Metaverse is technology; while the consumption basis of users of Super QQ Show is still social, there are huge differences between the two. If Tencent wants to pull these young people who are keen on socializing and chasing trends into the world of the Metaverse, it still needs to pay the cost of education. 

Although there are still many hidden worries in the Super QQ Show, it is undeniable that, as a company that understands social best in China, Tencent’s answer in the social field of the Metaverse is still remarkable. We will continue to pay attention to whether the first peach in the social prehistoric era of the Metaverse will fall into the hands of a big company like Tencent. 

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