It is also a kind of decent not to sing “Metaverse”

Today is different, the market needs to be excited

It is also a kind of decent not to sing "Metaverse"

During this period of time, I can see news about large companies entering the meta universe almost every day. Any content traffic platform basically has more or less attention, such as Tencent , NetEase , ByteDance, etc. In addition to Facebook, there are global IP addresses abroad. Disney, the most successful company in operation, also announced its entry into the meta universe.

Of course, there are a lot of voices in articles that slander the meta-universe. The most well-known of these is Cook said meta-universe. I don’t know what meta-universe is. Should this thing be called AR? In fact, Yuan Universe Company should pay Cook an advertising fee. Many people also say that Liu Cixin is not optimistic about Metaverse.

In fact, Liu Cixin, who has always been low-key, made a speech at the award ceremony of the Clark Imagination Service Society Award in the United States in 2018. Although it was only three years away from the present, it felt like a “vicissitudes of life”. At that time, the focus of the entire entrepreneurial circle was blockchain and live streaming, and there was no concept of “meta universe”. Therefore, rather than saying that Liu Cixin opposes Metaverse, it may require Liu Cixin’s attitude and enthusiasm to become even more popular.


The meta-universe fire has a certain contingency and is inevitable. Because there is no meta-universe, there will be other concepts that will become popular , and it is still for everyone to discuss.

It is indeed a time of “story shortage” in the Internet technology industry, because the opportunities to grow in the existing traffic platforms are actually a bit boring. Those seemingly “good opportunities for everyone” are actually like a Most of them have already known the default “fighting for relatives” and can no longer generate enough appeal among entrepreneurs and the capital market.

To be an outlet, the industry must be sufficiently “new”, have a certain “information gap”, and be able to generate enough “irrationality” to have the possibility of hot money; therefore, any outlet will inevitably have a bubble. Without a bubble, there is a high probability that the business will become a more “traditional business”. This is true of countless mobile Internet trends that are competing to appear on the stage; some even have the most speculators and studs who wandered before the law became a clear stipulation. For example, the digital currency and e-cigarette industries performed the most. obvious.


Any new thing is immature. Once it is written into the courseware of the training teacher, or even when it becomes a government document or a university textbook business school, it can basically be declared as “outdated”. But because of immaturity and many shortcomings, it often means that there are many places to criticize, just like new energy vehicles, even as a new thing strongly supported by national policies, are still full of controversy and slots on the Internet.

Therefore, the only criterion for judging whether new things are worth knowing or affirming is whether they can “make money” from them.

Generally speaking, most people who participate in topic discussions disdain to make money. They may be in a city in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen or a major Internet company with an annual salary of 50w to 100w, even if they are exposed to all kinds of things every day. It’s okay to look at a few pieces of information, and I can see it every day. I’m tired of it. To a certain extent, this information is not an opportunity, but a kind of harassment.

For another group of people, they are eager to make money from any outlet concept, and use useful information as a lever to leverage and integrate the resources they contact. However, because there is no access to valuable information, this creates a lack of ” In the case of “grabbing hands”, all the information they are exposed to is the lagging news seen from the media, and they have become retail investors and old leeks who are chasing at all outlets and can’t keep up with anything.

In fact, the concept of the real outlet is also for companies that have taken root in the industry early. They may not have found a hot concept that can attract social attention to summarize their industry. Once this outlet appears, it will be like good luck and quickly become independent. Horned beast companies and star companies; at this time, I don’t think any entrepreneur will reject the seemingly dazzling concept. After all, not every company has the huge profits and cash flow like Apple that can be an Internet company that does not follow suit.


Therefore, the attitude towards the “meta universe” depends entirely on one’s own needs. At present, China’s Internet actually has something similar to the secondary market, with a certain “gambling luck” nature.

In fact, business is like this. In the face of innovation, industries that ten people think are viable are often profitable and the competition is fierce; five out of ten people think it is feasible and they can probably participate, but it is difficult for giants to look after it. Eight out of ten people. A person who feels that the business risk is a little too high can not be done, and a person with a unique vision sticks to it. After the basic layout is completed, with the support of capital, he can often become a relatively great company.

I actually don’t agree with the various discussions that Metaverse is a false proposition. The important thing is to see whether a phenomenon-level outlet drives the progress of the industry, promotes the influx of more outstanding talents into the industry, and whether it can keep changing users. Behavior habits and even create new ecological products. Just as many people criticized the blockchain and Bitcoin at the beginning, but it is undeniable that the concept of blockchain has been popular in the United States for more than eight years, and it has indeed produced a number of companies and star projects, and even many technologies and products. It has become a part of the mainstream Internet APP.

There is a high probability that Metaverse will follow the same path. As the attention of the capital market heats up, the recent surge in the wages of technical, animation, and game talents in the fields of VR, AR and 3D in the industry is proof. I believe that soon in the media field, the attention of the industry will gradually increase, and the premature slogan is actually equivalent to announcing that it is insulated from the commercialization of its own industry.

Of course, a certain degree of bad-mouthing or cooling down is not a bad thing, it can persuade a wave of followers and people who watch the excitement. Again, from a commercial point of view, all hot spots have positive meanings. The really valuable bad news should be the constructive criticism of mass-produced products in the immature stage of the industry, rather than a hit to death.

In fact, there are still people in the global technology Internet industry in China and the United States. Other countries such as Japan, Western Europe, India and other countries are mostly stagnant. In the future, they can only do the dumping market after new technologies and new products mature. The vitality brought by bubbles and fanaticism is also a luxury.

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