Is Zilliqa’s Web3 console ready to compete with PlayStation and Xbox?

Blockchain September 23rd Layer 1 blockchain company Zilliqa  announced the launch of the Web3 Console game console. This device supports games based on the Zilliqa protocol, Web3 wallets and mining apps. Players can mine Zil Tokens. Mine can also play games. As can be seen, the company appears ready to enter a field led by PlayStation, Microsoft, and Nintendo. 

The upcoming console will have multiple features that will allow players to enjoy the game while mining its network’s native token, ZIL. , by integrating with the Web3 wallet, Zilliqa makes it easier for players to use cryptocurrency to buy game products or earn in-game rewards. Valentin Cobelea, head of Zilliqa game technology, also revealed that they plan to release two Zilliqa games in early 2023, and more games developed by other creators will be launched in the future.

In fact, back in early September, Zilliqa announced the imminent launch of their first blockchain game, Web3 War, a shooter (FPS) and console game that leverages the growing popularity of blockchain gaming for their larger strategy Part of it and an important milestone in expanding the ZIL ecosystem.

Zilliqa tries to break into PlayStation and Steam territory with consoles

According to Venture Beat, the Zilliqa console will be available for pre-order in early 2023, when the console’s core feature will enter beta testing: Game Center. Additionally, the prototype showcases a sleek design with a range of ports, including HDMI, Ethernet, and USB-C and USB 3.0 connections, as shown in the image below:

Is Zilliqa's Web3 console ready to compete with PlayStation and Xbox?

In addition to this feature, the Zilliqa console will provide users with access to native Web3 wallets. The combination of these features, along with its own marketplace for in-game items and the option to earn rewards, is designed to compete with Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo, one of their main goals is to get non-crypto users into the ecosystem, while at the same time allowing those players Mining ZIL tokens to increase network decentralization. In this way, users will be able to own native tokens to stake and earn additional rewards without having to buy additional hardware.

Valentin Cobelea, head of game technology at Zilliqa, also revealed that they plan to release two Zilliqa games in early 2023, and will also launch more games developed by other creators in the future, expand content on their upcoming consoles, and cooperate with some players in the game industry. The biggest companies compete while attracting non-crypto players to their ecosystem:

In the gaming industry, the largest gaming marketplace right now is Steam, which allows players to buy games, engage in debates, trade items, get unique accessories, participate in community events, and more. For Zilliqa, if it can take these features to the next level with its upcoming console. Valentin Cobelea further explained:

“The Zilliqa hardware console and game center will allow non-crypto-native users to earn money while playing fun games without the complexities of managing the cryptocurrency they earn. We’ll be launching two Zilliqa games early next year, followed by more Games from a variety of creators. Backed by a large crypto community and easy-to-use infrastructure, there is no doubt that it can be Steam for Web3 gaming.”

Development of Web3 Games

Web3 games revolve around the principle that players should have full autonomy and ownership of the assets they acquire using NFT blockchain technology. With cryptographically unique NFTs representing in-game assets such as weapons, skins, and badges, players can own their digital possessions, sell them, and even migrate between virtual worlds in the nascent Metaverse.

However, early adopters of blockchain gaming technology faced backlash from skeptics in the traditional gaming community, who raised concerns about the impact of financialization on the gaming experience, the impact of blockchain on the environment, and the impact of “P2E” . However, Zilliqa does not intend to replicate the “play and earn” model of games like Axie Infinity, Valentin Cobelea added:

“Zilliqa doesn’t want to compare itself to the Axie approach, but to compare itself to games in the traditional gaming world (like Counter-Strike), where the focus is on the gameplay experience, not the revenue part. If the player is having fun, then Love the game and then you’ll be rewarded.”

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