Is there a way to survive without talking about the industry of Metaverse?

From the listing of Roblox, the first stock of Meta Universe, to the change of Facebook’s name to Meta, Microsoft released Meta Universe, Nvidia continued to invest in Meta Universe, and then from China’s Tencent to propose a true Internet, ByteDance layout VR track acquisition Pico, to NetEase registered yuan The universe trademark, the establishment of the Metaverse Association, etc., the Metaverse can be said to be the most popular topic and outlet, and none of them.

The same meta-universe, different “drag racing methods”

In a short period of time, major domestic and foreign technology companies have gathered and poured into the meta universe. Although they are all meta universe, their entry modes are different.

Judging from the current situation, the major technology companies mainly rely on their existing advantages to deploy the meta-universe field, which can be divided into three modes: the first is to focus on the core components and basic platform fields to accelerate the deployment of the meta-universe Hardware entry and operating system. International digital technology giants such as Nvidia, Meta, and Microsoft have invested heavily in virtual reality and augmented reality technologies abroad, and have developed platforms and virtual reality headsets suitable for virtual collaboration. In China, there are leading Internet companies such as Ali, Tencent, and ByteDance. Succeeding in addition to the research and development of Metaverse related hardware.

The second is to focus on the business model and content scenarios, and explore the application scenarios related to the meta universe. Many domestic and foreign technology companies have started the research and development of VR games. Domestic companies such as Tencent, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, Perfect World, and Hengxin Dongfang have established relevant product business lines before this.

The third is the government’s promotion of enterprise entry mode, mainly Korean enterprises. South Korea is one of the most active countries in the world to promote the development of the metaverse industry. Seoul announced in November this year that it will become the first city government to join the metaverse industry; at the same time, the development of the metaverse industry in Korea is mainly led by relevant government departments to guide and promote Samsung , Hyundai Motor, LG and other companies form the “Meta Universe Alliance” to form a joint force for the development of enterprises in the meta universe field to promote the realization of a wider range of virtual reality connections and establish a national-level meta universe development platform in Korea.

Is the end of the industry “meta universe”?

Now when I open the web browser, the screen is full of Metauniverse, and it is reasonable for technology companies to deploy Metaverse. However, with the enthusiasm of capital, many seemingly indifferent companies have also started to rush to register the Metauniverse trademark.

The veteran car company SAIC applied for 100 trademark categories related to “Yuan Universe” on October 15 and October 18 in one go. The trademark names of the Yuan Universe applied for were all “Car Yuan Universe” and “Car Yuan Universe Z”. – UNI VERSE “, include the use of automotive research and development, production, manufacture and sale of other aspects.

Although the SAIC Group has made big moves, it is not fast. The first domestic car company to apply for the Yuan universe trademark is the ideal car. Ideal began its operations on September 15th, applying for the brand name “Ideal Yuan Universe”, which is mainly used for electric vehicles, self-driving cars, sports cars, RVs, and bus transportation.

Later, Xiaopeng and Weilai also began to talk about the concept of meta universe. Xiaopeng Motors has applied for the registration of a number of “Xiaopeng Yuan Universe” trademarks, and the international classification involves transportation vehicles, mechanical equipment, and scientific instruments; Shanghai Weilai Automobile Co., Ltd. has also applied for the registration of a number of “Wei Lai Yuan Universe” and “Wei Universe” trademarks. , The international classification involves transportation, web services, etc…

If the wind blowing in the car companies is due to the needs of the development of industries such as smart driving and smart car networking, it can be understood that the emergence of “liquor yuan cosmos” and “ham sausage yuan cosmos” is somewhat of a hot spot. Concept of suspicion.

Among the “Yuan Universe” trademarks applied for this year (as of November 23), there are 23 trademarks involving the 33rd category of alcoholic beverages. In addition to “Baijiu Yuan Universe”, “Ham Sausage Yuan Universe” may not be far away from us. Tianyan Check shows that, recently, Henan Shuanghui Investment Development Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of the “Original Universe” trademark.

Even more incredible is the auction of virtual land. Not long ago, in the virtual world platform Decentraland , a piece of digital land was sold for a high price of US$2.43 million. This price is even higher than the average price of a single house in Manhattan in the United States in reality, and much higher than that of single houses in other U.S. administrative regions and San Francisco. price.

Judging from the current global attitude towards the metaverse, the metaverse is no longer just as simple as a “wind mouth”, it is not an exaggeration to say it is a “crazy mouth”.

Look at what the “anti-yuan faction” says

In the eyes of those who follow the meta-universe, the meta-universe is “sweet and pastry”, while in the eyes of those who oppose it, the meta-universe is a conceptual hype, which is born out of nothing.

Liu Cixin, the author of “Three-Body” who is good at constructing virtual universe world, recently angered Metaverse in a public speech, saying that “Metaverse will lead mankind to a dead end.”

Liu Cixin said, “The future of mankind is either to move towards interstellar civilization or to indulge in the virtual world of VR all the year round. If mankind achieves a highly realistic VR world before moving to space civilization, it will be a disaster.”

Internet tycoon Zhou Hongyi also publicized the cold water of Yuan Universe in the program recently. In the CCTV Dialogue program broadcast on the evening of November 20, Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 Group, said that the concept of meta universe has been very hot recently, and many people have found new ways to collect money. He believes that first, the virtual reality of meta-universe fantasy requires time; second, Facebook’s fantasy does not represent the future, but the decline of mankind. “If everyone lives in an illusory space, it will not give humanity Society brings real development”.

The United States’ first functional AR system developer and scientist, Louis Rosenberg (Louis Rosenberg), recently published a comment to warn the fans of the metaverse that the metaverse may change us Known structure of reality.

“The so-called meta universe is a virtual world of immersive VR and AR. It is currently being developed by technology companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook), which can create a cyberpunk utopia that looks real.” Rosenberg said in a comment : “I am worried about whether these powerful platform providers who intend to control the infrastructure will care about the legal use of augmented reality in the future.”

Ethan Zuckerman, the head of the digital infrastructure project at the University of Massachusetts, also recently published a column that angered Zucker Burke’s Meta and meta-universe projects. “The meta-universe that Facebook (Meta) promotes just makes us unable to extricate ourselves from the (commercial) world it is trying to build.”

Shen Yang, executive director of the New Media Research Center of Tsinghua University, said that many companies claim to be doing Meta Universe, but they are in fact bubbles. Many of them are just products of the original mobile Internet, not “meta Universe.”

“In fact, the bubble is already very obvious, and there are so many projects that crooked melons.” Luo Chao, executive director of GGV Jiyuan Capital, does not shy away from it. The concept of meta-universe, in fact, there are many, many projects without anything.”

Some investors even said, “As long as there is the word meta universe in the entrepreneurial BP (business plan), don’t read it.”

To avoid “fast growth and death”, the technological breakthrough of the meta universe must catch up

Technical limitations are currently the biggest bottleneck facing the development of Metaverse. The maturity of related technologies still has a certain gap from the requirements of meta-universe landing applications. Therefore, the existing meta-universe technology display scenes are mostly experimental, local and limited applications, and the display cost is very high. For example, in the 15-second “Digital Huang Renxun” shown by Nvidia at its press conference in April this year, nearly 50 R&D personnel have been invested and 21 versions have been produced.

As a comprehensive integrated application of multiple digital technologies, the meta-universe scene needs to achieve two technological breakthroughs from concept to actual implementation: the first is a breakthrough in single technologies such as XR, digital twins, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. The dimension realizes the basic functions of meta-universe applications such as stereo vision, deep immersion, virtual avatars, etc.; the second breakthrough is a breakthrough in the comprehensive application of multiple digital technologies, through the superposition and compatibility of multiple technologies, interactive integration, condensing and forming a technological synergy to promote the stability of the meta-universe Orderly development.

In addition, data also plays a key role in the development of the metaverse. On the one hand, the development of related technologies and scenarios of Metaverse will have higher requirements on the volume and dimensions of data, and more personal information needs to be collected from users; on the other hand, data security is important for the healthy and orderly development of Metaverse. premise. In order to balance data use and data security, it is necessary to proactively build the collection and use specifications of meta-universe-related data.

The meta-universe craze has swept across, and this game of drumming and spreading flowers has become more and more intense. The stronger the wind, the more we should keep our eyes open. Don’t be harvested by the “big pie of the riches ” and “IQ tax”, and don’t hold “You will definitely not be the last.” The “unlucky one” is such a fluke mentality, while the imagination is online, but the reason should not go offline.

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