Is there a video era that belongs to the brand side?

“Consumers are harder to be impressed.”

Is there a video era that belongs to the brand side?

Let’s start with the dilemma of consumer brands.

In the past few years, on the one hand, new consumer brands are sought after in the capital market, looking forward to finding the next ” Bubble Mart “; on the other hand, after the traditional e-commerce traffic dividend reaches its peak, the cost of e-commerce channels is high, and the days of retail brands are generally more and more. Sad.

After the rise of the Internet, especially after the popularization of video and live broadcasting, there have been long-standing debates about “brand uselessness” and “category is greater than brand”. However, compared to pure product connection, brand value can form a closer and lasting connection with consumers, thereby extending consumers’ full life cycle value.

It is still a big market trend to bet on the growth of consumer brands . This is not only the background of China’s macroeconomic turn, but also the inevitable connection of the Internet to connect mass consumption at a deeper level .

Retail brands have been confined to traditional marketing and communication strategies such as traditional agents and mass media for a long time. Faced with the “new things” of Zhongda people’s grass-planting, video marketing, and live broadcast, they can face consumers directly. Few people do a good job in brand communication.

One of the most intuitive changes is that in the past, the integrated marketing model that relied on advertising agencies in the face of the ever-changing content industry has continued to reduce efficiency. The resulting series of questions are: How should brands do content marketing? Do you want to make your own content? What should be done?

This contradiction is especially prominent after the short video era. The flow efficiency of Internet marketing in the graphic era , especially the conversion efficiency, is still relatively low . When the brand invests in the flagship store of the e-commerce platform, there is even room to operate its own official website channel.

With the upgrading of communication technology and lowering of tariffs, the increase in Internet brought by short videos has made content marketing truly a pivotal market strategy. In the past two years, short videos have become saturated, and there are still Chinese videos with significant growth. A lot of value needs to be tapped.

The market practice and industry discussion on short video marketing are relatively mature. On the one hand, short video brings a lower barrier to entry. On the other hand, for more growth and mature brands, short video marketing also has its own problems that are difficult to solve, and it is difficult to do long-term brand communication.

The formation, memory and strengthening of the brand is a highly symbolic process, which requires the brand to do a good job in the communication strategy, including appearance, slogan, cultural connotation, etc., to communicate with consumers in a more aggregated manner.

This means that in the era of video marketing, brands not only need to invest more flexibly in short video content, but also need more in-depth video marketing to strengthen brand awareness.

Since the concept of “Chinese Video” was put forward, the market value of video content based on this longer, horizontal screen, and more professional production has also received increasing attention from brands.

Is there a video era that belongs to the brand side?

According to the Zheshang Securities Research Report, China Video, which is produced by a professional team and mainly composed of chapter content, micro variety shows, and micro dramas, has high content commercial value and the short production cycle of China Video is only about 10 days. The realization speed is considerable. It is expected that China Video will become the general trend of video content, bringing higher benefits to sponsors, platforms and producers.

This also means that, following short videos, China Video Marketing will become an important part of the brand square shaping the corporate brand image and betting on the video era.

However, China Video also has obvious problems. Ren Lifeng , president of Watermelon Video , once said that China Video’s shortcomings are high barriers to entry and high consumption costs, but it can establish personality and cultivate stickiness better than short videos.

“First, we need to find the target audience and solve the bilateral problem of content production.”

1. Brand methodology in the video era

After the rise of the short video, video marketing, relying on ” everyone to create as” a massive supply of content, resulting in a huge change, on the one hand than in the past TVC advertising, ladder media advertising, creative advertising, short video content closer to the user side to do the spread, There are more forms; on the other hand, short videos are more fragmented and more fragmented, which are suitable for flexible detonating communication. This requires the form of Chinese videos to complement the brand’s long-term communication needs.

The threshold for enterprises to produce and disseminate video content is further lowered, which not only brings new opportunities for brands to do video dissemination by themselves and directly connect to users, but also creates confusion in the content, brand, and even sales conversion goals, and it is difficult to implement strategies The problem.

To understand the value of China Video to the brand and its methodology, we first need to look at the differences in brand marketing in video content of different durations.

Traditional radio and television media are typical long video content with concentrated channel effects but extremely high entry barriers. For example, CCTV advertising “standard kings” are launched at the level of 100 million yuan.

Short videos are synonymous with “popular styles”. Because short videos are more flexible in form and have a better effect on the dissemination of young people and trendy culture, it is natural that a batch of popular products will appear in a short period of time.

Similarly, short video corresponds to a continuous supply of content, which also means that the brand’s content dissemination first needs to pass through the information sea to directly face users.

A major consequence of the age of information increment is that the advertising effect of a single content has been greatly weakened.

Therefore, we can see that more and more brands are presenting a “hot spot” content strategy in short video marketing-undoubtedly, this is “not going wrong” in the face of the ever-changing content characteristics of short videos. Prudent strategy, after all, for a single brand, the direction of creating explosive models is full of uncertainties.

The brand must occupy the minds of users and form stronger brand recognition and recognition, so as to bring natural repurchase customers to the brand. This is the requirement of long-term brand management, and it is also the inevitable requirement of user management.

Trout divides the development of the advertising industry into a product era, an image era, and a positioning era. He believes that in a society with excessive communication, communication is more important. The case of ” Michelle Ice City ” shows that although its positioning theory has been put forward for decades, the strategic effect is still there.

In terms of reality, the problem facing contemporary brands is that the differentiation of brand perception is being reduced in the process of public communication and marketing.

At the same time, it must be clearly recognized that as far as video marketing is concerned, the traditional film and television synthesis strategy of “holding high” has almost failed, and in the face of more fragmented individual life and Internet experience, brands need to reach out to users, In terms of perception and memory, seek a more benign median value.

In a shorter-term video era, to complete longer-term brand management , it is necessary to maintain sensitivity to current and new content, but also to form a strong binding between content and brand attributes, and to strengthen brand memory. China Video has become A better choice.

In terms of creative ecology, China Video can accommodate differences more than short videos-almost every creator of China Video is “unique”, and the content creation characteristics of each of their works are more prominent. This is in contrast to short videos. The characteristics of “templated” fast replication are different.

In addition, the creators of China Video have a closer relationship with their audiences, and they naturally have a trend toward communityization.

Another phenomenon of the decline in brand loyalty is that consumers currently have too many consumer choices, so for many products, they may not remember the brand after using them, let alone repurchase.

“Consumers are harder to be impressed.”

The Chinese video ecology that has evolved into a pan-cultural community is an opportunity for the current content industry to deepen and connect with consumers. When consumers are increasingly difficult to be impressed by a certain selling point and appearance of a single product, they will still be with a good group of bodies “grass”, pay for current consumption.

Branding is a continuous “symbolicization” process. For the consumer society, the “sign exchange” given by the brand is not only the satisfaction of material needs, but also a kind of cultural life.

In this sense, China Video, which has a significant communityization, will be an area that brands need to focus on, which is related to user stickiness.

2. Where are the consumers?

As mentioned above, in the era of information explosion, the effect of advertising will inevitably be weakened. In the face of such a communication environment, the direct strategy to improve effectiveness should still focus on the accuracy of information transmission, which includes both brand-fitting. Sexual content creation also requires market segmentation and focus on target consumer groups.

The “China Video Marketing Trends White Paper” released by Huge Engine shows that among the users who frequently watch China videos, users under 40 account for more than 70%, and users in the 25-40 years old age group account for the largest proportion, reaching 65.9%; At the same time, users are concentrated in second and third-tier cities.

Is there a video era that belongs to the brand side?

The audience’s motivations for watching the video include: acquiring lightweight knowledge, acquiring topical information, following trends/trends, helping consumer decision-making reference, and expanding their horizons. This also means that China Video has become the choice of people for new consumption of content.

Advertiser Shen Hong believes that the current video industry in China still uses pan-entertainment and pan-life content as the main traffic entrance. With the further advancement of consumption upgrades in the future, users will have greater demand for high-quality content in vertical segments. A batch of Chinese video content in vertical fields will appear in the production industry. The user groups of vertical content and platforms will be more accurate, have the same characteristics or common interests, and have more commercial value in precision marketing.

China Video’s audience profile is more prominent and tends to have stronger consumer willingness and ability in the areas of focus. In other words, the screening of audiences itself can be completed by the creator.

Take Dizzz, the creator of watermelon, as an example. As a digital blogger, he receives many users who are interested in technology products. In the evaluation of the vivo X60 Pro, a unique interpretation of the video content is output, and the micro-panel anti-shake camera function is explained to users through a comprehensive evaluation experience.

Is there a video era that belongs to the brand side?

This feature of in-depth evaluation of products and complete explanation is a differentiated value of China Video to the brand.

In the socialized video marketing, all brands are actually new brands.

” Is the home of content creators selling goods?” In the article, we emphatically pointed out that in the short video creation environment, the brand’s media strategy is basically unlikely to meet the needs of its own business scale. This has been reflected in content e-commerce in the past WeChat graphic era. In the later period, content e-commerce companies basically turned to be e-commerce service providers.

Therefore, external procurement is still an important link in short video marketing for enterprises. Douyin is still currently the content platform with the highest inventory and the most mature traffic distribution. However, the problem that the new brand has to solve is not just traffic procurement. , It is also necessary to continuously strengthen its differentiated image in content dissemination and product reach.

The completeness of the medium video is higher, the story or the picture depth is stronger, it is easier to reflect the differentiation of the video creativity, and to strengthen the user’s recognition of the brand and tonal recognition.

It is not difficult to find that there is a certain correlation between the brand loyalty of video users of different durations. The audience in the traditional TV variety show era in the past can be said to be the group with the highest user loyalty, while the audience of short videos represents brand loyalty. A declining generation.

The barriers for videos of different durations may also be broken. Douyin and Kuaishou have relaxed the restrictions on video duration, and platforms such as WeChat and Zhihu have also entered the video field.

This means that creators will have more creative space in content, and the choice of brands will be more flexible.

For brands, in addition to paying attention to the impact of content trends on consumer culture, they should also look for content stratification that better matches themselves in the vertical ecosystem. This is the key to facing consumers directly.

3. Re-establish consumer relations

Any long-term sustainable consumer behavior is not just a simple exchange relationship between payment and satisfaction, but more importantly, it is the deep connection created by the maintenance of user relationships.

In the current process of continuously connecting consumers with the content industry, an obvious problem that has not been completely resolved is that the content has been digitized, and the content-related consumer behavior has not been completely digitized.

In the past, the relationship between brands and consumers depended directly on products, indirectly on mass media, word of mouth, etc. However, the user relationship in the Internet era requires more visible data, instant feedback, and full-link services, emphasizing the full life cycle of users .

This is also true in the field of content consumption. In recent years, major content platforms have not only improved the purchase experience of one-click consumption on the consumer side, but have also continued to enhance service support for brands.

Xu Jia, general manager of the huge engine marketing market, pointed out that China Video’s matching consumer scenes are rich, users are strong in consumption, and they pay more attention to the professionalism of consumption. Therefore, China Video users have strong marketing value.

The dispersion of channels makes users’ consumption behaviors highly discrete, and brands need a positional management system to realize the acceptance and consolidation of online operations.

Prior to this, Huge Engine created the “integrated store” model to realize the integration of data, product efficiency, and operation. Long-term connection of users through the “number” to achieve in-depth operation of fans; through the “shop” to effectively drive the “business”, use content to connect consumer demand and purchase scenarios, and achieve transaction conversion. After integrating content platforms such as Toutiao, Douyin, and Watermelon Video, the marketing matrix of “content, broadcast, interaction, and conversion” is realized.

It is foreseeable that various content platforms will gradually get through e-commerce tools and marketing resources, and continue to improve their support for brands.

This will change the traditional model of the brand’s diversion to the e-commerce platform through content marketing, and the brand will be able to directly manage the marketing activities and user relationships generated by the content platform.

The core of brand operation is always the creation and maintenance of user relationships, from the establishment of relationships to the establishment of relationships, to subsequent maintenance and self-growth of users and businesses brought about by brand power. This strategy can not only effectively accumulate brand assets such as traffic, users, content, and data, but also become a position for long-term growth of brand users and businesses, and achieve integrated brand management.

This is also the background that “private domain traffic” is continuously valued under the background of high traffic costs in traditional e-commerce.

The traffic purchased in Gein’s marketing strategy is only the “egg”. In this process, the brand’s user relationship is shaped, and it is the “chicken” that can continue to lay eggs.

The in-depth integration of the short, flat and fast marketing characteristics of short videos with medium and long videos and even graphics and other forms may be another important point for the entire content marketing field to solve new brand strategies.

The entire Internet business model has turned around. From the realization of media from advertising to the industrial transformation to reactivate brand value, this is the sustainable basis for this round of “Internet + new consumption”.

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