Is there a better business model than Meta Universe?

Is there a better business model than Meta Universe?


The Japanese are deeply influenced by East Asian culture. They pay attention to the unity of nature and human beings. They also fear ghosts that can travel around without the body.

However, Japan’s modern times are mostly influenced by Western industrial civilization. Therefore, between the inner spirit, the unity of nature and humanity, and the outer industrial civilization, the robot cats and the Astro Boy future robots were produced, and the Saint Seiya, Gundam, and the Pacific Rim with mankind (wearing) mechas were also produced, and humans were also produced. The evolution of the Ghost in the Shell has also produced the evolution of the machine Transformers.

Therefore, since childhood, the Wachowski brothers, who have been deeply influenced by Japanese judo and ninjutsu, the oriental spirit, the unity of nature and man, and the separation of the spirit and the body container, filmed the movie “The Matrix” in 1999: in the real world, NEO is The body and avatar (soul) of NEO trapped in the nutrient solution container is a hacker in the digital world. NEO has also learned Japanese judo and ninjutsu in the digital world.

In order to show that the body and the spirit can indeed be separated, the Wachowski brothers proved that they were transgendered and became the Wachowski sisters.

In 2009, against the background of the global financial crisis, a hacker under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto used cryptography, P2P and other technologies to create something, which is the Internet-native blockchain encrypted digital currency. And the first block was dug out on January 3, 2009, which is the well-known Genesis block.

In 2009, another landmark movie was released, that is, the world’s first 3D movie: “Avatar”. It is about a disabled veteran who uses his mind to control the body of a cloned Avatar man. This is different from Gundam, “Pacific Rim”, etc., using human flesh to operate mecha equipment. At the end of the movie, with the help of the sacred tree, the mentality of the veteran and the body of the cloned Avatar man became one. The body of the disabled veteran died in a box in the control room, and his soul was transferred to the body of this newly cloned Avatar man to continue to survive.

Another ten years have passed. Spielberg filmed “Ready Player One” in 2018. It is about 2045 that the real world has become a chaotic purgatory on the verge of collapse. People pin their hopes on the “oasis”-a free superstore that covers the world. In the virtual world of online games, a group of young people use physical manipulation and mental control to play and engage in adventure game competitions in the digital world, and meet a bunch of friends (including the four-person group from Japan Huinin The art of Ashiu) . But because of the fight for ownership of the virtual world, the fight extends from the digital world back to the real world.

In 2021, in the context of the global epidemic crisis, Zuckerberg, a hacker who is afraid of real social networking, who created the world’s largest virtual world social network, released a new grand strategy: meta universe. It is true that there is a Japanese fantasy in the East and a technological realization in the West.

The value of the meta universe

Dou Wei once said: What can’t be done in reality, let the dream come true.

The value of the meta universe is: what can’t be done in reality, just go to the meta universe to do it.

It’s really possible in the future. You use AI beauty and AI beauty equipment to become a celebrity in the meta universe. You have millions of fans. If you hold a concert in the digital world, you will see millions of people sitting through VR glasses. Cheers, interact with you, and sing with you in the virtual stadium.

Is there a better business model than Meta Universe?

Figure | Number One Player

The core components of the meta universe

The meta universe has three core components:

1. Immersive smart hardware : You have to be native in the digital world of the meta universe.

2. AI cloud service : In the past online games, a drawn armor or a drawn sword is equipment; in the current live broadcast, a real-time beauty function is equipment; in the future meta-universe, various Voice vision AI cloud service is equipment.

3. Financial system : If you want to do tasks in the meta universe to make money, you need to buy AI cloud service equipment to participate in the competition in the meta universe, all of which need internet-native digital currency.

How Facebook realizes the meta-universe

1. Immersive smart hardware: Facebook releases Oculus, a VR device.

2. AI cloud service: Facebook’s PyTorch platform has become the world’s only popular AI platform (the other is Google’s Tensorflow) .

3. Financial system: Facebook will officially open source the Libra blockchain digital currency v1.0 in 2020.

How does Facebook make money through meta universe

1. Meta universe, a virtual world game : In the Internet business model, games are one of the three pillars (the other two are advertising marketing and e-commerce transactions), games and social interactions are perfectly combined.

2. Smart hardware : AR/VR devices are sold for money.

3. AI service : AI service is equipment. This is a typical Internet profit model, and it is very technical, and most companies don’t do it.

4. Digital currency : Facebook has more than 3 billion users in the world. If it is in the digital world, this is definitely the world’s largest country. Digital currency is a lucrative seigniorage.

5. Ecological App Store : Facebook itself mainly operates meta-universe games. If a large number of users and a large number of companies want to meet other needs, they can do it ecologically. Facebook only needs to charge 30% of each in-app purchase.

Do you still think of a more powerful money-making model than the meta-universe? I couldn’t think of it. Even Apple has only earned two yuan for smart hardware and ecological application stores.

Someone asked when will this routine be implemented? My personal feeling is 2025.

In 2019, 5G was deployed in China, but it has been difficult to find a flashpoint. If 5G is used for machines, then it must be the Internet of Everything in a smart city led by smart new energy vehicles. If 5G is for human use, it is likely to be the meta-universe routine.

How does the meta universe evolve

Imagine that in 2004, 20-year-old Zuckerberg founded Facebook. From the beginning, it was easy for men and women on campus to get to know each other. Later, when it expanded to the society, many companies coveted the huge number of users on Facebook and wanted to settle on Facebook and become the official company account. So Facebook released the Open API open platform and application store in 2007.

Therefore, Metaverse will definitely start with the application of VR games.

I believe that whether it is VR mature, AI mature, or Libra digital currency application mature, all time nodes will converge to 2025. This is a time point that I personally believe.

If someone wants to do things in this digital world of massive users, I’m sorry, but Facebook will not do it, but it will provide a development platform and an Open API platform. If you want to create things related to work, life, and business, you can create it yourself. This is the ever-changing ecology.

But I’m sorry, all ecological applications are controlled by the Metaverse App Store.

This is Facebook’s fifth source of money: app store rake. When you make a purchase in the app store, you use Metaverse’s digital currency.

in China

In 2020, with the global epidemic crisis, everyone will not be able to get out, meet and socialize, and they will all be remote. Tencent Ma Huateng called out a concept similar to Zuckerberg: the real Internet.

But I don’t know much about Tencent’s talent pool and technological maturity in AR/VR smart hardware and AI services. Who knows, tell me. My understanding of AI technology has always been: AI technology is difficult to sell independently. AI must be embedded in the application, preferably embedded in the hardware, and sold in the face of application and hardware. Our team has studied a bunch of questions: question answering and conversation, machine understanding and sentiment analysis, search and recommendation, text summarization and generation, knowledge graph and knowledge reasoning, and I don’t know what scale business scenarios can be realized.

Huawei, which has a headache with revenue growth and the widespread use of 5G, also quietly launched a software strategy. Huawei is a cloud (cloud server and cloud storage equipment) -pipe (telecommunications equipment) -terminal (smart phone equipment and smart car equipment) manufacturer, why do you want to make software?

I don’t know why Huawei does software. I personally guessed:

If Huawei does enterprise-level software, Huawei estimates it is for Huawei Cloud. Huawei cloud server cloud storage requires key system software technologies such as operating systems, containers, development languages, bytecode VMs, databases, middleware, and so on. Huawei shouldn’t make higher-level applications, such as Office documents, audio and video conferencing, IM, collaboration platforms, etc., and Huawei shouldn’t do it.

I would recommend Huawei to do consumer-grade software. Among consumer software, games I am most optimistic about are games. But if Huawei is now making mobile games and online games, it will definitely not be able to catch up with NetEase and Tencent. So if you make a game, it must be an AR/VR game. AR/VR games are not only the most profitable, they also consume 5G the most.


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