Is the under-screen camera easy to use now?

It has reached the excellent line.

Except for ZTE, no one can produce under-screen camera phones ?

Since 2019 , the popularity of the under-screen camera concept has gradually risen , and a series of manufacturers have begun to market this and have also said that they are “doing it” However, it is now 2021 and there is still only ZTE on the market that has steadily launched mass-produced under-screen camera phones .

In 2020 Nian 9 camera phone at ZTE ZTE launched the world’s first screen-month Axon 20 after , ” the next screen camera ” The technology seems to be a resurgence of the label has been affixed .

2021 Nian 4 Yuefen ZTE Axon 30 Ultra came out because not using the camera under the screen so many fans disappointed But in the end did not let us wait too long ZTE after only three months with a new camera technology the next generation screen back .

Is the under-screen camera easy to use now?

Under-screen camera technology after iteration

The under-screen camera technology has not been quickly used by major manufacturers and the problem of its screen compatibility with light transmission and display is a technical barrier that is difficult to overcome.

Previously the ultra-high-transmittance micron-level new materials used on ZTE Axon 20 , independent drive screen display chips, highly integrated minimalist circuit design, natural pixel arrangement, and triple proactive intelligence algorithms, etc. were almost used on ZTE Axon 30 5G . Get a comprehensive innovation .

The choice of light-transmitting materials is the key to achieving mass production of under-screen cameras This time ZTE Axon 30 uses 7 layers of high-transmittance materials composed of cover glass, polarizers, packaging glass, cathodes, light-emitting organic materials, arrays, and substrate glass .

Is the under-screen camera easy to use now?

The screen structure of the camera area under the screen uses a more light-transmitting substrate glass, and the curved screen at the same position is a PI substrate with a yellowish color and poor light transmission . In contrast, the straight screen used in Axon  30 Obviously the screen has better light transmittance.

A special OLED and a more transparent cathode, high-transmittance array are selected for the camera area under the screen . Make these layers of materials more transparent, creating better conditions for under-screen photography .

The pixels of the screen area of ​​the front camera hidden under the screen are increased to a high pixel density of 400PPI , and the display effect is far superior to the previous generation , and the grid-like area of ​​the screen is almost invisible .

The light-transmitting material lays the foundation for display and imaging and additional algorithmic control of the display is required .

Is the under-screen camera easy to use now?

The ZTE Axon 30 5G is equipped with a new independent UDC Pro screen display chip The new screen display chip has intelligent pixel enhancement control which records the working time and temperature of each pixel, establishes a calculation model, and adjusts it in real time to keep the brightness and chromaticity of the camera area under the screen consistent with the overall screen;

But also added a Smart Display optimization control enhance and optimize the display each pixel of the display screen at the imaging area is more delicate, more natural edge transition, so that the overall full-screen display is more pure, transparent, consistent and more good;

This generation of multi-drive ACE Array circuit enhanced ) circuit arrangement can increase the design efficiency by 50% compared to the previous generation , making the transition between the two areas more natural .

In fact the next screen camera While the focus is on “next screen” which is translucent and display components is important but it is not an ordinary camera will be placed in the bottom of the screen so simple the amount of light the camera will and the proposed algorithm More requirements .

Is the under-screen camera easy to use now?

The front camera of ZTE Axon 30 5G adopts a four-in-one sensor. The photosensitive area of ​​a single pixel can be increased by four times, reaching the effect of 2.24um super-large pixel, and the amount of light can be effectively increased .

Meanwhile by the spirit algorithm through 2.0 ambient light is relatively dark scenes, to enhance the resolution of the screen, significant improvement in underexposure, noise point obvious problems In shooting scenes that encounter point and surface light sources fogging, intelligent defogging, intelligent anti-glare, intelligent adjustment of dynamic range through automatic adjustment mechanism, improving contrast and picture details, suppressing highlights, and enhancing the definition of image quality , Transparency.

It can be said that after iteration , the under-screen camera solution of ZTE Axon 30 5G has matured and it has reached an excellent score line in terms of display effect and camera experience .

Ultimately technology still has to serve mobile phones

At present, ZTE has the only commercial mass production of under-screen camera technology , which can be said to be a show of technology But if consumers use dazzling technology to review ZTE then ZTE will give back a whole machine experience that exceeds expectations .

In order to achieve a better and flawless screen visual experience after eliminating the “black blocks” of the screen , ZTE Axon 30 5G is equipped with a 6.92 -inch AMOLED super large panoramic screen with a screen ratio of 20.5:9 .

The 6.92 -inch large screen on the front is already the ceiling level of the screen size on the market, and the machine of this size tends to give people a heavy feeling.

By using 3D stacking design, ZTE Axon 30 5G The arrangement of components to the extreme compression, to produce a final weight of 189g thin 7.8mm slim respondents in his hand feel is very light , it may be It is currently the lightest large-screen mobile phone.

On this true full screen with a resolution of FHD+ 2460 × 1080 ), ZTE Axon 30 5G is the first to achieve a high refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 360Hz on the screen of an under-screen camera phone .

In terms of refresh rate and touch sampling rate ZTE has taken a big step forward this time The 360Hz touch sampling rate has reached the level of many gaming phones In fact, ZTE and iterative technology leadership but also other manufacturers a long time to launch one of the reasons the same type of product .

The reason for the realization of “the next screen camera” in fact, is to make the screen to achieve the ultimate visual experience of The DCI-P3 color space coverage of the ZTE Axon 30 5G display reaches 100% , and it also supports a 10-bit color depth and an ultimate display of 1.07 billion colors .

When watching a movie on a streaming media platform the feeling that the screen is full of eyes is an experience that you can’t go back after using it Looking back at the profiled screen with bangs like the iPhone , you will obviously feel that the screen has “shrinked” a lot .

Is the under-screen camera easy to use now?

In terms of configuration , Axon 30 5G is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 mobile platform. Although the fuselage is thin and light many hardware configurations that significantly improve performance are inserted inside the fuselage , such as a triple ice seal composed of a large-area VC liquid-cooled soaking plate, high-power thermal conductive gel, and graphene copper-based composite materials. Cooling system like a 4200mAh high-capacity battery that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ and a 55W fast charge protocol that supports PD fast charge protocol .

It is worth mentioning that , through the integration of technology from the research of memory, Axon 30 5G directly from unused space in flash memory up to call 8GB become virtual memory to run, basically bid farewell to the sleepy Caton interference .

The communication field is ZTE’s old business This time ZTE Axon 30 5G adopts a brand-new ” anti-lock ” antenna system, which effectively increases the signal strength by 100% . It uses 5G antennas to move up, low-frequency antennas on the side, and dual Wi – Fi. The complete wireless terminal solution of the Fi antenna allows ZTE Axon 30 5G to be held vertically and horizontally in the hand, which can prevent the antenna from being blocked and make the wireless signal more sensitive.

When used on the subway and high-speed rail turned off the road network but also to ensure a stable connection surprising .

The rear camera uses a four-camera solution The main camera is equipped with a 64 million ultra-high pixel main camera , the model is Sony IMX682 sensor, the aperture is f/1.8 Even when taking pictures on a cloudy day, the color saturation is high and the resolution is excellent.

Is the under-screen camera easy to use now?

As well as an 8 -megapixel 120- degree wide-angle camera a 3cm macro lens and a depth-of-field lens all photo scenes can be covered. The built-in super night scene mode effectively suppresses night scene noise through AI algorithm Support 4K video shooting, up to 4K 60fps high-definition video shooting .

ZTE Axon 30 5G supports both main camera and wide-angle dual-channel video anti-shake. Intelligent anti-shake can effectively correct video shooting jitter in motion. Whether you use the main camera or wide-angle video with a larger angle of view for shooting, it can make dynamic video shooting effects. More clear and stable .

Is the under-screen camera easy to use now?

In fact the resurgence Axon 30 5G before the launch ZTE Axon 30 Ultra has proposed a “mobile phone photography Third Age,” saying in force rear camera seems to make people feel ZTE “change” But the facts have proved that ZTE has indeed “changed” but it has not changed its flavor but has become stronger .

ZTE has not given up on its under-screen camera technology, and has accumulated more research and development in the rear camera With the support of these two feet ZTE can stand more stable With the iterative and leading edge technology combined with ever shorter board supplement Qi ZTE in order to stepping forward in the mobile space as more and more cards the pace of progress will be faster and faster .

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