Is the so-called blockchain decentralized social product an innovation or a rehash?

Can blockchain bring Web 3.0?

Is the so-called blockchain decentralized social product an innovation or a rehash?

Is the so-called blockchain decentralized social product an innovation or a rehash?

Can blockchain bring Web 3.0?

In April according to market news, the personal data of 533 million Facebook users was leaked, including phone numbers, full names, dates of birth, email addresses, ID locations and some biological information, which would pose a potential risk to millions of cryptocurrency traders, said Aron Gal, Chief Technology Officer of Hudson Rock (a cybercrime intelligence firm): It is almost certain that hackers will use the compromised data to commit cyber fraud.

Earlier, Google, one of the tech giants, leaked nearly half a million users’ data due to a privacy clause loophole that allowed user data to be called up by other users or apps at will, and a group called “Google Owes Us” was approved by a London appeals judge to represent millions of iPhone users against Google’s data collection practices. A group called “Google Owes Us” was approved by a London appeals judge to file a claim on behalf of millions of iPhone users against Google for data collection, and is currently finalizing terms. If this measure is successful, it will demonstrate that the value of personal data to individuals will be recognized by law.

In fact, traditional centralized social networking platforms are controlled by third-party commercial organizations behind the scenes, and individuals’ data has become one of the key sources of their profits. Although the Web 2.0 we are now living in gives users more participation rights based on Web 1.0, it does not allow full control of their own data. Take the hot WeChat and Weibo nowadays, login must be authorized and bound to phone numbers, and personal information uploading cannot be skipped, let alone gaining revenue through public information or publishing.

Can blockchain bring Web 3.0?
Blockchain’s anonymity, autonomy, openness, and immutability make it a pioneering experimental site for exploring the Web 3.0 world. The problem of transparency and trust brought by the centralization of operation services seems to be solved by the blockchain technology application of data rights and interests, data validation and authorization, and after this process is completed, the era of Web 3.0 will come.

The combination of Web3.0 and blockchain can have a lot of interesting chemistry, such as digital identity and data self-control, people can participate in voting, participate in dividends, and achieve a positive interaction between developers and users, they can also serve as great new tools to better protect your personal data, you may pay more for things, but you can also use cryptocurrency when making small payments.

The next generation of social network ecology at a glance
The novel idealized vision has attracted many new generation social networking projects including Steemit, Telegram, YeeCall, social network and others to start exploring more possibilities of decentralization.


Steemit is the most representative application of the graphene ecosystem, where users can like and step on posts, follow topics of interest, submit content, and discuss posts with other users, all of which can earn STEEM cryptocurrency. graphene blockchain, but for images it still relies on third-party online hosting service sites like Imgur.


The encrypted messaging app Telegram is a social chat app that allows users to encrypt their conversations, which are not stored in the cloud but managed locally by users to ensure their privacy and security, and allows users to use it for free forever without inserting mobile ads. Recently, Telegram has launched its blockchain platform TON (Telegram Open Network) and its cryptocurrency Gram, which is used to lay out a global payment network, but earlier Telegram’s attitude of not “cooperating” with the government in Russia, Iran and other countries has been banned. Telegram’s globalization and ambition to build a global crypto-asset platform will definitely be hindered.


Yee Project is a blockchain-based cloud communication network and decentralized social ecosystem, including YeeChain blockchain, YeeNet cloud communication network and applications such as YeeCall, YeeWallet, YeeStore, etc. YeeCall currently has about 30 million users and can send messages, video and voice calls. Throughout the Yee ecosystem, users receive YEE tokens for each data use, but they did not pay much attention to governance and finance, and eventually went quiet like the crypto-cats did.

social network

social network is a new generation of social network in Poca ecosystem, which not only has the real-time social function similar to Discord, but also has the information news flow function similar to Reddit. NET is a social network native token that allows users to earn weekly airdrops and additional NET rewards by pledging existing tokens or creating a social network community backed by global finances.

Blockchain amplifies the value of social

Blockchain has obvious advantages in social applications, and many new projects and applications are blossoming. In fact, the primary issue at present is how to use the advantages to fit with the pain points of users, and among them, achieving self-control of user information becomes the key. Throughout the blockchain field, social network uses the distributed storage technology of IPFS to store user data decentralized on the user’s server, truly returning the commercial value of data to the user, which is a good reference in the blockchain field about data rights.

Social network needs scale effect, the more users the higher the value, at present the mainstream social platform is almost in a monopoly position, so how to launch a continuous highlight in-depth, retain loyal users high-frequency use is the focus of all products need to think about. social network using Substrate language can be accessed at any time Poca ecology, to ensure data security at the same time, reduce Finally, it can also use the cross-chain function to interact and transfer data with other DApps in the polka ecology, which amplifies the value.

Second, social network launched the first phase of its decentralized social network protocol release on April 22 (World Earth Day), which is designed to address the current dilemma faced by for-profit social media companies and their billions of users, in conjunction with a key generation campaign where each account created during the campaign will be used to launch the protocol and have P2P identity recovery capabilities so that individuals can own their data and assets under a self-service account in their distributed wallet.

When the internal beta version was released, users who created an account on social network could get a “NET” with zero threshold, and sharing it on Twitter, Github or Telegram could also get an additional “NET” drop.


The benefits of blockchain decentralization allow servers to be located anywhere in the world, social access is anonymous and easy, all documents and data are encrypted and controlled by the users themselves, and of course it can be used for other things like buying and selling things. Blockchain social empowers a different way of working, where all information is no longer directed to the server, but to the actual content. By doing this, there is no one central server controlling everything and content can reside in multiple locations.

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, it can not only support more social products for the processing of massive information, but also provide more inspiration and inspiration for developers to understand the real needs from the user’s point of view and design highlight products that solve the user’s pain points. I believe blockchain can definitely shine in the social field.

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