Is the policy crisis lifted as the broad market rallies across the board?

The direction of public opinion in the media today is basically the same as I guessed before, with everyone reporting mainly negative news.

Short-term (intra-day): up

Medium-term (more than two weeks): down

02 Orange talks about hot spots

The direction of public opinion in all media today is basically the same as I guessed before, everyone is mainly reporting negative news, such as “Bitcoin plunge is on the 6th place of Weibo hot search list”, “Asking all places to shut down bitcoin mining projects ranked 24th place of Weibo hot search list “, “Tesla’s bitcoin investment may have lost $125 million”, “Meitu holds $16.66 million in bitcoin float”, etc. Like I said on Saturday, the above doesn’t care if virtual currencies can actually I believe there will be more negative reports this week to continue to cool the frenzy of new leeks, and the prospective leeks who have been watching from the sidelines will also breathe a sigh of relief “thank goodness I didn’t buy bitcoin”, cracking down on virtual currencies is not really about what they think is wrong with it, it’s just that it’s contrary to the general direction of getting out of the virtual world and into the real world. The company’s main goal is to make sure that the company’s products and services are well received.

Then the issue of the follow-up combination of punches, the point remains unchanged, the back of the punch is not so easy to hit, first of all, after last week’s policies, Firecoin and OKEx are actively seeking rectification, such as Firecoin suspended the opening of new users in mainland China contracts, leverage, ETP and other services, OKEx also announced the downline OKB C2C self-selection area business (now canceled), and so on, to know that the two The platform is state-owned, and they are also the only two crypto trading platforms that have a clear office in China after 94, what Binance, Gate, MXC and so on you absolutely can’t find a Chinese office, so it seems that the actions made by Firecoin and OKEx are absolutely consult the above, as long as the follow-up can have a good effect, then the third punch is not necessary, this is also yesterday Many capital at home and abroad dared to plunge, and today’s collective rebound can be said to have lifted the danger for the time being.

Plus the gods of V God and Musk, the two can be said to be the two biggest KOLs in the circle at present, arguing about issues that are relatively funny in the eyes of insiders, just like the daily chats of two parents, in fact, the two do not care about how each other, I do not want you to feel, I just want me to feel. Musk said the expansion is for the application, his imaginary enemy is the U.S. dollar and other currencies used for payments around the world, and V God entangled point in decentralization, which is pure blockchain-style thinking, security and decentralization to be greater than performance, and these are not at all what Musk cares about, Musk is the thinker, as for how to guarantee the security is the engineer to solve the problem, that’s why Musk thinks V God is afraid of dog coin to beat the dollar .

Finally or blow it, these days told everyone to prioritize the bottom of several track project performance are very good, L2 leading MATIC, DEFI leading I chose AAVE, LINK and UNI are also the first few, public chain track BNB, AMAX and DOT performance is also good, there is no table on the Internet track leading ICP from the bottom rebound close to 80%, is definitely proud of the group . As for why I dare to plunge to the bottom, it is also because I see the policy more clearly and have more confidence in the crypto market that I dare to do so. I hope that students who are reading this article can keep a normal mind and make rational analysis and judgment in the future, no matter what magnitude of decline they face.

Is the policy crisis lifted as the broad market rallies across the board?

That’s all I have to write today, we will release a new trend board overview chart this week, I’m not sure what it is, but there are definitely a lot of codes in it! So if you want to be the first to see the new chart, you have to pay attention to Weibo Bitcoin Orange Trader or sweep the QR code at the end of the article to join the community.

03 Orange reads the market

BTC: Last week because no landing policy, did not let everyone bottom, but the short has been in the last week to cash, and not once, so this week is a good opportunity, depending on whether you can grasp it. 4-hour level, May 24 zero closed a lower shadow line, support position near 31000, the first support rebound is in 29000, the second is near 31000, in fact, this is the second bottom. In fact, this is the second bottoming, the current view is to get support, and along with the market pull up, if not other accidents, the market is difficult to fall below 29000, the next or to adjust the main, but the adjustment is to get low support-based, it is difficult to take off significantly, and so on the bottom of the foundation to play firm, good shock up. 2 hours level, the upper resistance near 38900, if you can If you can stabilize this position, then the top may go back to touch the position near 42500, below support 34000,31800.

ETH: Opportunities are falling out, I don’t know how many people copied the bottom when Aunt Tai fell to 1700 yesterday, the real long-term bullish ETH, but now should thank the policy, in fact, whether 1700 or 2000 is a rare good price.

BNB: BNB is my asset bottom ranking top four projects, public chains and Pingtai coin double leading is not a joke, the back operation is still a big drop big buy, small drop small buy.

LINK: LINK performance is very strong, the decline is lower than the market, the rebound strength is higher than the market, make a medium-term forecast, the next wave will be a DEFI wave, LINK is likely to become one of the leading bids.

DOGE: DOGE this round is basically an independent market, this wave of policy shortage are not much down, this is exactly what I said DOGE has a set of self appreciation logic, he is Musk’s bitcoin, so the fundamentals are actually not in the coin ring, but in Musk, this is also DOGE although not much down, but still I copied the first four coins.

FLOW: FLOW is still like a dead fish, the rebound is powerless to shrink, but this is a medium to long-term project, and belongs to the landing very clear project, its valuation is more like a traditional Internet game company, and because of NBATOPSHOT and crypto cats, the actual its foundation is very good, which is why I am pushing, FLOW is more in line with the value investment project.

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