Is the next wave of bonuses for distributed storage coming after the meta-universe, Web3, and other concepts?

In recent years, with the rise of the DeFi ecosystem in the encryption field, people have more clearly seen the value of blockchain applications. As a result, the concepts of NFT, Metaverse and Web3 have begun to show a “hot” gratifying form.

People who pay attention to these emerging fields are all in order to lay out the great opportunities in the future. In fact, in the initial stage of the implementation of these concepts, infrastructure is the most critical. In addition to the well-known public chain, distributed storage will also enter the next dividend period…

From NFT to Metaverse,
why does Web3 say that distributed storage is just needed?

With the rapid development of the crypto world, people are increasingly discussing and researching the concepts of NFT, meta universe, and Web3. However, when exploring their landing form and potential value in the future, we found that the current public chain that only relies on smart contracts is Not perfect.

Because most public chains are actually just on the chain of transaction records and cannot store other data , even DeFi, which can be called a perfect landing, is often criticized as “not enough” because the application front-end is deployed on a “centralized server”. Centralization”.

For example, NFT only records information such as number, creator and transaction records on the chain, and most of the emoticons, paintings and music used as NFT are stored on centralized servers. Once the centralized server fails, these audiovisual files will be caused. If the image is lost or even tampered with, the holder may end up with only one numbered record on the chain.

At present, some NFT trading platforms and other applications have begun to use Filecoin to store NFT-corresponding audio and video data through the IPFS protocol and link them accordingly . This way, NFT not only can obtain the ability to be indestructible and non-tamperable, but the holder can also use Filecoin to perform work on the work. The distribution capability of global high-speed distributed transmission.

Not long ago, OpenSea , the world’s largest NFT market, also introduced the function of “freezing” NFT metadata, enabling NFT creators to correctly decentralize NFTs through distributed storage protocols and the interplanetary file system.

When application concepts such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and Web3 begin to land and make progress, the next step is the demand for distributed storage, and it is just as needed.

The absolute leader in distributed storage “Filecoin”

As an “official” incentive layer project launched by the IPFS team protocol laboratory, Filecoin has naturally become the leader in the entire track and has attracted much attention. Why do you say that? As we all know, the IPFS protocol is designed to replace the criticized and backward HTTP protocol.

At present, most of the world’s cloud computing companies, including giants such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and Huawei Cloud, have joined the IPFS layout, and large companies have continued to join.

At the 2020 Hangzhou IPFS Industry Summit, Zhang Xiaodong, head of JD’s related business, said: “In JD’s view, routers are the entrance to every family. If routers + edge computing + IPFS distributed storage will generate unimaginable value, the family is a society. Whoever can enter every family will become the master of the future, and in the near future, IPFS will enter thousands of households .”

In July 2021, the Web3.0 China Summit and the IPFS Blockchain Distributed Storage Industry Ecological Conference will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan. In the context of “Eastern Digital and Western Computing”, “New Infrastructure” and “Data Security Law”, IPFS distribution Type storage has ushered in an unprecedented major development opportunity.

In fact, Filecoin has attracted a large number of ecosystems from the beginning. Currently Filecoin has its own independent ecosystem , including application developers, storage service providers, users and other groups have participated, and a large number of ecological applications have emerged full of Filecoin Ecological map:

Is the next wave of bonuses for distributed storage coming after the meta-universe, Web3, and other concepts?

In fact, the prospects of IPFS and Filecoin are self-evident. In the past, people always said that virtual assets are the air without value support, but Filecoin does not exist at all. Filecoin is focusing on the data storage market through blockchain and IPFS technology. Subvert the existing data storage market structure, so as to give full play to the advantages of distributed storage in terms of transmission efficiency, storage cost, and data security.

In this application context, Filecoin also brings the value of “removing fakes and keeping the truth” to the field of blockchain encrypted assets.

Is there still a chance to lay out Filecoin now?
What kind of problems will you face?

At the moment, facing the blueprint for the future of distributed storage depicted by IPFS/Filecoin, what many people want to know most must be whether there is still a chance now? The Filecoin mainnet has been online for 10 months, and it is not long or short.

First of all, there must be opportunities for the layout. The Filecoin mainnet has withstood the test of time and proved itself to be a stable and reliable project , and the market has also given Filecoin a reasonable value.

However, compared with the craze of concept projects such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and Web3, it does not gain more focus. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, Filecoin will continue to be the just-needed infrastructure for the next development of these new concepts in the future. There will be huge room for growth.

Furthermore, what kind of problems will you face? Many people worry that they may encounter a lot of pitfalls when participating in Filecoin cloud computing power and other services, because in the past 10 months, they have also heard about the Filecoin cloud computing power service market due to the uneven quality of the service providers. Into the pit.

Of course, friends who have experience in these pits have already summarized it for the people behind, and you can refer to avoiding pits in the follow-up:

1. Effective computing power and coin production efficiency are not equal
2. Packaging time is too long
3. The system is insecure and hacked and stolen
4. Rules and routines, can not get real benefits
5. Fake cloud computing power without real services
6. Run directly The road has no return

If you talk too much, it’s tears, but if you still don’t understand these pits when you look at it, let’s take the well-known brand Interstellar Harbor as an example to talk about safe and reliable service providers…

What is a safe and reliable service provider?

For most FIL cloud computing power users, Filecoin’s prospects are definitely beyond doubt. In fact, the most important thing is to be able to provide safe and reliable service providers.

Take Interstellar Harbor as an example. It is the earliest active participant of Filecoin. It has actively participated in the deployment of Filecoin since 2019. It has participated in testing since the first phase of the test network, and actively contributed to the construction of network security and stability. The first stage test, the second stage test, the space race and the mainnet launch, won 26457 FIL awards in the Space race.

At the same time, it maintains long-term close collaboration with Filecoin’s official website protocol laboratory, Protocol Labs, and has contributed code to Filecoin Lotus many times to fix vulnerabilities. It is a loyal participant and builder of Filecoin.

For a long time in the past, Star Harbor has brought users such basic background and safe and reliable services:

1. Software and hardware strength

Among the six big pits mentioned above, as long as it is not a “scam”, it makes users feel that the pit is ultimately a matter of strength.

Insufficient software strength leads to multiple system vulnerabilities and low security performance. Security incidents are likely to occur. Insufficient hardware strength is likely to directly affect revenue. It also directly leads to problems such as unequal effective computing power and coin production efficiency, long packaging time, and slow effective packaging speed. s reason.

In the end, insufficient strength leads to insufficient revenue, and users have to pay for it. At the same time, strength is also one of the important manifestations of safety and reliability.

a. In terms of software strength

Unlike many second-hand third-hand service providers that have no technological development capabilities and are completely outsourced, StarWorld has released the V1.0 version of its self-developed mining system in January 2020, which will be used in the first round of testnets. , Ranked first in the block list and computing power list many times.

In March 2021, the self-developed mining system v2.0 was released, which has been comprehensively improved in terms of sector stability and packaging efficiency , and effectively reduced storage costs. Through the order transaction system and the currency division system, through the form of data visualization, it brings a good experience to users and guarantees the provision of high-quality services.

b. In terms of hardware strength

Interstellar Harbor is hosted by the domestic five-star professional data center computer room, and has a full 10G layout on the network system. The front and back ends of the network are separated, and the network architecture is multi-disaster recovery to ensure the high reliability of network transmission. It can be described as the highest in the industry. Level of hardware foundation.

In order to ensure the security of the system and the high performance of storage, Interstellar Harbor has also assembled a security system and a storage system , adopts professional security-level firewalls and deployment control equipment for network security, conducts data management and control on network equipment, and configures a secure access strategy. At the same time, multi-layer security measures to ensure the security of Fil wallet and the security of user data.

Through the combination of high-level software and hardware, the component-based storage system brings a mature and stable high-reliability, high-performance system to ensure node operation efficiency and user benefits.

2. High-quality operation and maintenance

The operation and maintenance of Star Harbor is located in the field for 7* 24 hours to troubleshoot and deal with faults in real time. At the same time, there is a complete set of management software to interconnect the monitoring and alarm platform with the operation and maintenance management backstage to ensure the safe and stable operation of the mining machine.

At the same time, O&M carries out a series of automated processing tasks such as automatic deployment of mining software, horizontal elastic expansion and automatic failure recovery, to ensure the stability and reliability of the service.

3. Past achievements

Just say that if you don’t practice the fake handle, you will know it by pulling it out. Based on its excellent strength, Star Harbor successfully achieved the following results:

  • In the first phase of the test network opened in December 2019, Interstellar Harbor has repeatedly occupied the first position in the block generation list and the computing power list .
  • The 3-week Filecoin space race was launched in August 2020. Star Harbor ranked 23rd in the world and won 26457 FIL awards.
  • Since the Filecoin mainnet was launched in October 2020, it has served 10,000+ customers, and Interstellar Harbor has completed a market share of 40,000 TiB+ storage computing power. The scale of node computing power has ranked among the forefront of the industry, with businesses covering Russia, Turkey, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, South Korea, the United States and other countries and regions. At present, 7 nodes have been deployed, and since the launch of the autonomous network, the cumulative coin production has exceeded 500,000 FIL.
  • In 2020, it will complete the angel round investment of a Hong Kong stock listed company, and its hardware assets will exceed US$1000W.
  • Actively promote school-enterprise cooperation and reach technical cooperation with the University of Electronic Science and Technology Laboratory led by Professor Li Wei.

4. Goals and service commitments

According to the official website of Interstellar Harbor, based on professional technology and market layout, Interstellar Harbor will strive to grow into the world’s leading distributed data storage ecosystem service provider in the next 3-5 years .

At the same time, it has become the backbone of promoting the development of blockchain technology in China and even the world, and promoting the formation and development of the Internet of Value, thereby contributing to the vigorous development of the country’s new economy.

The service promise of Star Harbor is transparency and safety. All the company’s nodes are public, the mining data is transparent, and every income can be queried through the block explorer.

7*24 hours all-round operation and maintenance, abide by the bottom line, and move forward steadily.

5. Give back to users with gratitude

It is understood that, as a long-established service provider in the industry, StarCraft, in addition to providing high-quality and reliable services, does not forget to care for and give back to new and old users from time to time. On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of its founding, Star Harbor will hold an anniversary event. The event time is scheduled from August 28 to September 3, 2021. The rules of the event are as follows:

1. During the event period, users who purchase Harbor’s computing power can enjoy a 40% discount . (1TiB computing power is only 1400 yuan, the pledge and GAS need to be borne by the customer, the pledge is 5.5FiL, and the GAS is 0.3FIL)

2. Product discounts are relatively strong, and each user is limited to 5TiB.

This is why many people try to choose well-known brands when choosing service providers. Because well-known brands pay more attention to long-term benefits, take a longer-term view, and gain market share through top-level software and hardware and high-quality services.

So on the whole, they are more trustworthy, safer and more reliable, and the long-termists must be rewarded by time.


The reason why each emerging concept can be implemented to create value is based on the continuous innovation and evolution of technology and the support of reliable solutions. To put it simply, from DeFi, NFT, Metaverse to Web3, the next step in the encryption field is indispensable and inseparable from the support of the distributed storage infrastructure represented by Filecoin.

After a period of experience summary, various “pits” involved in Filecoin have also been found out one by one, and a group of well-known brand service providers similar to Star Harbor have been born to provide safe and reliable services. In other words, the next step in the big fire of concepts such as Meta Universe and Web3 is likely to enter the next wave of dividends for distributed storage.


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