Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I’m Lao Yuan Universe

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If anyone has never heard of the term “meta universe”, then Chunchundi belongs to the village just connected to the Internet. At the end of October, the news that Facebook officially changed its name to Meta completely detonated the capital market’s enthusiasm for the “meta universe”. For a time, “all heroes” gathered together, all wanting to take a share in this capital feast. 

Among them, the most outrageous is Zhongqingbao, a listed A-share company . With a “metauniverse game” that can be said to be irrelevant to the metaverse, “Master Brew”, Zhongqingbao’s stock is within 6 trading days. Kuang doubled and like to mention the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s letter of concern.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

Recently, news about Meta Universe is really endless: the dating software Soul says that it will be a “social meta universe for young people”, China Mobile said it has begun to deploy Meta Universe, and even Xiaopeng Motors, a new car-building force, has recently registered the first “Xiaopeng”. “Pengyuan Universe” trademark…

But after all, what is the meta universe? In order to answer this question for everyone, our Superman evaluation found and experienced six seemingly reliable “meta universe concept” games and social software on the market , hoping to get answers from them.

1. Roblox

Meta-universe elements: open world, virtual characters

Playability: 🌟🌟🌟

The world’s most famous meta-universe concept game companies are none other than Epic Games and Roblox.

Roblox believes that many people have heard of it. As the universally recognized ” metauniverse first stock”, the term metauniverse appears 16 times in Roblox’s prospectus.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

Roblox has a very large influence among elementary school students all over the world: in the United States, on average, one out of every two elementary school students is a Roblox player. In addition, according to official data, nearly half of Roblox players are under the age of 13. 

So, what is the relationship between Roblox and Metaverse? First of all, players can DIY their characters in Roblox games, which is called “face pinching” in technical terms.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

Roblox pinching face scene 

Roblox is an “open world” concept. Players can play a variety of games on the Roblox platform, and these games are also created on the Roblox platform by developers from all over the world. Developers can also earn money by uploading their own games.

Recently, due to the explosion of “Squid Game”, many players on Roblox have developed games based on the plot in the Korean drama that have almost the same gameplay as in the plot, including 123 wooden people, sugar pie and bedroom melee.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

The theme map of “Squid Game” developed by players on Roblox 

After experiencing the squid game on Roblox, Brother Wang thought that this map was really interesting, but due to the rough picture quality and too few levels, he felt that it was meaningless after playing for a while.

In fact, most games on Roblox have similar problems: most games on Roblox can only be regarded as “mini games” in the strict sense. This may also explain why most Roblox players are elementary school students! 

Roblox is divided into two types : an international server and a special Chinese version (Roblox, operated by Tencent ). It is said that there are not many players in the national service. This time we experienced Roblox’s international server, which requires scientific Internet access, but the delay is high, which slightly affects the gaming experience. 

2. Epic Games

Meta-universe elements: open world, virtual characters

Playability: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Compared to Roblox, Epic Games may be even more strange to domestic players. Epic Games is a game company from the United States. Its chicken-eating game “Fortress Night” has a super wide influence all over the world.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

As early as 2012, Tencent made an investment in Epic Games (in fact, Tencent also invested in Roblox, so it seems that Tencent is the god of meta universe). But for various reasons, “Fortress Night” has been in a tepid state in China. Last week, the national service of “Fortress Night”, which has been in operation for three years, suddenly issued an announcement saying that it will be suspended.

Next, five-year-old players of “Fortnite” come uninvited to analyze the relationship between Epic Game and Metaverse.

Currently, Epic Games’ meta-universe system is built around the “Fortress Night” game. Similar to the Roblox platform, players can DIY characters, or spend money to buy cooler costumes, equipment and even dance moves.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

In the “Fortress Night” game you can buy all kinds of outrageous dances 

“Fortnite”, as a chicken-eating game, is inseparable from its “social” : the various “dance moves” that can be purchased in the game are very important in the game. One of the social elements.

Many of the dances in “Fortnite” come from American popular culture. Sometimes in a game, two rival players will even put down their weapons and start “fighting”.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

In 2020, the American rap superstar Travis Scott once held an online concert on the “Fortnite” server. According to official statistics, up to 12 million players watched the event online at the same time.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

Live online concerts in 2020

At the same time, Epic Games is also building a game creation platform Core. Core’s function is similar to Roblox’s game editor, allowing developers all over the world to develop games on the Epic Games platform, and developers can also earn revenue by making these games.

Through Epic Games and Roblox, two companies that claim to be “meta universe”, we can see that for many game platforms, the concept of “open world” is one of the important elements in the meta universe.

In the open world, players can create their own characters according to their preferences. Game developers use the game editor to create games and formulate rules to allow players to interact in these game worlds.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

Roblox game editor 

In addition, for these meta-universe companies that started with games, they hope to add more “social” elements to their platforms so that users can continue to use their products when they are not playing games.

However, due to technical limitations, the meta-universe world created by game companies is not yet exquisite and realistic enough, and the game’s playability and freedom cannot provide players with an immersive experience.

3. Decentraland

Meta-universe elements: open world, virtual characters, economic system

Playability: 🌟🌟

In addition to traditional game companies, blockchain practitioners are also actively deploying meta-universe, and their definition of meta-universe is also completely different from traditional game companies.

For people who believe in blockchain, the metaverse developed by traditional game companies has many problems. First of all, believers in blockchain believe that the existence of the meta-universe must be “eternal” and not dependent on anyone’s will.

Take Epic Games as an example. The above mentioned the official announcement last week that it will stop the operation of the national server of “Fortress Night”. For “Fortress Night” national server players, as the game ceases operations, all the players’ time and money investment in the game becomes worthless.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

For blockchain practitioners, the meta-universe, like the real world, should not have the concept of “stop service”. If the power of life and death of a meta universe is in the hands of a certain company, then what kind of “universe” is it? In fact, all “meta universe” products developed by centralized game companies face such problems.

On another level, blockchain practitioners believe that the “meta universe” created by traditional companies lacks the element of currency. Take the movie “Number One Player” as an example. In the movie, the currency used by people in the “Oasis” of the meta-universe world is called “Oasis Coin”.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

In the movie, Oasis Coins can not only be used to purchase props and equipment in the virtual world, but also can be exchanged for various physical objects in real life. Although both Epic Games and Roblox have the concept of “currency” in their meta-universe settings, these “currencies” are more similar to points or “happy beans”.

With these ideas in mind, blockchain believers have developed their ideal “meta universe” on the blockchain network. Decentraland and Sandbox are the two most concerned meta-universe projects in the blockchain world.

However, after the actual experience, we found that compared with Roblox and Fortnite games, these meta-universe games built on the blockchain network have worse playability and immersion, and can even be described as “horrible”.

Decentraland does not even need to download the client to log in, because the entire game runs on the web. Similar to games such as Roblox, Decentraland and Sandbox also have meta-universe elements such as face pinching and open world. 

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

The Superman evaluation team secretly interviewed the online chess room

After playing for a while, we discovered that, apart from playing Texas Hold’em, Decentraland hardly has any playable entertainment.

You need to register a blockchain wallet before playing Decentraland. If there is no blockchain wallet, players can log in as tourists, but cannot experience all the game content (although there is not much content originally). 

4. Sandbox

Meta-universe elements: open world, virtual characters, economic system

Playability: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Another project, Sandbox, is still in the development stage, but from the official introduction video, its game attributes and screen exquisiteness are much higher than those of Decentraland just introduced.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

Source: Official Sandbox Promo

 In addition, compared with Roblox, the economic systems in the blockchain meta-universe such as Sandbox and Decentraland are closer to the real world. There is the concept of “land” in the blockchain meta-universe, which means that game developers need to build their games on virtual land, and in Sandbox, these lands need to be purchased with SAND (in-game native token).

Since the supply of land is limited , these land as a scarce resource has also been speculated by players. Currently, there are approximately 160,000 plots of land in the Sandbox world, of which 60% have been sold.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

Each square in the picture represents a piece of land, and the price can vary greatly according to the size of the land and the lot. 

You can see the current status of virtual land ownership on the Sandbox official website. The largest plot currently on sale was purchased by a player using the in-game SAND four months ago. At the current price, the value of this piece of land is close to 10 million U.S. dollars.

Generally speaking, compared with Roblox and other games, the current blockchain meta-universe project represented by Decentraland has rougher picture quality, and lower immersion and playability.

But on the other hand, the advantage of the meta-universe project based on the blockchain network is that there is no “creator” in these games that can decide the survival of the entire meta-universe at will, and the rules and governance models in the meta-universe are also jointly determined by all players. of.

5. Horizon Workrooms/Mesh

Meta-universe elements: VR/virtual reality, immersive experience

This year’s capital feast on Meta Universe originated from Facebook’s change of its name to Meta and the decision to develop All In Meta Universe. In fact, not only Meta, including Bytedance , Microsoft and other major domestic and foreign manufacturers are actively deploying the “meta universe concept.” This year ByteDance announced the acquisition of domestic VR hardware company Pico, and Meta completed the acquisition of VR hardware manufacturer Oculus in 2014.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

Due to the raging epidemic abroad, many large factories have allowed their employees to work remotely from home starting in 2020. Therefore, Meta and Microsoft unanimously aimed at this pain point and launched two “online migrant workers meta-universe” products, Horizon Workrooms and Mesh , respectively, and are committed to bringing more immersive remote collaboration experience to migrant workers affected by the epidemic. .

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

Although both products are currently in the development process, from the official introduction and promotional videos, we found that the functions of the two products are very similar: First, similar to most meta-universe games, users can customize themselves in Horizon and Mesh Avatar. In addition, with the blessing of VR equipment, the actions of these avatars are more vivid, so the sense of presence and immersion is stronger.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

During the epidemic, the well-known consulting company Accenture has cooperated with Microsoft to conduct induction training for tens of thousands of new employees in the virtual space and held more than 100 team activities.

Different from the way game companies cut into the meta universe, when big companies such as Meta, Microsoft and ByteDance set up meta universe, they all hope to use their VR devices as the entrance to cut into different life scenarios, emphasizing online and offline collaboration and interaction . Therefore, compared to the open world and other elements that game companies value, the current meta-universe layout of major manufacturers pays more attention to providing people with a more realistic and immersive experience through virtual reality technology.

6. VRChat

Meta-universe elements: open world, VR/virtual reality

When it comes to VR, one must mention a social software called VRChat. Although VRChat has never officially stated that it has any relationship with the meta-universe concept, many players believe that it is one of the products closest to the meta-universe definition.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

VRChat is a well-known social VR platform with millions of users. It is currently the number one free VR application on the Steam platform. Similar to the meta-universe game mentioned above, players in VRChat can customize their own virtual finals and interact freely in the scenes developed by other players.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

With the help of VR devices, the actions and behaviors of characters in VRChat can be more complicated. For example, similar to Roblox, there are players in VRChat who have developed a breakthrough game with the theme of “123 wooden people”.

But the difference is that on Roblox players can only use the arrow keys to control the characters , but players using VR devices in VRChat can use their bodies to control them. Any slight shaking of the body parts in the game will cause failure. Such a setting It undoubtedly makes the player’s experience stronger.

Is the Metaverse game the Internet dress-up? Then I'm Lao Yuan Universe

The VRChat version of the squid game is significantly more interactive than the Roblox version

However, because VRChat does not provide players with a complete developer incentive mechanism similar to Roblox, players cannot obtain revenue by developing games on the VRChat platform. Most developers are still in the stage of “power generation with love” , which also leads to There are not many games to choose from on VRChat, and the gameplay is not as rich as the Roblox platform.

VRChat games can be downloaded on game platforms such as Steam, and you can experience many content in the game even without a VR device.

After experience, we found that in fact, many traditional games contain meta-universe elements. For example, since “face pinching” is one of the important components of the meta universe, games such as “Peace Elite”, ” Cyberpunk 2077″ and even “Grand Theft Auto” can be counted as “meta universe games.” 

At present, most practitioners agree that the metaverse is a grand and distant concept. In this state, practitioners in different industries have different definitions of the meta universe.

Traditional game companies believe that the yuan central universe that can be customized and open world role scene , block chain practitioners believe that the universe yuan focus to the center of the economic system and the governance model and the real world is similar , but the large domestic and foreign Internet The factories and virtual reality related companies believe that Metaverse should focus on immersive experiences and online and offline interactions.

After experiencing these various games and social softwares known as the “meta universe concept”, we found that everyone’s understanding of the meta universe is still in the early stage of “blind people touching the elephant”.

Just as people who used feature phones such as Nokia in the early 21st century could not imagine how the emergence of Apple mobile phones would bring about changes in the world, we now cannot fully predict the final form of the meta universe and how it will change our lives. .

In order to reach the end of the meta universe, we still have many problems to overcome, such as faster networks, stronger computing power, and lighter VR devices. Therefore, it is obviously too early to advocate the concept of “meta universe”. We still have a long way to go before we can realize the real “meta universe”.

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