Is the IQ tax for the virtual figure to be removed within one week of online?

Is the IQ tax for the virtual figure to be removed within one week of online?

From online to offline, the digital figure only took a short week. In the eyes of many people, in the wisdom of netizens, this wave of “IQ tax” is not perfect. But what is the difference between a digital figure and a virtual avatar, and what other tricks will NFT have?

Text | Zhou Wenbin, Luo Ning

Would you buy a digital figure?

On September 22, the well-known national comic work Zhenhun Street announced on the official Weibo that three digital figures of “Cao Yanbing”, “Cao Xuanliang” and “Xu Chu” were released through AntChain.

It is understood that the price of these 3 digital hands is 25.9 yuan, and each real-name account is limited to 1 copy. Among them, 49,990 were issued for “Cao Yanbing”, and 50,000 for “Cao Xuanliang” and “Xu Chu”.

Is the IQ tax for the virtual figure to be removed within one week of online?

Immediately after Zhenshun Street, on September 24, another national-level game Traveling Frog also released a digital figure, a total of three models, each model is limited to 10,000, and the price is 30 yuan.

Is the IQ tax for the virtual figure to be removed within one week of online?

However, just as the national-level IP digital figures have been launched one after another, the voices of incomprehension are getting louder and louder. For example, in the comments below on Zhenhun Street’s Weibo, many netizens wrote “capitalists wept when they watched it”, “Well, this is much safer than illegal fundraising”, “It’s really short of money, it’s better to send a drop to raise money.” “?” and the like.

Perhaps it is in the discussion of netizens that in the past few days, several digital figures have been taken off the shelves one after another. Nowadays, if you search for keywords such as “Zhenhun Street”, “Digital Figure”, and “Travel Frog” on a certain payment APP, you can no longer retrieve relevant results.

From online to offline, the digital figure only took a short week. In the eyes of many people, in the wisdom of netizens, this wave of “IQ tax” is not perfect. But what is the difference between a digital figure and a virtual avatar, and what other tricks will NFT have?

Why buy a virtual figure

Although virtual figures are not favored by many people, there are still many purchasers.

It is understood that in the three days since the virtual figure of Zhenhun Street was released, “Cao Yanbing” has sold more than 23,000, and the sales of “Cao Xuanliang” and “Xu Chu” have reached thousands respectively.

Weibo user @Star Packjet told Business Data Pie: “I don’t know what NFTs or hashrates are. I’ve always liked Zhenhun Street, especially Cao Yanbing. 25.9 is not expensive, just buy it. It’s strange.”

Weibo user @吴军吴军啊 also bought the figure on Zhenhun Street. In the exchange with the commercial data faction, he explained that he was originally a senior two-dimensional, and he also kept a variety of figures for a long time. But at the same time, he also emphasized that virtual figures are concept stocks. If the concept of meta-universe can be established successfully in the future, then this thing is definitely mobile goods or even souvenirs, but for now it is cutting leeks.

Is the IQ tax for the virtual figure to be removed within one week of online?

Compared with @Star都空jet, @吴军吴军ah obviously understands the logic behind the virtual figure better, but he also realizes that even if there is so-called value-added, it will be a long time later, but fortunately this ” “Investment” is not too expensive.

Of course, there are also some netizens who have more radical ideas. Weibo @蚂蚁链元宇宙 is very optimistic about the “NFT” model of virtual hands. To this end, he not only changed his Weibo name to “Ant Chain Yuan Universe”, but also bought a complete set of other virtual figures on Zhenhun Street and Ant Chain. In his opinion, many years later, he will need to “get rich”.

Is the IQ tax for the virtual figure to be removed within one week of online?

In addition to being optimistic about the future development space of virtual figures, the price is not expensive, which is the main reason why many people start virtual figures. But compared to netizens who bought virtual figures, those who also love the two-dimensional and figure, but did not buy the virtual figure, maintained a more cautious attitude.

“I bought the figure to enjoy it quietly and to feel the beauty of my favorite anime characters coming to the real world.” Talking about the meaning of buying a figure, a fan of the second dimension who invested tens of thousands of yuan in the figure Lin Ke told the business data faction that this mentality is similar whether it is buying a virtual figure or a physical figure. “The virtual figure is like seeing my favorite idol release an album record, even if I I don’t have any equipment that can put CDs. I will still buy it and store it in the cabinet. No reason, because I like it, so I’m willing to pay for it.”

Virtual figure and its predecessor “NFT”

To understand the virtual figure, the first thing to understand is the technology behind this new thing-NFT, which is the abbreviation of Non Fungible Token.

Although it sounds complicated, it is not difficult to understand.

If you and your friend each have an ordinary one-hundred dollar bill, then even if you exchange each other, it will not affect their value. But if the hundred-dollar bill in the other party’s hand is accompanied by Steve Jobs’s autograph, then it is no longer an ordinary currency and no longer has the same value as the ordinary one-hundred-dollar bill. This signed one-hundred-dollar bill is called Non Fungible Token.

NFT is the “Jobs signature” on this hundred-dollar bill, but its purpose is to facilitate digital art transactions on the Internet. It is through the popularity of the NFT in the past two years that virtual hands have appeared in the public eye.

In the past, the figure pictures that only existed in the virtual world could not be sold normally, because once these pictures are uploaded to the Internet, anyone can copy and paste them and get any number of copies of the virtual figure at will, so these pictures Of creators who want to earn income can only rely on the flow of works on social platforms or advertising to share income.

However, NFTs relying on blockchain technology can time-stamp virtual figures and issue creative information. Due to the non-tamperable, highly transparent, and traceable features of blockchain technology, NFT has become a proof of the value of virtual figures. Virtual certificate. As long as any virtual figure is added with an NFT, it has a number similar to an ID card. Even if anyone copies thousands of copies, the data information behind each number is unique and cannot be tampered with.

The first thing that attracted people’s attention were some NFT art creations and avatars. Overseas, some art creators began to create their own art works through computers. An artist named Beeple combined his own 5,000 different digital paintings. Together, they formed a painting titled “Everydays-The First 5000 Days” and was auctioned by Christie’s, and was eventually acquired by a rich man for a sky-high price of 69.34 million U.S. dollars (about 450 million yuan).

Is the IQ tax for the virtual figure to be removed within one week of online?

(Photo: NFT Collection, “Everydays -The First 5000 Days”)

This has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of many people, because unlike the past, such a “famous painting” is only packaged into a 304.38MB JPG file with a digital signature. Although everyone can download and watch it, it still has Collection value, which means that anyone has the opportunity to sell their own works of art online.

It was also such a hot event that caused more NFT works to be madly hyped by people. Among them, people who spent money to buy can be roughly divided into three categories:

One is the real rich and the collector. They understand art and NFT, and believe that works of art also have collectible attributes in the virtual world, and the exclusive NFT mark represents the unique value of these works. Even if anyone can easily copy, the work itself is the most valuable.

Second, people who know a little about NFT and want to take this opportunity to make money. They will use the heat generated by NFT to find works that may appreciate in value, or they will create their own concepts as intermediaries to make a lot of money. Most of these people join this group with the mentality of “make a lot of money and go”. carnival”.

Third, pure speculators who don’t care about NFT technology. They don’t understand NFT technology or art at all, but they can look for opportunities among the enthusiastic crowd to get rich overnight or lose nothing.

After Beeple painting event, NFT ushered in several small areas of high tide, such as virtual avatars such CryptoPunk and Bored Ape Yacht Club (Yacht Club bored ape) epidemic, the former pushed up to 35,000 in August this year, ETH ( Ethernet The high price of currency unit, about 90.5 million U.S. dollars), the latter was collected by famous NBA star Stephen Curry with 55 ETH (about 180,000 U.S. dollars).

Is the IQ tax for the virtual figure to be removed within one week of online?

(Picture: NFT avatar “Boring Monkey Yacht Club”)

So, let’s go back to the virtual figure. For some people, collecting virtual figures is like collecting NFT avatars. By purchasing a limited number of figure figures, they can show their taste and status in the virtual world. Some people have found their “wealth code.” Whether it is a virtual figure or an NFT avatar, the idea behind the purchaser is similar, but the figure of the figure is more attractive to the fan community, so that even those who do not understand NFT technology start to get into the pit.

Virtual figure or game skin?

In fact, if the non-homogeneous token (NFT) is more straightforward, it can also be understood as a type of virtual currency issuance.

For example, people are familiar with Bitcoin , which is obtained through mining, and every Bitcoin is unique. But this kind of digital currency has a “flaw”, that is, in reality, even in the online world, there is no corresponding item, it is a string of pure codes. NFT is actually equivalent to combining the uniqueness of this virtual currency with some literary works in the digital world. It allows literary works as the carrier of this “digital currency”, making these digital currencies look less nihilistic.

It not only has the uniqueness of virtual currency, but also has the value of art. It seems that NFT is more valuable than pure virtual currency. But there is a problem behind this. When virtual currency is combined with artwork, the core that really determines the value of the combination becomes blurred.

Take the virtual figure as an example. If you think that the value of the virtual figure lies in the 3D modeling itself, this 3D modeling can be copied at will, so that everyone can get the same thing as you. 3D modeling itself is not unique.

And if the only code behind it is used as the core value, then the literary and artistic works as the actual purchase target lose their meaning. Because the code of the blockchain can actually be affixed to anything, and does not even need to be affixed to anything, just like Bitcoin, it does not affect its value.

This may also be the reason why the vast majority of two-dimensional figure players are unwilling to pay for virtual figures. They do not regard it as a hand-made or NFT, but as a digital product.

In Zhihu’s discussion of virtual figures, some users commented: The meaning of this item is limited to 10,000 pieces, which is too conscientious.

Is the IQ tax for the virtual figure to be removed within one week of online?

(Picture: Popular comments under Zhihu Virtual Figure Discussion)

In the NGA community, many users compare it with skins in various games.

Some players think that the digital figure is actually no different from the game skin; but some players think that the virtual figure is not as good as the game skin.

For example, some netizens commented, “The price is not expensive, but since this thing is virtual, it should have some virtual features, such as the simplest one with interaction and lines. If you really buy a completely immobile virtual model, then Why not buy game skins.”

“Although krypton gold card drawing is like gambling, the things drawn out can be used in the game, and there is a high probability that the game experience can be improved. Secondly, you can enjoy the pleasure of burning the soul at the moment of drawing the card.”

Is the IQ tax for the virtual figure to be removed within one week of online?

(Picture: Discussion on virtual figures on the game community NGA)

In fact, the game skin also has the same effect as the virtual figure. For example, the skin in the glory of the king can not only be displayed in all directions, but also have various animation special effects and audio special effects.

For many game players, the value of the game mainly comes from four elements, namely, feelings, play, appreciation and display. For the current virtual figure, feelings and appreciation can basically be covered, but it is not convenient to play and display.

It’s easy to understand how to play, virtual figures do not have physical functions. But in the display, it’s hard for us to imagine. Every time we want to share a figure with a friend, we need to walk to my friend and say quietly: “Come on, I will show you something good, you first open Alipay …”

This is somewhat strange compared to the shock of a display cabinet placed at home by a physical figure or a row full of desks.

More importantly, for buyers, the satisfaction obtained by showing off the figure usually happens unconsciously. For example, I put my hands on my desk. This is a semi-public scene. I didn’t show it off deliberately, but colleagues passing by can see it and marvel at it.

The virtual figure is relatively private. If you don’t take the initiative to show it, others will never know what I bought. But if we show the virtual figure directly to friends, it seems too deliberate.

Therefore, it is also difficult for us to imagine that we light up the screen of our mobile phone every day, open it to the Alipay digital figure page, and then hang it on our chest or put it on the desktop, waiting for a friend to “inadvertently” find it.

In comparison, in addition to physical figures, game skins are closer to the demands of virtual figures. Because in addition to more realistic animation and sound effects, the biggest advantage of game skins is that they can be displayed more naturally.

Is the IQ tax for the virtual figure to be removed within one week of online?

(Picture: The King of Glory Heroes Display)

For example, if you turn black with your friends, and your skin looks better than others, you can get the eyes of your friends’ admiration. If your skin is still limited edition, then this admiration will get more bonuses.

More importantly, the display of this skin is not blocked by physical distance. As long as you are in the same game, friends in Beijing can also show their skins with friends in Hainan. These are naturally unmatched by digital figures.

Therefore, for many two-dimensional users, it is not cost-effective to buy a virtual figure. In their opinion, “the virtual figure is a 3D modeling. This stuff should be released for free, and those with a bit of marketing should be given away after purchasing the comics. .”

In addition, people who have bought digital figures will also be a little worried. Lin Ke is not so sure about the value of the virtual figure. In her opinion, the figure itself does not appear for a long time, and the virtual figure is a new thing that only appeared in the past two years, so it needs to pass the test of time. , Many unknowable risks are hidden among them:

“Collectors who collect physical figures often like to hold their hands in their hands to play or take photos or take pictures, but virtual figures cannot do this. It is just some 3D images and not physical, even if there is a virtual hand like a collection. I’m afraid it’s only a handful of people who do it. I haven’t seen a collection of virtual figures around me, and this thing sounds like any other virtual item, in case hackers look at it and I don’t understand it. Technology, then this virtual figure is gone, and it is not as good as the insurance from the physical collection.”

Her worries are not unreasonable. Art creation based on NFT technology, whether it is a painting, a figure, an avatar, or a voice or a signature, has the risk of being stolen. This risk is even based on the region. The NFT of block chain technology cannot be solved either.

For example, some time ago, Jeff Nicholas, the creative director of an overseas Authentic AI company, reported on social media that he had lost approximately $480,000 in NFT collections, and the reason for losing it was that he was cheated by a scammer who pretended to be the customer service of the trading platform. With the private key of his digital currency wallet, the scammer transferred his NFT assets by remotely controlling the computer. On overseas social platforms, people publish content every day claiming that their NFT assets have been stolen. And even more frightening is that after the theft, due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, no organization can help you defend your rights and retrieve these collections. Even if you see it again in the trading market, you can only buy it back.

This further illustrates the immature side of virtual figures. In traditional physical figures, buyers, sellers, creators, and IP brands have formed a very strong and orderly transaction system. Languages ​​are more controllable. In the end, buyers have more mature industry rules to regulate whether it is their own collection or market transactions. On the other hand, on the virtual hand side, such market rules and regulations have not yet been obtained. sound.


It doesn’t make sense to talk about hands aside from the audience. In the eyes of people who don’t pay attention to ACG culture and never come into contact with figures, whether physical figures or virtual figures are difficult to associate with their economic value, just like Columbus’s knife and needlework in exchange for Native American gold, but for In the eyes of collectors and enthusiasts, the figure has at least the attributes of play and collection.

As mentioned above, in the eyes of some collectors, the buyer’s market and seller’s market of physical hands and industry standards are relatively mature, and the corresponding ones are convenient for transactions and collections, while virtual hands are not in terms of actual value or safety. None of them can be verified for the time being. So far, there is no virtual figure that will be recognized by the mainstream. In the field of NFT, at least some art creators have proved the collection potential of digital paintings and virtual avatars.

But in the field of virtual figures, all of the above is still blank. If we analyze further, we can see that there are differences between them. Digital paintings and virtual avatars, from content to digital numbers, are all unique, while the virtual figure only has a number, and its issued quantity is the only one that can determine its value. The number of issuances can also be set by the seller’s market at will. Due to resource and production time constraints, the number of issuances is generally not too much for traditional figures, while virtual figures can be mass-produced because the marginal cost of production is almost zero. Being manufactured, this means that the collection value of all virtual figures comes from the official number of sales, which breaks the balance between the seller’s market and the buyer’s market in the traditional figure field. Even for fan groups, virtual figures are difficult to define. True value.

However, if we jump out of the virtual hand-made products, looking at the entire field of NFT digital collections, we can see that the market is developing rapidly. According to data from the data agency Nonfungible, as of the second quarter of this year, the NFT market transaction volume has reached 754 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 3453% year-on-year. The rapidly growing market has attracted more people to participate in this digital art carnival. A field is still in the chaotic period of barbaric growth, and there is still a lot of potential to be explored, but perhaps virtual figures are not part of this potential.

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