Is the first MetaFi game coming to Ultiverse a clone of Ready Player One?

In 2018, Steven Allan Spielberg’s film Ready Player One, based on the game OASIS, grossed about $600 million at the box office. Become a must-have movie for crypto gamers to watch. If Ready Player One is a fiction of the future, then Ultiverse, which will launch in Q2 2022, is within reach.

Although not yet online, its social platform Discord has 67.9k members and Twitter has attracted 20.7k followers. How did Ultiverse attract the attention of so many GameFi players without the white paper being released? And follow the author to find out.

Introduction to Ultiverse

Ultiverse is a MetaFi game that incorporates popular elements of blockchain such as SocialFi, GameFi, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse and Web3. The team’s vision is to build a Dapp that connects the blockchain world and the real world.

Ultiverse was developed and designed by a team of more than 100 people in Singapore, whose core members have participated in the development and design of games such as Elden Ring, Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia. The mainnet has now been launched, and the Alpha version of the game is expected to be launched in June 2022.

Ultiverse’s Token has not yet been launched and is expected to be released on Binance Chain in Q3, 2022. 

As of April 20, Ultiverse has completed a seed round of financing and received $9.5 million in financing. Participating investors include Binance Labs, Defiance Capita, Three Arrows Capital and SkyVision Capital.


Source: Ultiverse Future City 

Ultiverse System

Ultiverse creates a virtual city (universe, similar to an oasis). All-encompassing, it can be thought of as a physical replica of the real world.

The real world consists of different city-states that make up the Earth, while in Ultivese, different Components (components) make up the complete universe.


Source: Ultiverse’s Architecture by Footprint Analytics

Components1:Terminus City

Terminus City is the core of the Ultiverse, powered by the BNB link (formerly the BSC chain). The epitome of Ultiverse’s MetaFi philosophy.

  • Features of SocialFi. Players can communicate in Terminus City.
  • Features of DeFi. Players can go to the Marketplace to trade.
  • NFT function. Players can show and trade their NFTs.
  • Web3 functionality. Players can participate in the governance of Ultiverse’s community DAO.
  • GameFi function. For some creative players, it is possible to launch their own games for other players to access the experience.

In the oasis, players put on the VR equipment and enter the oasis lobby, and then teleport to different battlefields to start the game. And Terminus City acts as the Ultiverse’s teleportation hall, where players can teleport from Terminus City to different games on the Ultiverse.

Resources obtained in different games can be exchanged for Ultiverse’s native tokens in Terminus City (not yet released).


Source: Ultiverse Terminus City 


Source: Ultiverse Terminus City 

Components2:Endless Loop

Endless Loop is a game MMORPG game expected to be launched by Ultiverse. It is developed and designed based on Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) in order to achieve extremely high graphic fidelity and become the first AAA (the highest quality standard in the United States, AAA is A lot of time/resources/money ) level blockchain game.

Endless Loop is designed to be a galaxy containing many different planets (see Denis Villeneuve’s film Dune). Each planet has different challenges, players can team up to explore different planets, uncover the veil of each planet, and get resource rewards.

The modes of Endless Loop are PVP and PVE. According to Ultiverse, Endless Loop is similar to World of Warcraft in concept design. What are the adventures and challenges of each planet, and will be broken down when the game is launched in June.


Source: Ultiverse Interface – Endless Loop


Source: Ultiverse Interface – Endless Loop 

Components3:Electric Sheep 

Electric Sheep is Ultiverse’s collection of genesis NFTs, a cyberpunk-themed story. Connected to the world building of Ultiverse, which is different from many JPG NFTs today.

Holding Electric Sheep can get some incentives for bonuses, as well as a credential to enter other Dapps hosted in Terminus (it is currently unknown if there are other credentials).

On April 9th, Electric Sheep opened a whitelist sale. More information such as the public sale price has not yet been found on NFT trading platforms such as OpenSea and LooksRare. You can follow its Twitter or Ultiverse’s Discord server to keep an eye on the dynamics.

As of April 20, Ultiverse has announced that Electric Sheep will release the first collection in Q2,2022.


Source: Ultiverse‘s First NFT – Electric Sheep

Components4:Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy is a game previewed in Game Hub on Ultiverse’s official website. Judging from the only introduction so far, it may be a Fantasy mode game where players challenge the dark lord and save the territory from his hands.

Endless Loop is a PVP and PVE type of game, Dark Fantasy may be a Fantasy type of game. MOBA, Card, Battle, Virtual-world and many other types of games are expected to appear in Game Hub, which claims to provide all types of games.


Source: Ultiverse Interface – Dark Fantasy

Ultiverse Features

Ultiverse has the backing of the top VCs, independent of its unique setting. In addition to Play To Earn, there are mainly the following five points.

  • Produced by AAA. High-quality games that appeal to players looking for a Trilpe A gaming experience.
  • Open for free. Many chain games cannot start the game without spending money, and the Ultiverse zero gold coin threshold is friendly to many players or players who enter GameFi in fields such as DeFi.
  • Game Engine. In the future, Ultiverse will continue to build a full range of chain games and expand to public chains such as Ethereum and Solana. This will be a relatively big development for the GameFi track.
  • The first MetaFi. Everything is Fi, but MetaFi has no real use case yet. Ultiverse provides different gameplay for different characters, and access to the real world, or will be the first to eat crabs.
  • Superb VR experience. Ultiverse will launch desktop-compatible VR devices at launch, as rewards to eligible players (conditions not yet announced).


Source: Ultiverse‘s Roadmap

How to get into Ultiverse

Ultiverse’s Discord server is currently holding a whitelist event. The conditions are not difficult to achieve. Complete tasks according to official requirements, find “sheep”, and complete Ultiverse’s original introduction articles or videos.

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