Is the explosive “Metaverse” a gimmick or the future?

So, do you believe in the world described by the meta universe?

In 2021, have you heard of Metaverse?

On October 29, the Internet giant Facebook officially changed its name to Meta, announcing its full entry into the meta-universe. The founder Zuckerberg described an immersive Internet that puts people in the virtual world of social, work, sports, learning, and games. Zuckerberg believes that Metaverse is the successor of the mobile Internet, building a metaverse network that runs between digital worlds.

It seems that mankind is about to enter a new era , but today’s Internet is obviously not ready, and the “immersive experience” for you is still a mess. So, what exactly is the meta universe? Is the explosive meta-universe a gimmick or the future?

The term “meta universe” originated from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” published in 1992. The book described a scene like “put on headphones and eyepieces, find the connected terminal, and then you can enter in the form of a virtual clone. A virtual space where the world is parallel.” This virtual space is called “metaverse”, or metaverse.

The meta-universe is a virtual world parallel to the real world. It introduces the operational logic of the real world into the digital virtual world. Through social interaction and games, people can feel the special experience between reality and illusion. The game, as a carrier, can highly Restore a virtual scene close to reality.

If you have seen movies such as “The Matrix” and “Ready Player One”, then you must be familiar with this kind of story setting, but in the eyes of many technology giants who have entered the game today, the meta universe is not a fictional story. , But the trend of reality.

Why do we need meta universe? The current Internet content carriers, interactive methods, and sense of participation have encountered the bottleneck of involuteness, users’ imaginations of various emerging technologies such as VR, AI, cloud computing, and blockchain, and new experiences in the editable open world are expected.

Is the explosive "Metaverse" a gimmick or the future?

30 years ago, the Internet was invented, the world’s first website only text and hyperlinks ground, marking the birth of Web1.0. Today, you can do almost anything on the mobile Internet.

When people are not satisfied with words, they evolve into video images representing Web2.0; in order to increase the sense of participation, mobile Internet came into being. People can do more and more things in the digital world, and it takes longer and longer, and this time is likely to increase from a quarter of a day to half or even longer. Silicon Valley entrepreneur Shaan Puri said To put it bluntly, “When digital life is more important to us than physical life, it is the moment when the meta-universe comes.”

If the meta-universe is coming, what will it be like? From the words of the technology giants, we may be able to summarize several characteristics: strong sociality, virtual identity, open and free creation, immersion, and economic system.

Looking carefully at these keywords, what do you think of?

right! game. Re-engraving and even surpassing real life experience in games, this kind of impulse and attempt actually appeared long before the birth of the Internet.

In 1978, the first multiplayer real-time adventure game MUD came out. Players can use the text interface to break through, cooperate, chat, and socialize together ; Habitat in 1986 gave players a virtual image for the first time; in 1995, Worlds Inc created it A 3D open world; the powerful economic system of SecondLife in 2003 even allowed a player to earn millions of dollars by operating virtual real estate, becoming the first phenomenon-level game in the virtual world.

You will find that these games have more or less reached the characteristics of social, virtual identity, free creation, etc., but the distance from the real meta-universe still requires continuous advancement in technology to push the experience to the extreme.

For example, the sense of immersion brought by VR devices. In 2016, consumer-level VR devices had only 1080p resolution and 90Hz refresh rate. In 2021, they reached 5K, 120Hz or even higher, which is constantly approaching the limit of the human eye.

Blockchain technology provides new ideas for building economic systems, operating social platforms based on blockchain rules and algorithms, and operating economic platforms based on blockchain and digital assets. For example, Axie Infinity, the current highest-income blockchain game, where players raise and breed NFT pets, and earn income through tasks, battles, and transactions. And its largest group of players is in the Philippines. Because of the epidemic, the local economy has been hit hard. Many people make money by playing games and subsidize their families.

Of course, Metaverse cannot be just a game, such as Roblox. You can play FPS, RPG, survival puzzles and other games here, but it is not a game, but a community where players can experience and create game content by themselves. ; There is also a digital twin airport developed by Unity and Hong Kong Airport, which simultaneously simulates the real situation in the digital world in order to better manage the airport.

Is the explosive "Metaverse" a gimmick or the future?

Countless reality seems to indicate unstoppable yuan of the universe, the face of this huge opportunity, many technology companies are betting, such as the Internet giant Tencent on a number of technical layout, and as Roblox investors, exclusive agent Chinese version of “Rob Enthone “Open online on all platforms; and trading platforms like Ouyi have launched the DeFi-Hub public beta, allowing users to explore the meta universe in the NFT and GameFi sectors.

Is the explosive "Metaverse" a gimmick or the future?

Of course, the yuan universe, today you also have to be wary of too complete beauty of fantasy or fancy capital story, Yuan universe there is much controversy on the concept. But don’t think that the meta-universe is close at hand, even according to the optimistic estimation of the researchers, the meta-universe still needs at least 20 to 30 years of technological accumulation and investment.

In the near future, the meta universe may become a reality. Welcome to Metaverse, imagine that when you are in a virtual world, you have a virtual identity, fully immersively experience the three-dimensional virtual world, have a virtual economic system, and realize free shopping. All your assets are recorded in the zone. Block chain. In the world of Metaverse, all virtual items can be NFTized, and encrypted assets may be virtual currency of Metaverse. People will live in a virtual world. So, do you believe in the world described by the meta-universe?

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