Is the bull market over with the “herd”?

Is the bull market coming to an end?

Is the bull market over with the "herd"?

Recently, “animal coins” are flying around and various imitations are dancing around, many investors are worried: is the bull market coming to an end? According to past historical experience, the end of the bull market will often be accompanied by various junk coins in turn.

He believes that the bull market has not yet reached its end and gave a number of reasons, among which I think there are two valuable ones.

One is that he mentioned that a classmate he hadn’t contacted in years had recently started contacting him about how to buy coins. Newcomers to the market, often first small capital investment, earn money will be complacent big capital investment, and finally hate to raise debt investment, and to this last step, the market has seen the top.

In the current situation, it is estimated that there are still many newcomers in the stage of small capital testing, so there is still a distance to the back of the climax.

Secondly, he mentioned that the next half of the bull market is the climax. And this second half of the climax of the market will rise much higher than the first half. If the first half of the rise accounted for 30% to 40% of the overall bull market, the second half of the rise may account for 60% to 70% of the overall bull market rise.

I agree with these two points.

In addition, I feel that the bull market has two other characteristics: that is, all the good will almost be out, all the value of the currency will rise to the sky.

Let’s look at “all the good things will come out” first.

At the moment, in my opinion, the bigger good things are the launch of Uniswap’s second layer extension and the launch of Ether 1559.

The launch of Uniswap’s second tier extension will benefit DeFi as a whole, accelerate the maturity of the entire second tier extension ecosystem, and push up the heat of both DeFi and the second tier extension ecosystem. Some of the leading projects in the second tier of extensions, such as Polygon, have been showing a lot of momentum, but I feel that this momentum seems to be limited to the inner circle, not out of the circle yet. So I expect Uniswap’s second tier extensions to completely spark this enthusiasm.

And the launch of Ether 1559 is worth more attention. Some time ago, the market conducted a survey on the attitude of major projects and miners in the circle towards 1559. The results show that the attitude is rather divided. How exactly this split will affect 1559, and therefore how it will affect the next development of Ether, will be revealed soon.

But I have a feeling that 1559 is unstoppable and will eventually come online.

Under the current situation of the second layer expansion and the booming development of BSC, HECO and other ethereum-like ecologies, once 1559 goes online, the price ceiling of ethereum will be opened and the second half will be the highlight of ethereum, I am afraid.

Regarding “all value coins will go up”, I think it is a more noteworthy indicator. Of the many DeFi head tokens I have listed as fixed, many have risen at least 10 times from the fixed price I set, and only CRV is still hovering around $3, only 50% higher than the $2 price I listed last year. Therefore, I think CRV is undervalued relative to other tokens. I don’t think the bull market in CRV is at or near its climax at the current price.

So for all of the above reasons, I think that although there has been some chaos in the circle, the chaos is still just a small bubble and not nearly big enough to indicate that the bubble is about to collapse.

But although the second half will be the climax, but the climax will not be so easy to let everyone enjoy the excitement and joy, it will be mixed with pain and even tragedy —- specific performance is likely to come again a plunge. The magnitude of this plunge may even be as large as 30% or even 40%, to be large enough to now enter the group of newcomers completely crushed, completely cleaned, and then lightly loaded, to come to a roaring climax.

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