Is Polkadot a public chain? What is the relationship between Polkadot and meta-protocol?

Although Polkadot is a public chain, its starting point is deeper and farther than most public chains think.

Knowledge Graph” is our entry-level article for Polkadot from zero to one. We try to start from the most basic part of Polkadot, and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Polkadot. Of course, this is a huge Engineering is also full of challenges. However, we hope that through such efforts, everyone can correctly understand Polkadot, and people who don’t know Polkadot can quickly grasp the knowledge of Polkadot. Today is the third issue of this column, for everyone What finally resolved Boca wanted to achieve vision  .

With the rapid development and innovation of the blockchain, the Polkadot ecology has gradually attracted the attention of more people. When talking about Polkadot, many people will refer to Polkadot’s “cross-chain, scalability, and blockchain”. Network…” But this is only part of what Polkadot is doing and wants to do. Its innovation on the blockchain far exceeds these individual functions . This also comes from Polkadot founder Gavin’s deeper understanding of blockchain technology. Thinking.

What is Polkadot?

What exactly is Polkadot, in fact, there have always been different voices in the community. Some people say that Polkadot’s so-called blockchain network is just a gimmick. In a sense, it is very similar to the architecture of Ethereum. Polkadot is just a public chain project . Of course, some people say that Polkadot is not a public chain. It can connect different blockchains and form a network, allowing the blockchains to interact, so it is indeed the infrastructure of a blockchain network . Both theories seem to have their own truths, so what exactly is Polkadot?

Is Polkadot a public chain?

The public chain is also called the public chain. The definition on the encyclopedia refers to a blockchain in which anyone in the world can read, send transactions, and the transactions can be effectively confirmed, and can also participate in the consensus process .

The public chain has the following characteristics:

(1) Everyone can participate in network construction without any permission;

(2) The blockchain system and recorded ledgers are open and transparent;

(3) Anyone can inquire, send, and participate in the accounting of transactions.

Specifically, Polkadot is also a network that everyone can participate in. Polkadot uses the consensus mechanism of NPoS. Anyone can vote for a suitable node to support the operation of the Polkadot network without anyone Secondly, Polkadot is also completely decentralized. The operating rules of the entire system are open and transparent, and so are the recorded ledgers. Finally, on Polkadot, anyone can inquire about transactions and send information and information to anyone. Transactions, free to participate in bookkeeping.

Therefore, from the perspective of the definition of a public chain, Polkadot conforms to the above characteristics, and Polkadot is a public chain .

Is Polkadot a “blockchain network”?

In our last issue of Polkadot, we mentioned that Polkadot is a heterogeneous multi-chain architecture that enables it to connect all blockchains. In the end, Polkadot will be composed of a variety of blockchains. The network, Dr. Gavin Wood, who “graduated” from Ethereum, proposed the concept of relay chain and parachain. Such an architecture helps to improve the efficiency of nodes and realize the unlimited expansion of the Polkadot network .

The relay chain is responsible for the consensus of the parachain and provides shared security, and the chain connected to the relay chain can be regarded as a parachain. Generally speaking, a part of the parachain can be directly connected to the slot on the relay chain. There are also some public chains with different architectures that need to be connected by a transit bridge (special parallel chain).

For example, Interlay has established the BTC transfer bridge of the Polkadot network, which can convert the BTC assets owned by users into PolkaBTC at a ratio of 1:1, which can be like a local in the Polkadot ecosystem. Use the same as assets. PolkaBTC has strong liquidity; in addition, Ethereum also has such a “bridge”. The software development company Snowfork has established a universal bridge between Ethereum and Polkadot, which can not only transfer some assets between the two networks, but also Can be used for more complex interactions.

Of course, for more non-Substrate framework chains, the official also gave a good answer. The official launch of a universal bridging protocol BEEFY , by adding an auxiliary protocol on top of GRANDPA, it can bridge external non-substrate chains more effectively.

Polkadot does not want to be a chain that surpasses anyone, but a network that connects all chains. What it provides is only a very low-level thing. Anyone can freely create their own “country” and draw up their own rules . From the actual effect of Polkadot, Polkadot’s vision of becoming a blockchain network can be realized.

In fact, public chains and blockchain networks seem to be very different concepts, but just as light has wave-particle duality, our understanding of Polkadot may be different from a different perspective. There are situations in which two different concepts are consistent.

Polkadot is a “meta-protocol”!

But in fact, there is a more accurate description of Polkadot. Dr. Gavin Wood believes that Polkadot’s approach is different from almost all other agreements, including those very well-known agreements . He called it a meta-agreement. “‘Meta’ means transcendence. A’meta-agreement’ refers to an agreement that manages other agreements. You can build other agreements on the basis of it. It is an agreement of an agreement. “

The reason why Polkadot is defined in this way is because ” it is a lower-level, basic, and simple protocol, and we build on the basis of those protocols that we generally think .” Just like when learning any language , You first need to learn the phoneme of this language, because phoneme is the smallest unit of speech, and when you finally use it, you can freely combine those words to express what you want to express.

Coinworld-Is Polkadot a public chain? What is the relationship between Polkadot and the meta protocol?“This means that at any time in the future, Polkadot can be replaced with some other business logic, and can be replaced with some other options.” Polkadot provides only a very low-level thing. We call public chains like Ethereum as Layer1, while Polkadot should be regarded as Layer0.

Since the development of the blockchain, there have been many innovations and upgrades, and its functions have been continuously mined, from Bitcoin at the beginning to the more mature Ethereum. At the same time, some problems have also emerged, and Polkadot is trying to solve these problems. ” As a basic layer, Polkadot only provides security for parachains and provides interoperability between parachains . In addition to that. Besides, it does nothing.” Gavin Wood said.

Polkadot seems to be doing very basic things in the words of Dr. Gavin, and only provides very simple functions, but as Taoism said, one life two, two three, three all things, simple principles and functions can accommodate. Get a richer ecology .

Although Polkadot is a public chain, its starting point is deeper and farther than most public chains think , as a lower-level infrastructure to build a blockchain network, so that everyone can connect, achieve interoperability and mutual trust. world.

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