Is NFT a Hype Hotspot or a Real Windfall? FirecoinLabs announces the launch of NFT full industry track

NFT focuses on the industry aura and has the possibility of “forming its own industry”.

Is NFT a Hype Hotspot or a Real Windfall? FirecoinLabs announces the launch of NFT full industry track

On May 18, Firecoin Labs and MMC Warlord, the star project of Venture Camp VII, jointly released the “2008 Olympic Sanshou Champion Cai Liangcai NFT”, and at the same time On May 18th, FireCoinLabs and MMC War Gods released the “2008 Olympic Champion Cai Liangcai NFT” and announced the launch of NFT industry-wide track.

In the past two years, NFT has been used in many industries, mainly in games, art and social networking. Speaking of why FireCoinLabs chose the sports track as the entrance, Yuan Ruijuan said that 2021 is a rare sports year in history, for example, the Olympic Games, Euro Cup, America’s Cup and other world top events postponed due to the epidemic have chosen to postpone to 2021. As an important carrier of blockchain-based digital assets, NFT can “bi-directionally empower” the real industry and blockchain industry with its extremely broad industry involvement, diverse presentation forms and rich application scenarios, and the sports industry provides a good opportunity to enter.

Is NFT a hype hotspot or the next real windfall?

NFT has gradually emerged from the crypto artists and enthusiasts group. Previously, the digital artist Beeple sold a pair of NFT works at Christie’s for a sky-high price of $69.35 million, becoming the third most expensive artwork in human history, so NFT “out of the circle” is inevitable.

Yuan Ruijuan said, due to the rapid break of the circle, and the previous crypto-cat market impression, it is inevitable that this time there will be great hype “suspicion”, but the current NFT will probably become an important “connecting piece” to truly open up the digital world and the value system of the physical world “The “meta-universe” is being created at an accelerated pace.

Yuan Ruijuan believes that NFT, although at this stage, there are many hype factors and events, but is indeed a real hot spot, and, in itself, is already an “industry” concept and has the possibility of “self-forming industry”.

How the value of NFT is defined

“What is the use of NFT” is more controversial, many people believe that NFT bubble serious, mainly because NFT is nothing else but hype. Yuan Ruijuan believes that if you think NFT is a string of contract codes, is a picture that can not be guaranteed not to be infringed, or a future may be appreciated to make you “rich”, is to meet their own collection of hobby collectibles, it means that the perception is inaccurate.

In essence, NFT is a “programmable interest”, which can theoretically carry most of the blockchain-based digital interests. For example, the publisher bundles the rights and interests based on commercial expansion needs (which can be analogous to promotional activities), such as buyers’ personal collection rights, disposal rights, private domain traffic rights, and commercial rights related to NFT with digital rights, which greatly enriches the content of “programmable rights and interests”.

NFT empowers new value for traditional IP

Yuan Ruijuan said that the emergence of NFT has broken the traditional market definition of product value and can empower traditional IP with new value.

At present, FirecoinLabs has assembled a more complete and voluminous IP library covering sports, games, artwork, animation, film and television, live e-commerce, literature and other fields. Not only does the top fighting tournament in Asia Pacific, MMC Warlord, associate the NFT IP prototype with the championship gold belt, but also the fashion art design cross-border WOW3 integrated store, which can use the digital copyright and NFT authorized patterns for the cross-border design of all life categories such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, beauty and home, etc. Meanwhile, in the game world, which is naturally compatible with NFT itself, there are even more ” At the same time, in the game world, which is naturally compatible with NFT, there is also the NFT card game “Iso Conquest”, which allows players to own game props and NFT at the same time.

FirecoinLabs starts the whole industry track of NFT

As an “innovation workshop” in the field of blockchain entrepreneurship, FirecoinLabs Venture Camp has long focused on projects such as blockchain and Internet+blockchain for the transformation of real industry, and accelerated the discovery and cultivation of high-potential projects in the industry. Yuan Ruijuan introduced that at present, there are three main ways for FirecoinLabs to carry the NFT track: the first is the FirecoinLab Venture Camp, the second is the projects incubated in the Venture Camp, and the third is the activities to create an influential industrial ecosystem in the NFT track with the activities as the grip.

In the just-concluded 6th Venture Camp, FireCoinLabs has incubated ecological applications with the core grip of the Gen6 project. The 7th Venture Camp will start soon and will mainly promote the NFT track, allowing traditional projects to combine with blockchain and NFT to collide with new sparks and generate new business values.

In addition, Yuan Ruijuan revealed that FirecoinLabs will also launch a 100 million scale industrial blockchain fund to provide strong financial support for outstanding projects.

NFT’s future is full of imagination

In Yuan Ruijuan’s view, the future of NFT is full of imagination. Although there is now the saying that “everything can be NFT”, not every kind of NFT is valuable, and many issuance and authorization acts are invalid. In the end, what kind of rights and interests can be better fulfilled and expanded through NFT, what kind of assets are suitable for trading through NFT, more industry teams need to actively explore the practice. But in any case, the future of NFT has come, and FireCoinLabs will help various entity industry tracks to shine in this new industry of NFT.

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