Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

Pushing WeChat to the top of the AppStore list, can “jelly” become a new way for young people to socialize?

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

It took 20 days for the jelly to explode, and only 3 days for rapid cooling.

The Jelly app became popular overnight. After a month, Jelly managed to get 494,966 downloads on February 11, becoming the first app since 2019 to beat WeChat to take the top spot in the AppStore .

But it is such a popular product that has also attracted countless criticisms. The interface is simple, the gameplay is single, and there are many bugs . In the huge wind and boos, the gel has also been temporarily removed from the shelves.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

The appearance of the gel has brought a breath of fresh air to the calm domestic social platform.

Previously , “MT Toilet”, “Chat Treasure”, “Duoshan” or the “prophecy” that happened in SOUL and Momo have also been staged again, and they believe that gel belongs to the innovation of social platforms. So what is the origin of the hot jelly? Can we get some inspiration at the moment when “the end of social networking is WeChat”?

And see below!

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

1 “Pinch your face” to share, the first step to enter the social media of the Metaverse 

Since the concept of the Metaverse exploded, many giants have followed suit and added to the Metaverse field.

There are people in the direction of “buying a house in the Metaverse” and “appreciating paintings in the Metaverse”, but there is no product that is enough to attract attention until the appearance of gel.

The opening animation of the jelly app is trendy enough , and the virtual characters are closer to the trendy Bubble Matt, which is sought after by young people, and the clothing is novel and trendy. Attract contemporary young people.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

The first thing users do after downloading the app is to “pinch their faces” to create a trendy villain that fits their unique aesthetic and socialize with others in this virtual world.

After entering the hall, there are many of the same people here. They are working or fishing, and they vividly show their status to the outside world, like a 3D stereo version of WeChat status, which is more vivid and intuitive.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

Pinching your face isn’t a novel way to socialize.

Previously , Apple launched animoji synchronously when it launched face id. The main emoji package is fun and social. Users can use the 3D structure to create a virtual cartoon avatar of their own and a series of interesting animal-based dynamic expressions.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

Later, after iterative updates of the software, real-time virtual avatar video calls can also be made in their own Facetime. After that, various mobile phone companies have also launched similar face pinching functions in their own systems.

There is also a face-pinching method that focuses on the fun experience of games. For example, there is also a face-pinching method in the phenomenal game “Cyberpunk 2077” .

Players can customize a unique avatar to play the game before starting the game, so as to get a better game experience.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

Behind the customization, it also arouses young people’s desire to share. JELLY uses this feature to create a more intimate sharing space for young people.

But how is the social circle built up in the gel maintained? How can such a single gameplay continue to retain users for a long time? What new breakthroughs are there between the so-called “Metaverse social” and traditional social methods?These are all problems that the gel needs to solve urgently.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

2 Jelly knocks on the social door of the Metaverse 

Jelly, positioned as an “online apartment for young people”, also has many social attributes.

The friend list is limited to only 50 people at most, which makes JELLY a new channel for young people to communicate with their close partners , and 3D three-dimensionalized the original flat social mode.

On Gel, people can keep updating their news, posting what they are doing at the moment, sharing their real-time location with friends, and “poking” their close partners.

Although Jelly does not have some breakthroughs and innovations in social methods, the “close friend” attribute makes everyone still willing to choose to register an account.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

According to the results of a questionnaire survey, more than 60% of young people’s circle of friends has set up “visible for three days”.

On WeChat, many redundant relationships are increasing day by day, which has become a social burden for many young people, and gradually lose the desire to share. After the social context of the circle of friends collapsed, more and more young people do not send friends.

As mentioned in the 2019 Social Network Industry Report, the frequency of 30.5% of users posting original content in their Moments has decreased. Jelly is precisely targeting this demand, capturing young people with its unique positioning of“intimate apartments, online social networking” . human heart.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

However, virtual networking is not a new thing.

The popular “Animal Crossing Friends Club” in the early years of the epidemic is a good example of virtual social interaction. Players can not only fish by themselves, but also hang out together and hold bonfire parties. However, because of the high threshold, it has never been widely popular.

In the follow-up, another imitator “Moore Manor” entered the game strongly through childhood feelings, but now there are few visitors. Social “gamification” is a demand of young people, but it is also not a pain point that can ultimately retain users.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

The social overlord Tencent has also launched virtual social images such as QQ Pet, QQ Show and Centimeter Show early on . Players can build their own virtual images by changing clothes.

Facing the menacing jelly this time, Tencent also smelled the storm before the arrival of the Metaverse, and quickly made adjustments to the QQ show, launching a 3D version of the virtual social image “Super QQ Show” , and also tried to pass this update. Level up and knock on the door into the Metaverse.

Many giants who saw this new outlet also began to make arrangements.

Luo Yonghao, who launched bullet text messages in the early years to try to shake the status of WeChat, brought “chat treasure” again this time , ByteDance launched “Multi-Flash” , Baidu launched “Xi Rong” , and the original Kuai Broadcasting founder Wang Xin created it. “Toilet MT” mainly focuses on the operation model of avatar + Internet social networking, trying to accumulate a certain number of users before the real arrival of the Metaverse.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

3 Social apps and the Metaverse are hindered and long 

It is a pity that such an app that almost represents the current development trend of the Metaverse has exploded overnight, and it only seems to be “one night”. The huge limelight brings not continuous popularity, but rapid collapse.

Under the complaints of simple users, single function, numerous bugs, etc., Jelly had to make a decision to temporarily remove it.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

Many people think that the maintenance and repair of the app is impossible for Jelly because the production team is small. However, the producer of “Jelly” is not a solo social product entrepreneur, but a little bit of information.

Its Yidian news app still has 70 million daily active users.

According to Tianyancha data, in 2019, Yidian Information had announced that it would be listed on A-shares or the Science and Technology Innovation Board, but there has been no new progress so far.

In 2020, Phoenix New Media, the largest shareholder of Yidian Information, sold all the remaining about 140 million shares to Runliangtai Fund at a price of US$150 million. In this transaction, Yidian Information was valued at about 930 million.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

Entering 2021, Yidian Information has been upgraded to the “Cyber ​​Elephant” group.

In addition to the original little information products, they also hope to cultivate new businesses such as social networking, games, and Chinese video. Jelly is their “first card”, hoping to ride on the express train of the Metaverse and transform the company.

In addition to the interface lag and running bugs, how to take advantage of the benefits of the “intimate social” attribute positioning is also a problem that Jelly faces.

50’s friends limit the possibility of “social” development to a certain extent, it is difficult to expand one’s new social circle, and it is difficult to make new friends. This special positioning is also doomed that Jelly may be “short-lived” but cannot develop for a long time. .

How to grasp this unique positioning that is different from other current social apps, and truly make differentiated and sophisticated products is also what Cyber ​​Elephant needs to do on the road of transformation.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

Obviously, in the context of the Metaverse, virtualization and 3Dization are already the major trends in the development of apps in the future, and exploring a software that is more suitable for young people’s future social interaction is more sustainable than just pinching their faces. .

Various Internet giants have laid out new tracks, but if they only compete in modeling, clothing design, background design, etc., they are obviously not strong enough.

Perhaps whoever can discover the new social mode first will come out on top in the Metaverse melee.

Is Jelly the Metaverse Social Knocker?

Jelly’s blip is proof that the Metaverse is here, and it’s also proof that the Metaverse hasn’t really arrived yet. For the gel, there is still a lot of room for improvement, and for the cyber-elephant, the transformation still has a long way to go.


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