Is it time for the market to go crazy when even “shit” can go to heaven?

Recently, we have started to slow down the pace and take a cautious look at the madness of this market

Is it time for the market to go crazy when even "shit" can go to heaven?

BTC Market Analysis

Recently, we started to slow down the pace and be cautious about the madness of this market, because before, we analyzed that the madness of DOGE has been a bit too much, although the future may be able to reach 1 US dollar or even higher at a more crazy time, but now it is not suitable for short term continue to take, because the beautiful people at the table next to dinner are opening the fire coin every other minute to see the one-minute line of DOGE, this market is really crazy, so when I saw this scene, I decided to exit the market without hesitation, people take me to go.

After the dog crazy, and on a shit coin, this world is really getting more and more deviant, but we all like this kind of madness, because almost no money, because as long as you play like the beginning to buy a 10,000 U.S. dollars, then you will see up 10 times, 20 times, 40 times, 100 times, 400 times, and then you will say “QTM of bitcoin, ethereum, boca, labor to take a year, but not to take a few weeks of shit to dash free”

Doge, ShiB successful rules are to capture the psychology of a bull market, that is, the price is low enough, and then short enough, the psychological threshold of people involved and the capital threshold are low enough, and then the herd effect and the psychology of small to large can let more people participate, so you see the scene described above.

But from the current point of view, only able to speculate, why? Because the world is still the world, every time the bull market speculation on a hand on. A small amount of money, lost no pain, earned, when to buy a lottery ticket for themselves, this is the logic before the conversion.

When the influx of big money, the more we believe in the madness will return to normal fluctuations with the deposit of BTC as well.

So this kind of madness may be there in the middle and late stages of every bull market, but it will get weaker and weaker. At least we can still participate in several bull markets, why? Because now the market is the new FIL miners, new retail investors push up, buy low to test the psychology of the water .

And the money-making effect of BTC and the price is too high, there is enough psychological threshold for them, although there is no actual capital threshold.

The previous day’s analysis of the daily convergence, choose the direction of upward, the reason why no more, today we briefly look at the 4H cycle.

BTC does not add or subtract, the original position does not move.

ETH market analysis

If you ask me where to go, I’d like to go to the Ether. Ether is approaching our target step by step at the turtle speed we predicted, just a few days ago we said 3000 is a step away, now 4000 is close at hand, although he is very slow, not as crazy as other specimens with tens or hundreds of percent every day, but his stable trend like an old dog, so you can rest assured that you will not worry about the risk of your N 10,000 dollars in it, you can sleep in peace. You can sleep with your phone off, you can never open your cold wallet, and you can tell people that money is just a string of numbers.

A lot of people started to shout 5000, but they got off the bus at 1800, so much so that I didn’t choose to go to dinner yesterday for fear of excitement, a “thousand reasons to be sad” excitement.

The technical side, not to analyze, because the 4H cycle is not released, the short term do not have to choose to avoid, let alone the long term.

LTC/XRP/EOS/BCH/ADA/DOGE market analysis

XRP has short term swing opportunities, the daily pivot of the 4H rebound trend section, interval and high certainty, short term we determine whether we can wrestle. Nature: speculative .

LTC/BCH mining coin logic remains unchanged, there is a basis for holding, previously analyzed, recently many new retail investors look at our articles, always leave a message saying that we horse hind, this I will not explain. The actual investment is your own thing, when you look at the play on the line.

Recently DOGE do not think about getting on board again, do not spend some time and space to cut out the retail investors, the plate does not go up.

DOT/KSM Sentiment Analysis

Polka group recently a day 999+ news records, I do not look directly, look to see is the mutual dislike between the army, the air force, and then sing a bad voice.

What can’t be done, forced to force the first, but all the most talk, the most fierce milk, but also now the most scolded, people are earning more than 10 times, he milk, scolded, since there is no money, but also in the project is a piece of shit. As a fan of public opinion analysis, I can only say (we can’t say dirty words in operation): it has nothing to do with the project, it has something to do with money!

DOT indeed should be scolded, because the short term did not rise, million coins carnival, I DOT not move! But still firmly hold, the sky fell a ICP third, DOT such infrastructure, can it be worse than BCH/LTC such? Give technology developers a little time, give yourself a little time, give money a little time.

Juggling also needs props, technology does not analyze, before the news are shocks. Those masters who take full positions to do swing, all seem to earn less, just they are very cool themselves. You are trying to make yourself cool? Or money cool?

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