Invite the most “stinky” netizens to join, NFT market Superbid play a new way of fan economy?

The project is now getting some strange attention, probably because of the growth it showed last week, but also because users want to see Floyd Mayweather and Logan in a physical fight.

HC Captial data shows that a program called Superbid has gained the highest growth in the NFT market in the past seven days, with a growth rate of 170%. In addition, Superbid rebounded quickly after 24 days, spiking about 244.8% in the past seven days, according to Coingecko data.

Superbid, which is not yet on centralized exchanges, released its Alpha app on the 22nd of this month, with the first version of the app used for testing. But Superbid made a flirty move by hiring the most controversial internet celebrity, Logan Paul (also known as The Stinkiest), as its new ambassador, which caused some Twitter users to blow up and argue that Superbid should be dumped immediately.

Invite the most "stinky" netizens to join, NFT market Superbid play a new way of fan economy?

Who is Logan Paul?
NFT is much easier to get out of the ring than DeFi, so it’s not too bad to find people with traffic and topics to push.

Logan Paul is a famous American internet video celebrity, who has been called “Splits” because of his passion for filming splits in public places such as the street and subway, but due to his posting of videos on Yutube, he was attacked by the internet, and then Youtube terminated its cooperation with him and blocked Logan Paul. Despite this, Logan still has nearly 6 million followers on Twitter, so this time with SuperBid is also getting attention from netizens.

Logan has actually been playing NFT for a long time, releasing a limited edition Pokémon NFT in February this year, and SuperBid introduced Logan by saying that he has been investing in cryptocurrency projects and using his influence to be active in the cryptocurrency market.

Last year, retired champion Floyd Mayweather and Logan were scheduled to fight on the social media site for an exhibition fight on February 20 this year, but it was postponed to June 6, six days later, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, and the event will be broadcast live on pay-per-view –It’s unclear what SuperBid will do around the showcase, which is currently listed as “Day in the life with Logan Paul” on SuperBid’s website. with Logan Paul” (a day with Paul).

Netflix + NFT Auction + DeFi
When it comes to Netflix, everyone thinks it’s very lucrative.

But with overseas weblebrities everywhere and limited channels to cash in, the emergence of SuperBids actually provides new income for weblebrities like Logan, who has been blocked by video platforms.

In addition to Logan, SuperBids also employs three million-follower weblebrities, such as Natalia Janoszek, Jay alvarrez and Dana vicci. simply put, SuperBid is an auction app for weblebrities, where physical and digital goods (NFT) can be put up for sale, and unique experiences can also be sold. It can be sold (perhaps a day with Paul is a unique experience), which is actually a fan economy.

No one would say no to Staking, especially with popular concepts stacked on top of each other. superBid opened Staking in early April, when it officially claimed 200% APY and could reach up to 430%, but once you start Staking you have to be locked out for 90 days or you will incur a penalty. The APY is now down to 80%-160%.

The program is getting some strange attention right now, probably because of the growth it showed last week, and probably because users want to see Floyd Mayweather in the flesh with Logan.

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