Investors: Many people understand the Metaverse wrongly. The Metaverse has been happening for 20 years

Well-known KOL and investor Shaan Puri recently tweeted about his understanding of the metaverse. He believes that many people are wrong about the metaverse. He believes that the metaverse is not a virtual place, but a moment. It is a comparison of digital life. The moment when physical life is more valuable. This is not an overnight change, but a gradual change that has occurred for 20 years.

1. First: Everyone is wrong about the meta universe.

Most people think that the “meta universe” is a virtual place. It’s like the movie “Number One Player”, or a virtual world like Minecraft, Roblox or Zuckerberg showed in a Facebook demo.

But what if it is not a place?

2. Second: The meta universe is not a place, but time.

time? Yes, for an instant.

Do you know that in artificial intelligence, there is a concept of “singularity”? This is the moment when artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans. Artificial Intelligence>The Moment of Human Intelligence

3. Third: What is the meta universe?

The meta-universe is a moment when our digital life is more valuable than our physical life . This is not an overnight change, or some Steve Jobs type of invention.

It is a gradual change that has taken place for 20 years.

4. Every important part of life is going digital .

Work –> From the factory to the laptop. The meeting room is transferred to Zoom.

Friends –> From neighbors to fans. Where do you find like-minded people? Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Games –> There are more children playing Fortnite than basketball and football combined.

5. Identity –> Filter is a new part. A story is your personal billboard, used to promote your identity.

What do you look like in real life? Or how you look on Instagram? Which is more important.

The picture on the left is what they saw, so this is important.


6. Everything is digitized. Your friends, your work, your identity.

Now that you have cryptocurrency, your assets are also online .

The Boring Monkey is the new Rolex. Fortnite skin is the new skinny jeans.

If everyone is hanging out online all the time, then your activities need to be digitized.

7. Therefore, if you look forward another 10 to 20 years, we will enter the meta universe.

The digital world is more important to us than the physical world. In the past, 99% of our attention was focused on our physical environment.

TV dropped to 85%, computer dropped to 70%, mobile phone dropped to 50%

8. Our attention has shifted from physical to digital.

Where the attention is, the energy is.

If 50% of our attention is on our digital screen, then 50% of our energy will be used in our digital lives.

Today, it takes some action to take out the phone from the pocket to see it.

9. Soon, some companies will make smart glasses that are in front of us all day.

We will increase screen attention from 50% to more than 90%.

That was the time when the meta universe began. Because at that moment, our virtual life will become more important than our real life.

10. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Like anything, it is neither good nor bad. This is just one thing.

Very different things.

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