Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

The current NFT market is dominated by decentralized platforms, and is mainly concentrated in the Ethereum ecosystem.

NFT is a unique encrypted token associated with digital content (such as artwork, music, or video), which can represent the ownership of digital content. In March 2021, the NFT work “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” created by the well-known crypto artist Beeple was sold at Christie for a high price of US$69.35 million. After that, wave after wave of NFT boom emerged, attracting more and more people to invest Purchase NFT works such as CryptoPunks, Bored Apes and Loots. As the market continues to heat up, markets and platforms that provide NFT transactions have also sprung up, aiming to provide users with more convenient digital art and collectible sales and NFT transaction services.

Below, let us take stock of the 13 largest NFT markets and platforms at this stage.


OpenSea is the first batch of Peer-to-Peer NFT markets, and has always been the largest NFT trading platform, with a total transaction volume of more than 9.5 billion U.S. dollars (data from DappRader). On this platform, you can trade almost all types of NFTs such as game built-in props, collectibles, artwork, music, GIF, etc.

Signing up for OpenSea is very simple. You can connect to MetaMask and other wallets, such as Coinbase Wallet, Bitski, Formic, etc. After logging in to the platform, the process of buying NFT is also very simple. After browsing your favorite NFT series, you only need to submit a quote and check whether the price is accepted by the seller.

Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

In addition, sellers uploading their own NFT works on OpenSea are also “a piece of cake”. Just go to the “Create” option and connect to the wallet as the content creator to upload your own NFT. You can upload your own NFT before submitting for sale. You also need to write a brief description of the work, and then wait for the buyer to bid.

Axie Marketplace

The “play while earning” game Axie Infinity is currently the second largest NFT market on the market, with a total transaction volume of more than US$2.7 billion (data from DappRader), but the platform can only trade Axie NFT, which is a kind of in-game Cute digital pets, very similar to Pokémon, players can buy and trade on the Axie market.

In addition, players can also create new Axies through the built-in “breeding mechanics” of the game, and then sell them on the trading platform. Unlike collectible art NFTs, Axie Infinity NFT has one purpose: players can use these NFTs in the game to fight monsters and other players, and then earn tokens that can be used to cultivate new creatures. Axie Infinity’s NFT has been proven to bring good profits to players, and in the Philippines and Indonesia, some people even make a living by playing this game.

Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

However, Axie Infinity may not be “friendly” to new players and users, and its service is very complicated. You may need to complete a series of “obstacles” to truly start the game journey. In addition to setting up an Ethereum wallet (such as MetaMask), players also need to set up a Ronin wallet, then deposit ETH into the Ronin sidechain and purchase at least three Axie pets (which may cost you hundreds of dollars)-no doubt For some “passerby” players, the threshold for the game is indeed a bit high, but in the eyes of experienced crypto players, this cost may be insignificant.

CryptoPunks/Larva Labs

As the first batch of NFTs on the Ethereum network, CryptoPunks is a collection of encrypted punk NFT collections, created by Larva Labs. It is a collection of 10,000 pixelated avatars that are generated randomly. These avatars include humans, zombie apes, and aliens. Each has pixel art aesthetics and unique attributes. CryptoPunks were available for free when they were just released, but now the only way to own them is to spend money to buy them, which means you have to trade on the Larva Labs market, where most of the CryptoPunks sales are currently carried out on this platform. At the time of writing (October 24), the Punks floor price was 94.95 ETH (approximately US$388,375.89). According to DappRader data, the total transaction volume of CryptoPunks is currently US$1.52 billion.

Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

CryptoPunks trading is more convenient. You only need to connect to your MetaMask wallet on the Larva Labs market to search the Punks list, and then enter the bid.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is the first NFT series that has received widespread public attention. It is a set of digital trading cards containing NBA stars “Moment” video highlights and clips. Once you have purchased a Top Shot package, the edited content will be stored in a secure encrypted wallet verified by the blockchain, where you can view the videos or resell them on the NBA Top Shot Marketplace.

The success of NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs is because mainstream users are easy to get started. Registering for NBA Top Shot is very simple. Just link your Google account to Dapper, and then enter your phone number as required for SMS verification. Can be done.

Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

After completing the registration, you also need to perform some account setup steps, such as selecting your favorite NBA team, etc. After completion, you can join the new Top Shot airdrop and join the virtual waiting queue. NBA Top Shot payment needs to be verified by SMS (again). Users can choose to use the existing encrypted wallet or Flow wallet, or use their own Dapper balance or credit card to pay for the purchase.


As one of the leading NFT markets on Ethereum, the biggest feature of the Rarible platform is community ownership, which displays many digital art and collectibles. According to Dappradar’s data, Rarible ranks tenth in total transactions, at approximately $170 million.

Similar to OpenSea, users can buy and sell various NFTs on the Rarible platform, and sellers can also choose to create multiple NFTs for a picture for multiple sales.

Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

The user interface of Rarible is very simple, and the encrypted “xiaobai” can also be easily used. If you are already familiar with OpenSea and other similar NFT markets, you will definitely feel at home on Rarible.

Users can log in to Rarible with a variety of different encrypted wallets, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, MyEtherWallet, or any other WalletConnect mobile wallet. After logging in to the platform, you can use the funds in your wallet to purchase NFTs, and you can even recharge your wallet with bank transfer or legal currency in your debit card.


SuperRare is positioned to become the “high-end version of Rarible.” Rarible’s interface is filled with dazzling flashing GIFs and live auctions. In contrast, SuperRare has a more concise and simple appearance.

In addition, SuperRare has stricter requirements for NFT event planning. They “flag” themselves as a social platform that encourages encrypted art creation and collection. When working with artists, they will require works to be submitted to the platform and approved before being put on the shelves. ; In other words, SuperRare values ​​the quality of NFT more than quantity.

Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

To register for SuperRare, you need a wallet supported by the platform, such as MetaMask or Formatic. In addition, users need to perform an additional step, that is, to create a username and password associated with the wallet address, but this step will not take too long, only a few In seconds, you will be able to access the exclusive NFT selected on the platform.


Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

KnownOrigin’s total transaction volume is actually not high, only a few million dollars, and like SuperRare, it aims to provide users with a gallery-like experience through selected NFT works. All works on the KnownOrigin platform are stored on IPFS, which is actually a basic asset protection method. In addition, works on the platform focus on the field of digital art, so NFTs such as weird avatars or cute pets will not be provided.

KnownOrigin may be the easiest one to use in the platform introduced in this article. All users have to do is to connect a wallet such as MetaMask or Formatic, and then they can bid for their dream NFT assets.


Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

The Foundation platform bills itself as a “creative paradise” for artists, and its current transaction volume is approaching 100 million U.S. dollars. The platform hosted many well-known sales events, including the iconic internet meme—Nyan Cat’s NFT, Edward Snowden’s first NFT, and the creation of producer Richard D. James (now renamed Aphex Twin) Audiovisual digital collectibles.

Once you use WalletConnect to connect to your own MetaMask or other software wallets, you can easily operate on the Foundation market. You can also perform bidding in a timed auction just like on a regular auction website.


MakersPlace is another select NFT market, which is known for its numerous exclusive digital art collections. Although the current total sales volume may not be large ($23.5 million at the time of writing), it has a large number of exclusive creations, which also makes MakersPlace very unique.

In February 2021, when the famous crypto artist Beeple provided a series of NFTs at a price of $1, the MakersPlace platform was down due to the hot event. It is worth mentioning that the platform also invited some musicians to host many NFT activities. T-Pain, Shakira, and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine have all registered on the platform.

If you want to buy NFT on MakersPlac, the registration process is also very easy. You can even log in with your Google or Facebook account, which saves a lot of registration time.

Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

However, as part of the platform registration process, you must select five artists to follow, and then you can use MetaMask ETH balance or credit card to purchase NFT works (supporting credit card transactions is still relatively user-friendly). If you are a creator, you must apply through an invitation and fill out an online form to join the platform. The application needs to be approved by the platform’s curator.

Nifty Gateway

In 2019, the cryptocurrency trading platform Gemini acquired the Nifty Gateway platform. As one of the first large-scale NFT markets, Nifty Gateway received strong support through this acquisition. Facts have proved that Nifty Gateway has the foresight, and investors like Gemini can indeed get a lot of benefits. In the NFT boom, Nifty Gateway became the focus of the market with the first multi-million-dollar NFT sales: In February 2021, Nifty Gateway contributed to the CROSSROAD sale of Beeple at a price of 6.6 million U.S. dollars; The gross merchandise value (GMV) has reached 300 million U.S. dollars.

The NFT works on the Nifty Gateway platform are only available after careful planning and selection. Every three weeks, the platform invites artists such as The Weeknd, Grimes, and Eminem to discuss their works. In addition, they also have another NFT market, where you can browse selected collections, these works have been verified by the artist, and they can also enjoy a lot of unverified artist pre-release works.

Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

Since Nifty Gateway and Gemini integrate very well with each other, getting started is relatively simple. First, you need to register on the website (if you plan to sell NFT, you need to use Stripe to verify your identity), and then you can recharge your account by linking a credit card or sending some ETH to the deposit address. After completion, you can buy NFT in the market.

In addition, users can also choose to associate their Gemini trading account with a Nifty Gateway account, so that you can use your Gemini trading account balance to make purchases and withdrawals (your Gemini account can be bank transfer, wire transfer, encrypted deposit Transaction to recharge).


Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

Compared with OpenSea, BakerySwap is a relatively small NFT market, but it’s not surprising that most of the NFT markets are built on Ethereum, and BakerySwap is the first batch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In addition to supporting the NFT transaction, the platform also allows users to directly trade and exchange liquid assets.

The BakerySwap NFT market is not complicated. You only need to connect to the open source Ethereum wallet MetaMask to use it. However, it should be noted that since the BakerySwap platform runs on the Binance smart chain, NFT assets can only be purchased using BNB instead of Commonly used ETH.

Binance NFT Marketplace

Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

Binance is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platforms, so as the name suggests, Binance NFT Marketplace is an NFT platform provided by Binance. The platform aims to provide exclusive products for the NFT market and use its partnership to attract trading platform user resources To the NFT platform.

If you already have a Binance account, congratulations, this account will be automatically associated with Binance NFT Marketplace, and there is no need to register again. After entering the platform, the operation of bidding on NFT assets is as simple as other similar platforms. Buyers can use ETH, BNB and BUSD on this platform, depending on which digital assets the creator can accept.


Inventory of the current 13 largest NFT markets

The Solanar blockchain is a competitor of Ethereum. Recently, a mini NFT craze has swept Solana. Many collectibles including Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurory and SolPunks have received hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction volume, and these transactions are all transactions. Completed on the platform Solarart.

Unlike OpenSea, the NFT collections on the Solarart platform are carefully screened, but because of this, the number of NFTs available on the platform is relatively small.

If users want to purchase NFT on the Solarart platform, they must download a wallet that supports the Solana blockchain, such as Phantom or Solflare, and then load it on the Solarart platform. It is worth mentioning that Phantom support is directly integrated with the cryptocurrency trading platform FTX, so it will be very convenient to deposit funds on FTX. After connecting to the wallet, you only need to click on the NFT of your choice, and then connect to the wallet to start bidding transactions.

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