Inventory of the “3A Chain Game” layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

“Most P2E games are overhyped, and they’re not fun.”

Such a view is common in the current crypto industry. Therefore, many traditional gamers are still skeptical of Gamefi, and the current playable chain games on the market are basically at the level of 4399 mini-games. This criticism is justified.

We know that there is a term for 3A games in the traditional game field, which is roughly used to refer to those high-quality games with high development costs, long development cycles, and high resource consumption that are produced “regardless of the cost to the extent that a company can be dragged down.” For example, the development cost of well-known stand-alone games such as “The Witcher 3” and “Grand Theft Auto 4” is close to 100 million US dollars. It takes 3-5 years for a development team of nearly 1,000 people to create a fun 3A game.

In the past year, crypto VCs have not stopped investing in this track because of the negative voices of the public about chain games. Some project parties have begun to invest a lot of resources to create some “3A chain games” in an attempt to reverse players’ perception of the game. Chain Tour’s view.

Recently, Framework Ventures co-founder Vance Spencer tweeted:

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

“In the next 5 years, there may be about 1000 AAA encrypted games on the market, and conservatively, 10% of these games will be successful, that is, 100 games will be successful, and each one will bring 1 million MAU (The average size of a decent F2P game), it’s not complicated at all with a conservative 100 million new crypto users.”

It is reported that Framework Ventures plans to use half of its third crypto fund ($200 million) to invest in the fast-growing blockchain gaming sector.

Then in the next time, which “3A chain game” teams are worthy of our attention?

“3A Chain Tour” and “Quasi-3A Chain Tour”

In order to create a fun 3A chain game, developers must raise a lot of funds to invest in development (whether through VC private placement, or through NFT or token public offering). In the case of traditional games, the amount of financing reached 50 million Only teams above the dollar can barely squeeze into this queue, and looking at the entire Gamefi field, there are only a few teams that meet this standard.

For chain game projects with a financing amount of US$10-50 million, we can call them quasi-3A chain games. If the follow-up development goes well, these game developers may be able to increase their game development through follow-up financing.

Who are the 3A Chain Tour teams?

(Note: The teams mentioned below only have the resources to make 3A games, but it does not necessarily mean that they will launch a 3A game)

1.Animoca Brands

In January of this year, Metaverse game developer Animoca Brands announced the completion of a $358.8 million financing, led by Liberty City Ventures, 10 T Holdings, Gemini Frontier Fund, ParaFi Capital, Provident, Sequoia China, Soros Fund, Winklevoss Capital and other institutions participated in the investment, with a post-investment valuation of $5 billion. According to data provided by Crunchbase, Animoca Brands has completed a total of $1.3 billion in financing so far.

The chain game products of Animoca Brands include REVV Motorsport, REVV Racing, The Sandbox, Phantom Galaxies, etc. From the current point of view, The Sandbox is the flagship game of Animoca Brands, but it may not meet the definition of 3A chain game. Among its remaining products, only Phantom Galaxies is described as a 3A-level blockchain game. According to the roadmap, Phantom Galaxies will launch an NFT avatar in the second quarter of this year, and plans to launch an early test in the third quarter of this year. The game, of course, does not rule out the possibility of bounced tickets.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?


In November last year, blockchain gaming platform Forte announced the completion of a $725 million Series B round led by Sea Capital and Kora Management. Other well-known investors include Animoca Brands, Warner Music, Tiger Global, Andreessen Horowitz (a16 z), Cosmos, Polygon Studios, and Solana Ventures, which brings the company’s total funding to $910 million.

But unlike general blockchain game companies, Forte is not a game production company, but an infrastructure company whose job is to serve game developers and help them transition to blockchain games.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

Therefore, although Forte has reached the 3A standard in terms of resources, it is still unknown whether it can launch a 3A chain game.

3. Sunrise

In September last year, NFT football game developer Sorare‌ announced the completion of a $680 million Series B financing, which brought its project valuation to $4.3 billion. It is reported that this round of financing was led by SoftBank (SoftBank), and some football stars also participated. According to Sorare’s official website, it has reached formal cooperation with 245 football clubs, including Real Madrid, Liverpool and Juventus, etc. According to crunchbase data, as of now, Sorare’s total financing amount has reached 739 million Dollar.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

For now, Sorare is only providing a fantasy football game, but it already has the strength to launch a 3A chain game.

4.Dapper Labs

In 2017, a CryptoKitties game was born to let everyone know the charm of chain games, and the development team behind this game, Dapper Labs, has also attracted the attention of investors. As of now, Dapper Labs has completed Raising $607.5 million, its backers include large investment institutions such as Coatue, A16 z, Google Ventures, and NBA superstars like Michael Jordan have also participated in Dapper Labs’ investment, which is comparable to its NBA top shot sports collection game. big relationship. In addition, Dapper Labs has also tried to expand into sports such as UFC and football, but these projects have not reached the height of the NBA top shot.

In the field of NBA sports, Dapper Labs is fully capable of launching a 3A chain game. According to recent plans, Dapper Labs will launch a mobile game called Hardcourt, where users will be able to use Moments in their NBA top shot account. Play the game.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

5.Yuga Labs & Improbable

Yuga Labs, the parent company of “Boring Ape”, completed a $450 million seed round led by A16z in March this year. Other well-known investment institutions include FTX, Animoca Brands, MoonPay, etc.

The next focus of Yuga Labs is to create a Metaverse game project called Otherside, and Improbable, the developer behind this game, is another Metaverse game company worthy of attention.

According to Crunchbase data, Improbable has raised $604 million in financing so far, and the investment institutions behind it include A16z, SoftBank, DCG, etc.

Recently, Improbable CEO Herman Narula said that during the early development of Otherside, they had successfully tested the use of Improbable’s M2 technology to allow more than 15,000 people to interact simultaneously in a virtual space.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

Right now, Otherside is in a very early stage of development, and its game may not launch until next year.

6.Sky Mavis

As a phenomenal project in the chain game market, Axie Infinity once created a miracle of more than 2.6 million daily active users. However, after its Ronin side chain was hacked for more than 600 million US dollars, Axie Infinity has already gone down the altar. Recently, Sky Mavis, the developer behind Axie Infinity, completed a $150 million investment led by Binance. In addition, Animoca Brands, Paradigm, and a16z and other institutions also participated in the investment. It is reported that this round of financing will be used to compensate for the attack. users who have lost funds in .

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

According to Crunchbase data, Sky Mavis has raised a total of US$311 million in financing, and its announced chain game product is only Axie Infinity. Does Sky Mavis have the energy to create another 3A chain game? Possibilities are not absent.

7.illuvium & Immutable

illuvium‌ has so far received $43 million in financing through private placements and IDOs, and the FDV of its tokens currently exceeds $4.4 billion. As the most anticipated 3A-level chain game on the Immutable X platform, illuvium has experienced 1 year of development, as of now, it is still in the private beta testing stage, and only a few invited players can test the limited game experience.

According to the official roadmap, illuvium’s public beta game test will be released in the second quarter of this year, and the mobile game will be released next year. In addition, illuvium will also increase the game’s development budget by selling game land.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

It is worth mentioning that Immutable, as a partner, has completed a financing of 279 million US dollars so far. Investment institutions include Temasek, Tencent, Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, etc. It can be said that the resources of illuvium, a 3A chain game, are not enough. underestimated.


In October last year, the NFT sci-fi card game Parallel‌ completed a $50 million round of financing led by Paradigm. Other investors include YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, Focus Labs, OSS Capital, and Yunt Capital.

According to the official website, Parallel aims to make a 3A-level TCG card game. It has completed 3 card drop sales so far, plus 10% of the royalties in the secondary card market. At present, Parallel can Over $80 million in development funding at the disposal.

It is reported that Parallel’s chain game project has been established since the first quarter of 2021 and has been in development for nearly a year, and it is still in internal testing. According to the developer’s expectation, Parallel is not expected to launch the initial playable until the end of this year. game, and it may be delayed until early 2023.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

Who are the “quasi-3A chain games” teams?


In December last year, SIDUS HEROES, a Metaverse chain game project, announced the completion of a $20 million round of financing. Participating institutions include Animoca Brands, Polygon, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Arkstream Capital, Spark Digital Capital, AU21 Capital, and HashKey.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

As a space-themed MMORPG game, SIDUS HEROES launched an experience beta version in January this year, and the FDV of its game function token SIDUS is currently 200 million US dollars, which has dropped 96.4% from the high point, and this may be a game test. The experience is not as good as expected.

2.Big Time

In May of last year, Big Time‌ Chain Games, founded by the former Decentraland CEO, completed a $21 million financing. Participating institutions include FBG Capital, DCG, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Alameda Research, LD Capital, etc.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

Judging from the game videos released so far, Big Time is a bit similar to online games such as “World of Warcraft”. It is worth mentioning that the tokens of Big Time will not be sold in any way, but are obtained entirely through the game.

3.Star Atlas

Star Atlas, a star warship game based on the Solana blockchain, completed several rounds of financing last year. According to data provided by crunchbase, Star Atlas has received a total of $10 million in financing so far. Participating institutions include Animoca Brands, Serum, MoonWhale Ventures, FTX, etc.

The reason why Star Atlas has a very high popularity is related to the high-quality game trailers it produces. As of now, the FDV of Star Atlas game Token ATLAS is US$570 million, which has dropped 94.1% from its historical high.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

Star Atlas made a big pie in the early stages, and it’s currently just launching a minimal viable web game for players and collectors to use or trade game assets.

And Star Atlas really wants to launch a chain game that meets the level of trailers, which may take up to several years of development time, and whether its current financing funds are enough to support the development of its movie-level 3A chain game is obviously doubtful at present. of.

And this may also be a common problem that most so-called “3A chain games” will commit.


In March of this year, the chain game Ultiverse‌ announced that it had received a $4.5 million seed round co-led by Binance Labs and Defiance Capital. Other investors included Three Arrows Capital and SkyVision Capital. Since then, Binance Labs has announced another $5 million investment in Ultiverse.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

For now, Ultiverse is still in a very early stage, and this will also be the first 3A-level chain game in the BNB ecosystem, so you can properly keep an eye on it.


In April of this year, Ascenders, a sci-fi action role-playing chain game based on Avalanche, announced the completion of a $6.4 million private equity round co-led by Paramount Capital, Sino Global Capital and Three Arrows Capital. Other participating institutions include DeFiance Capital, Blizzard Fund Wait.

Inventory of the "3A Chain Game" layout of top encrypted VCs Who can carry the banner of Gamefi?

At present, Ascenders‌ only provides a game demo test. Like Ultiverse, this chain game is also in a very early stage and can be properly paid attention to.

3A Chain Tour Layout of Top Crypto Investment Institutions

By observing the financing situation of the above-mentioned Gamefi projects, we can see that the well-known top crypto investment institutions such as A16z, Paradigm, Three Arrows Capital (Three Arrows Capital), Binance Labs and FTX (Alameda Research) have all deployed Some AAA chain games, in addition, Animoca Brands, a game development company, also frequently appears in the list of investment institutions for chain game projects.

For example, A16z deployed Forte, Dapper Labs, Yuga Labs & Improbable, and Sky Mavis chain game teams, Paradigm deployed Sky Mavis and Parallel, Three Arrows Capital deployed Ultiverse and Ascenders, and Binance Labs deployed Sky Mavis And Ultiverse, FTX (Alameda Research) laid out Yuga Labs, Big Time and Star Atlas.

Except for Yuga Labs and Sky Mavis, two popular chain game teams that have won the favor of 2-3 top crypto investment institutions at the same time, the rest of the above chain games are basically projects operated by top investment institutions (Note : If each public chain will have a 3A chain tour representative, then the projects supported by these institutions will likely become hot spots).

From the current point of view, three chain games like Big Time, illuvium and Phantom Galaxies are expected to be open to players this year, while chain games such as Parallel, Otherside, Ultiverse and Ascenders will need to wait until next year.

Some simple views on chain games

Judging from the current situation, the investment scale of crypto investment institutions in chain games has become second only to public chain infrastructure, and as Layer 2 and DA (data availability) solutions become mature, chain games with higher performance requirements Only then will it have the possibility to achieve large-scale expansion (out of the circle).

We know that in the last crypto bull market cycle, Axie Infinity, a chain game with poor playability, became a phenomenal chain game product with its excellent token model design, which also triggered a wave of Play to Earn craze, but these games are essentially more financial games, and dilute the fun of the game itself. At present, some 3A chain game teams have begun to improve the game quality on the basis of Play to earn gameplay, in order to attract more gamers to join the encryption field.

In addition, as a master of Metaverse narrative, ChainGame can simultaneously carry the three basic encryption elements of DeFi+NFT+DAO.

But we need to understand that a fun encrypted game can never be developed overnight, and the more gorgeous the trailer is, the more cautious we need to be, because the implementation of such projects is also extremely difficult. , there is a high possibility that the project party will not be able to deliver satisfactory game works, or the waiting time will be very long.

We also need to understand that any so-called 3A chain games at present are not pure chain games in nature, but this does not prevent them from going out of the circle.

In general, chain games, the encryption track, will still be the focus of the encryption field. Which chain game projects do you think are expected to kick Axie Infinity off the Gamefi throne?

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