Inventory of NFT projects developed based on NEAR (Part 1)

Over the past year, NFTs have become one of the most active and innovative areas in the crypto industry. Whether it is artists, game developers, musicians, writers, and even athletes and sports teams have begun to pay attention to this emerging thing, and are actively engaged in various activities such as NFT casting, sales and purchases.

At the beginning of 2021, the market value of NFTs was about $400 million, and by November, that number had suddenly increased to $7 billion. As more and more people start to mint digital artwork or other types of digital assets, a revolution in the creator economy has begun.

The rise of NFTs is coming at a good time. On November 15th, NEAR released a simplified version of the Night Shadow Protocol. The transaction speed, throughput and security level of the platform have experienced a qualitative leap, which provides excellent conditions for the growth of NFT on the platform. On October 21st, NEAR announced the establishment of a global ecological incentive project worth $800 million (currently worth nearly $2 billion), and Proximity Labs announced the establishment of Grants DAO worth $350 million (currently worth nearly $1 billion). These funds will be Help NEAR’s NFT project to create a unique NFT market and excellent user experience.

In order to show you how NEAR’s NFT community can use Yeying’s super-fast speed to help itself grow, we will take stock of 14 NFT projects developed based on NEAR through two articles. Through these projects, you will be able to understand the status and prospects of NEAR’s NFT ecosystem.


Paras is inspired by real-world card trading. Whether it is a sports card collector, or Pokemon and other non-sports trading card collectors, they will not be unfamiliar with the NFT function of the Paras platform.

Inventory of NFT projects developed based on NEAR (Part 1)

At Paras, NEAR users can quickly and inexpensively create digital trading cards for artwork, comics, and other collectibles.After minting NFTs, creators can sell them, and regular buyers and serious collectors can get digital assets.

The homepage of the Paras website will instantly update the latest NFT release information, which is equivalent to the release of records in the music industry. Paras also makes it easy to track NFT publications throughout.

The team just recently released Boom Boom!, its first mini-digital comic series. Paras’ first comic, PARADIGM, has also released the first 3 issues, and they are all free, and each issue will be sold at a price of 0.3N.

As of this week, Paras’ 30-day volume topped $509,000. Paras currently has tens of thousands of users, 18,000 Twitter followers and 3,000 Telegram followers, and the project is developing rapidly.

Riqi, founder of Paras, said: “We have been actively deploying as many excellent features as possible, and our goal is to create the most comprehensive, innovative and inclusive environment to empower NFT creators and investors around the world.”

deadmau5 x Portugal

Electronic music DJ and producer deadmau5 and indie rock band Portugal. the Man recently teamed up with NEAR and Mintbase to release their latest single “this is fine” as an NFT. The single was released during Art Miami and is currently being sold exclusively on Mintbase in the form of millions of NFTs. Both parties will be expected to be the first musicians to sell a single NFT single to platinum level (one million copies).

Inventory of NFT projects developed based on NEAR (Part 1)

Half of the NFTs to be sold this time are being sold on the Mintbase platform at a price of 0.25N, and the other half are being sold as additional rewards. For example, the Ultimate Bundle includes 50,000 NFTs, a piece of art, a limited-edition NFT, and a belt. Beautifully packaged merchandise and a very precious guest seat for the deadmau5 show. Any fan lucky enough to collect the spree of 1,000 NFTs will receive a single cover artwork with alternating colors that was specially created for that single by a generative algorithm.

deadmau5 said: “NFT is not very complicated. What we want to do now is to make it easy for many of our fans and people who are interested in NFT to buy NFT at a very reasonable price. Of course, the song itself is also very good.”

Portugal. The Man said: “We believe that blockchain and NFTs can allow musicians and creators from all fields to take back control. The world becomes a better world when artists are given more freedom and creative form . The opportunities created by NFTs will help nurture a new generation of artists, which is a good thing.”

OP Games

OP Games is integrating two elements of games and NFTs into the Web3 gaming platform, where players will have a voice and get partial ownership of their favorite games. The developers of OP Games have designed their HTML5 gaming platform so that the community can own a part of the game and co-own the project itself. And these are achieved through fragmented NFTs.

Inventory of NFT projects developed based on NEAR (Part 1)

Under the blessing of this common ownership, as the game continues to develop and achieve success, the price of NFTs held by the OP Games community will also rise accordingly. In addition, the OP Games DAO also gives players a certain say in how the game evolves in the future.

For example, a community can ask the developers of a game to create different levels and new in-game assets that they can buy, own, and trade while playing the game. Ordinary gaming platforms lock digital collectibles into their own ecosystem, while OP Games allows users to bring achievements and skins from other games to existing OP Games games.

Last October, OP Games raised more than $8 million in a seed round, which will be used to attract more players into the Web3 gaming world. Prior to creating the platform, OP Games CEO Chase Freo and CTO Paul Gadi both had over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry.

Currently, NEAR, Filecoin/Protocol Labs and some consultants, such as YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon, are providing support to OP Games. In the future, the project will launch more than 500 games on NEAR by the end of 2022. OP Games’ Twitter and Telegram groups have about 16,000 followers, and the project is currently in a state of rapid development.

Chase Freo, CEO and co-founder of OP Games, said: “Developers can now continue to receive financing through NFTs and DAOs. At the same time, if players DAO decide to add more levels to the game or develop it further, they can directly Say to the developer ‘we want this feature, can you help us implement it?’ and then the developer gets paid by the DAO through the game treasury, because the game is no longer owned by the developer, but by the players collectively .”


Similar to Paras, Lisbon-based Mintbase is an online NFT platform where users can use Mintbase to mint and sell NFTs such as art, music, and tickets. Mintbase is not only an NFT marketplace, but an NFT functional platform where users can create their own marketplaces using the tools it provides.

Inventory of NFT projects developed based on NEAR (Part 1)

With NEAR’s ultra-fast transaction speed, extremely low gas fees, and excellent scalability, Mintbase is able to provide users with a variety of functions and services such as NFT auctions, stores, and royalty reward systems. This will help optimize and scale Mintbase’s VR integration. For example, musician Kwame “Symbolik” Newman-Bremang used Mintbase’s VR integration to create a 360-degree immersive music video to accompany his single “Happy Lies Version 2.”

Mintbase currently has more than 800 NFT stores, more than 2,300 minters, and thousands of NFT smart contracts.Developers are adding “Openbase” (an open NFT store) and other features to make minting, buying and selling NFTs easier.

Mintbase CEO Nate Geier said: “Mintbase has changed a lot. Customization and creative freedom are the cornerstones of our business model to further broaden NFT use cases. With the support of NEAR technology and infrastructure, our monetization and applications will be It’s getting better and better.”

DAO Records

Co-founded by Vandal and DJ Lethal Skills, DAO Records has been involved in NFTs since 2020, and is committed to using NFTs to revolutionize people’s imagination of records. DAO Records is not only an audio NFT distribution tool for independent artists, but also a virtual event service tool.

Inventory of NFT projects developed based on NEAR (Part 1)

At DAO Records, independent artists of any genre wishing to release new songs can cast audio NFTs to fulfill their wishes.In February 2020, DAO Records released their first audio NFT, Vandal and DJ Lethal Skillz minted a Collector’s Edition cover art collection using an uncrackable WAV music file. In May 2020, the duo first tested the water interactive audio NFT-Mint Tape Vol 1, which was packaged with a USB cassette and contained 25 singles and 30 artworks. So far, DAO Records has released 150+ NFTs, with over 100 collaborative artists.

In addition to audio NFT minting, DAO Records is hosting over 50 virtual events in its own cryptovoxel space (“Playground”). DAO Records aims to create a vibrant Metaverse community dedicated to music and art-related virtual events in its own cryptovoxel space and other custom-built virtual venues.

Vandal and DJ Lethal Skills, founders of DAO Records, said: “We are building tools for the future music industry ecosystem, allowing musicians to tap into the energy of the blockchain revolution.”


If you are an artist or other type of creator and need help figuring out how to mint NFTs and bring them to market, Satori is definitely the one to focus on. Satori is working with some well-known artists and musicians to create an NFT ecosystem, reshaping people’s imagination of the creator economy. The platform is built on NEAR, and the vision is to create the next Renaissance movement that leverages the creativity of creators.

The project is currently trying to implement a unique business model according to which artists and creators can confidently present their NFT artwork to their own audiences, removing the middleman and allowing them to move with their business as they go along. benefit from development. Satori will strive to live up to its promise to create an economy that truly serves creators and their fans.

The project is currently in stealth mode, with a full launch planned for January 2022. Satori plans to mint over 5 million NFTs in the first quarter of 2022, reaching 10 million audiences and some of the best artists.

Peter DePaolo, CEO and co-founder of the platform, said: “Our goal is to truly inspire and empower NFT artists and creators around the world. Through our marketplace, they can directly reach their consumers and thus better capture their income. As well as promoting my work and showcasing my talent to our community of luxury tastes.”

NEAR Misfits

NEAR Misfits is an avatar-like NFT virtual character project, dedicated to becoming a boring ape yacht club on the NEAR platform. Launched during the inaugural NEARCON Congress in Lisbon in October 2021, the project has previously received two grants from the Human Guild. NEAR Misfits is currently sold out and remains the top deal in the Paras market.

Inventory of NFT projects developed based on NEAR (Part 1)

The story behind NEAR Misfits is as follows: In order to explore the Metaverse, 10,000 warriors stepped into a vast no-name territory. In the end, only 1,923 survived, of which 1,600 were normal people, 150 were zombies, and 101 were skeletons. , 50 are Nearcats, 22 are faulty, and the rarest. Each group has a unique story, which the author will reveal soon.

The NEAR Misfits team stated: “Our goal in founding NEAR Misfit was to create the best version of avatars for those who entered the NEAR Metaverse. We believe that NEAR Misfit has grown into an active community of early adopters and contributors, and the NEAR ecosystem has also Growing up, there will be more and more people who want to join NEAR Misfit in the future, and NEAR Misfit will have an exciting future.”

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