Inventory of Jay Chou’s NFT road NFT uses the power of stars to break the circle

At 12 noon on July 6th, Jay Chou’s new album “The Greatest Work” prelude MV officially premiered after a lapse of six years. Within a few minutes, the news about Jay Chou’s upcoming new album was also instantaneous. “Break up” everyone’s circle of friends and the homepage of multiple platforms. In just 3 hours after the MV video was launched, the number of plays has exceeded 100 million, setting a record for the fastest MV broadcast on a music platform to exceed 100 million.

At 9:00 pm on July 14th, Jay Chou’s “The Greatest Work” was officially launched on major music platforms. It “killed” the Quartet for a while and dominated the homepages of many music platforms. “Fang Wenshan gave the best words to Jay Chou”, “Jay Chou’s new album sales exceeded 100 million”, “Beautiful face such as frost is so good” and other related entries hung on the Weibo hot search list for a whole night.

Inventory of Jay Chou's NFT road NFT uses the power of stars to break the circle

Jay Chou is worthy of being Jay Chou, and Jay Chou’s influence is beyond doubt. In the music market, Jay Chou has been away for six years, and he is still the king of Chinese music when he returns.

However, in the NFT market, Jay’s influence has not exerted its due “vigorous effect”. The Phanta Bear NFT series (“Phantom Bear”) on Jay Chou’s platform suffered a series of slumps, and its price has dropped from January this year. The highest point of 8.8 ETH reached on the 11th dived to the recent 0.66 ETH, and the price shrinkage rate was close to 98%, which is simply a “thunder attack”.

Therefore, almost all of the Tibetan friends who followed the “Jay Lun Bear” NFT under the influence of Jay Chou were firmly “stuck” in this wave of slumps. Whether you bought it at the issue price of 0.26 ETH when it was released on January 1 this year, or received it at a high price of 8.8 ETH, for players who bought Phanta Bear NFT and still hold it, just one The word “loss”. It seems that even Jay Chou cannot be a 100% “price reassurance” for users in the NFT field.

Celebrity traffic blessing NFT has become an illusory bubble? The entertainment industry’s linkage to NFT has also become a “farce”?

In essence, celebrity traffic has become an important traffic pool for NFT, and the linking of NFT in the entertainment industry has also become a two-way development momentum for the entertainment industry and the NFT industry, providing a broader channel for the integration and breakthrough of the two circles.

Inventory of Jay Chou's NFT road NFT uses the power of stars to break the circle

After Jay Chou’s new album “The Greatest Work” was released, Azuki officially posted on social media that the Azuki co-founder used Jay Chou’s new album “The Greatest Work” as the inspiration to launch a custom Azuki NFT work for Jay Chou. The YOLO Bunny NFT blind box launched by the Web3.0 music Metaverse platform Muverse has opened a whitelist for casting. The first batch of Private-Mints will include some tributes to Jay Chou’s “Greatest Work” NFT. It can be seen that Jay Chou’s commercial value is undeniable in the NFT circle. Of course, NFTs are frequently gaining popularity in the entertainment industry, and this is also the most convenient way to achieve NFTs that are in urgent need of “breaking the circle”.

Jay Chou’s NFT layout: An overview of Jay Chou’s NFT business disk

Many people are wondering, Jay Chou disappeared in the music world for six years, where is Jay Chou? What is Jaylen doing?

In fact, while Jay Chou was holding the child “嘤嘤嘤” and holding the milk tea “ton tons”, Jay Chou was still actively guiding his NFT country and laying out his NFT market. Jay Chou is one of the first batch of star players to enter the “NFT game field” in China, and he is also recognized as a star who is more professional in playing NFT. In the inventory of big and small stars entering the game, Jay Chou will definitely appear in the game. top of the list.

On December 31 last year, Jay Chou and his wife Kun Ling posted Phanta Bear’s NFT image on social platforms respectively. Jay Chou said that this was “the first special gift my brother received”. On January 3 this year, Jay Chou changed his Instagram avatar to Phanta Bear’s NFT work, and said “change the avatar for a few months and feel the feeling of the Metaverse”. With Jay Chou’s publicity, the influence of Phanta Bear’s NFT works has expanded by thousands of miles. On the day of its release on January 1, in less than an hour, 10,000 Phanta Bear’s NFT works were “all cleared”.

Phanta Bear’s NFT work was launched by the Metaverse platform Ezek and Jay Chou’s trendy brand PHANTACi. Its relationship with Jay Chou can be said to be a spider thread, which is obvious and not obvious. Jay Chou used his strong fan base and social media influence to stand for it on social platforms, but it was not actually his own NFT work launched by Jay Chou himself, so in the process of releasing Phanta Bear’s NFT work, Jay Chou gave My own position is a lover and collector.

The NFT work of Phanta Bear, who is in the airborne NFT market, is like a “connected household” who has a close relationship with the BOSS, and the “connected household” layer of inexplicable relationships has successfully formed for it. “Protection Net”, so it was held up by everyone, and “Phantom Bear” also has a new name – “Jay Lun Bear”.

Inventory of Jay Chou's NFT road NFT uses the power of stars to break the circle

Jay Chou’s publicity for the “Jay Bear” platform on social media platforms can be seen as just his trial in the NFT field. Next, Jay Chou’s series of actions in the NFT field all imply that Jay Chou is in the NFT market. “Ambition”, he is not just a collector. While playing NFT by himself, Jay Chou also led his friends to play NFT together. Edison Chen, Fang Wenshan, Ashin, Lin Junjie, Jay Chou leveraged the entire star NFT circle with one person, causing a star NFT storm.

At the end of January this year, Jay Chou jointly auctioned the digital collection of the never-before-seen classic song Demo music for the first time on “Thin Box Mints”. Combining Jay Chou’s music works with NFT not only changes the retention form of his music works, so that Jay Chou’s music can be enhanced in both the breadth and depth of dissemination and diffusion, but also through music empowering NFT, the value of NFT also increases. With further manifestation, NFT works have stepped out of the limitation of JPG, and the collection significance has also been greatly increased.

On April 1, Jay Chou posted on Instagram, saying that the BAYC #3738 NFT (“Boring Ape” NFT) that Huang Licheng had given to him by phone was stolen by a phishing website. This April Fool’s Day news brought Jay Chou and the “Boring Ape” NFT back to the public eye, which is what made the public know what Jay Chou was still doing when he didn’t post a song – playing NFT. At the same time, it is also this incident that makes everyone understand that the unique and tamper-resistant NFT works still face the risk of being stolen, even if he is Jay Chou, even if it happens to be April Fool’s Day, Jay Chou’s million-dollar “Boring Ape” NFT is still stolen. It has become a major event in the industry’s turbulence that month.

In June, he partnered with the well-known football club Paris Saint-Germain, and in order to celebrate Paris Saint-Germain’s 10th Ligue 1 trophy, they jointly launched a set of NFTs called “Tiger Champs”. On July 4th, Jay Chou and celebrity chef Jiang Zhencheng jointly launched the NFT exclusive dessert “Afro Bear”, which will be launched at a Michelin Metaverse event held by FineDayClub. It can be seen that while preparing for the new album “The Greatest Work”, Jay Chou did not give up his NFT career.

Almost every month, Jay Chou has made new breakthroughs in the development of the NFT field, and Jay Chou’s NFT career line is getting clearer and clearer. Singing, playing the piano, magic, acting, filming, nunchucks, NFT… Jay Chou is always trying new fields, and in new fields, Jay Chou can always turn his interests into a profession. Therefore, after Jay Chou’s new album “The Greatest Work” was released, especially after “The Greatest Work” was released as a digital album, everyone was frantically looking forward to the release of the NFT version of Jay Chou’s new album.

Stars enter NFT: How to use the power of stars to form a “circle breaking effect” in the NFT field?

Jay Chou swept the star NFT storm in the Chinese-speaking circle, and in addition to Jay Chou and his friends, the Chinese-speaking stars who entered the NFT circle include Wang Feng, Yi Nengjing, Shawn Yue, Xu Jinglei, Wilber Pan, Hu Yanbin, Xiu Jiekai, Xiaoma and Xiaodao, etc. star artist. In the foreign star NFT circle, there are also top celebrities, Tom Brady, Naomi Osaka, Lionel Messi, LeBron James, Madonna…

The addition of stars has also brought more New Money into the NFT circle.

After the stars with their own huge fan traffic pool entered the NFT circle, fans, fans, and collectors who followed the news quickly seized the pit, and also joined the NFT circle, buying NFT, and speculating on NFT. Most of them are both fans and speculators. , so they also have a new name “Fan Niu”.

Buying a star platform or NFT works released is a speculative act of chasing stars on the one hand, and on the other hand owning a series of NFTs with the same style as a star is also a symbol of status and capital for them to show off, as if they have a series of NFTs with the same style as a star, they It’s like stepping into the same circle as the stars. The influence of stars cannot be underestimated, especially for top superstars like Jay Chou, who are also quite big in the “passer-by”, their every move in the NFT field is essentially stimulating the sensitive nerves of fans and collectors. .

Inventory of Jay Chou's NFT road NFT uses the power of stars to break the circle

Of course, there are also many star followers who are also fantasizing whether one day they can also use the star NFT in their hands to seize the front desk of the concert. After all, joining the NFT that owns Jay Chou will give them a chance to get tickets for Jay Chou’s concert. Who will? Not excited? It’s no wonder that when Jay Chou released his new album “The Greatest Work”, there were also some friends who left messages on various platforms, “ball ball Jay Chou will also release a “Greatest Work” NFT.”

Similarly, if music recordings are released in the form of NFTs, it is not only more convenient in dissemination, but also more convenient for the permanent preservation and long-term circulation of music works for the die-hard fans of stars.In addition, NFT is also spread by carriers with certain collection value such as tickets, star posters, and star cards. Celebrities and stars bring goods in person, which has also become one of the important means to directly promote NFT to the general public.

For the NFT circle, with the addition of celebrities and their own fan traffic groups, it becomes easier for NFTs to “break the circle”. Celebrities are always connected with trends, and star chasers are always matched with words such as youth and acceptance, and this happens to be the characteristic of NFT audiences, so celebrity NFTs have an innate advantage in the NFT circle. Star NFT has a wider range of advantages in terms of work presentation, distribution form, and dissemination groups.

But it is also because it is an NFT work issued by a star or a platform. It is not easy for a star to be 100% focused in the NFT circle. It is more of a “ticket-playing nature”. It is often their brokerage company that operates and manages on their behalf, which leads to stars NFT lacks follow-up operation and maintenance after issuance, and the loss of users is also quite rapid.

Also because of the lack of a professional empowerment mechanism, their NFTs seem to have no other use than collection and hype. The value of star NFTs is like riding a roller coaster. When the popularity of stars passes, star NFTs are also easy to fall. into the bottom. If the current “bear market strike” is encountered again, star NFT works obviously have no other NFT works that have an advantage in lasting stability.

Of course, if star NFTs can bind more welfare empowerment mechanisms, their market prospects should not be underestimated. After all, once again, no one can refuse. For example, if you buy Jay Chou related NFTs, you can directly get Jay Chou concert front row tickets Welfare Opportunities!

The “NFT Moon Landing Plan” in the entertainment industry: it is the joint development of new fields

In addition to celebrities entering the NFT field, the entire entertainment industry has a lot of cooperation with the NFT industry. Novels, movies, and TV series can all be made into NFT works, and major entertainment leading companies have entered the Metaverse space for NFT industry layout.

In China, unexposed clips of Wong Kar-wai’s movie “In the Mood for Love” were made into a movie NFT work, and sold for a sky-high price of 4.284 million Hong Kong dollars at Sotheby’s. Abroad, Quentin Tarantino, the director of “Kill Bill”, also made seven unedited clips from “Pulp Fiction” into a movie NFT and put them on the world’s largest NFT trading platform OpenSea for auction.

There are also many popular TV dramas in China that are being made into digital collections for distribution, such as “Red Flag Canal”, “East Palace”, “Wind in Longxi”, “Let’s Try the World”… digital collections of film and television are becoming the norm.

Of course, one of the reasons for the emergence of so many digital collections of film and television works in the market lies in the NFT plans of many entertainment giants. The domestic film and television big brother “Huace Group” is an early “crab eater”. The childhood memory of Chinese people “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” was not only made into NFT by its production company, Aofei Entertainment, but also released a version overseas. Even artist brokerage companies that do not have film and television dramas as their work material libraries, such as SM Entertainment, Lehua Entertainment and other companies specializing in idol artists, are also deploying the NFT industry.

Inventory of Jay Chou's NFT road NFT uses the power of stars to break the circle

For the entire entertainment industry, the issuance of NFTs is more about “handy things”. The most important point of NFTs is the copyright of works, and it happens that the major entertainment companies do not lack copyrights. Music works, film and television works are promoted at the same time. NFT is issued at the same time. , not only to build momentum for yourself, but also to circle more traffic for yourself and gain greater exposure and revenue.

Of course, taking NFT as a career development is a pretty good way for entertainment companies to link up their industries, especially in the post-epidemic era, when concerts are suspended, TV drama filming crews are at great risk, and cinemas face the risk of being closed at any time due to the epidemic. The entertainment industry suffers a major impact.The entertainment industry and the NFT industry are actively linked, and the long-term sustainable development is more like a “self-help road” for the entertainment industry.

Although the linkage between the entertainment industry and NFT will also make the already impetuous NFT industry more anxious, but the entertainment industry that has already adapted to “making quick money” and “grabbing traffic” can seek a balance between the entertainment industry and the NFT industry. Road, when the heat passes, entertainment NFTs will no longer ride on this “roller coaster”, but will develop more and more steadily.

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