Inventory of 6 Solana Metaverse games that have attracted much attention

Trends are affecting the entire crypto industry and driving the crypto community. Today, the eyes of the entire crypto world and even the real world are focused on a new trend – the Metaverse. The emergence of a Metaverse could forever change the known internet, bringing people into a whole new kind of world.

Solana public chain, known as “the fastest blockchain in the world”, is characterized by high throughput. Currently, the chain can reach 50,000 TPS per second. The efficient computing rate directly reduces the cost of on-chain transactions, which is very suitable for high-frequency blockchain applications to be implemented.

Under the Metaverse boom, what are the projects worth paying attention to on the Solana chain?

Star Atlas


Official website:


Star Atlas is a virtual Metaverse game based on the year 2620. There are three factions in the game, MUD ruled by humans, ONI ruled by aliens, and Ustur Sector ruled by robots. These factions compete with each other for resources, territorial control, and political power. Players, as citizens of one of the Star Atlas factions, participate in this battle.

Double tokens are implemented in the game: ATLAS will be used as the main trading medium in the game to purchase land, equipment, components, etc. in the game, with a total amount of 36 billion; POLIS, as the governance token of the project, will be used to participate in decision-making games There are some gameplay and mechanisms in the game, with a total of 360 million.

It is worth noting that the project has reached cooperation with chain game company Animoca Brands, chain game association Yield Guild Games, and has cooperated with Solana ecological depth.


Token Name: CWAR 

Official website:


Cryowar is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena Metaverse game based on the Solana network, while using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. The game combines multi-field competition. Players can compete for resources, territories, world domination, etc. in the game, and get rich rewards. The game has strong compatibility and can be played cross-platform multiplayer on PC, iOS and Android.

Cryowar aims to establish a long-term stable development of the game environment and economic model, which is a mixture of traditional game experience and blockchain world, DAO, NFT and DeFi.

CWAR is the ecological token of CRYOWAR, which acts as a game, DeFi pledge, mining, governance voting, trading and other roles in the CRYOWAR ecosystem. After the IDO in October 2021, its value has increased by more than 160 times and has attracted the attention of many investors and gamers.


Token Name: CHICKS


Official website:

Introducing Solchicks - What's all the hype about? - Play to Earn

SolChicks is a unique “play to earn” and pet-centric role-playing game on the Solana chain.

Most of the gameplay will take place in a place called SolChicks Village. SolChicks Village will serve as a virtual Metaverse center for players to explore the game. Players will be able to navigate their character to different game locations (market/shop/arena/wilderness, etc.) in the village to access game features. There players can buy, create and own virtual assets (such as land, forged weapons and potions, and other role-playing elements).

The supply of SolChicks is limited to 10,000 pieces, and each SolChick has a unique design. The overall rarity of each SolChick will be classified based on the rarity of its design features and some random hidden features. The overall rarity of SolChicks will affect their game stats. Players can level up and evolve SolChicks through interaction and training, battles, raids, and completing specific quests.

Project Seed

Token Name: SHILL

Official website:


Founded by veteran experts in blockchain and gaming, Project Seed is a GameFi ecosystem built by AAA game studios that utilizes multi-chain hybrid technology and integrates Game Hub, GameFi, DAO, E-Sports, and Growth Program, which aims to disrupt and change the current market and promote mainstream adoption of this technology in the gaming world. The project has received institutional investment from Solana Capital, Huobi Ventures, Solar Eco Fund, Cipholio, BlackEdge Capital, Basics Capital, UG Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, Minted Lab, etc.

The plot of the game is set as the world is about to be destroyed. Players need to find the truth of the world by looking for the guardian and save the sanctuary from destruction. Players will begin their journey in Hunter Harbor, a small city at the western end of the Sandrocks, where players can learn the combat system through tutorials.

Players have three main occupations to choose from, namely mercenary (melee player), sharpshooter (long-range attacker), and alchemist (the largest output in the team). They are blacksmiths, tailors, cooks, carpenters, alchemists and breeders, each of which requires players to find learning recipes and upgrade levels, and each sub-professional can open a corresponding shop.

According to the roadmap, the most important milestone for Project Seed to achieve in the first quarter of 2022 is Open Alpha.


Token Name: AURY

Official website:


Aurory is a 3A-level work built on the Solana public chain. The core team comes from traditional large-scale game companies such as Ubsoft and EA. Aurory is a magical Japanese-style Q-style work, which can be said to be a GameFi version of J-RPG (Japanese RPG) that draws on the Pokémon mechanism. Aurory is a project directly invested by Solana. Other investors include Alameda Research founded by SBF, and Serum, the leader of Solana’s ecological DEX.

Aurory designed both single-player mode and multi-player mode. In the single-player game, players can not only experience the Antik world more immersively through the plot and story, but more importantly, in the single-player mode players have the opportunity to get the first Nefty for free. In multiplayer, players can use their own Nefties team to challenge other trainers, participate in tournaments, and more.

Different from GameFi’s common dual-currency economic model, Aurory only issues AURY as one token, but uses NFTs extensively in the game. In addition to NFTs such as Nefties and props, the game also provides land mechanics. Lands can be used for respawn or teleportation, allowing players to quickly explore long-distance maps. In addition, owning land can unlock randomly generated dungeons, and dungeons of different rarity will produce different quality rewards.


Token Name: GENE 

Official website:


Genopets is a free Move-to-Earn NFT game built on the Solana network. The game extracts data from the user’s mobile phone or wearable fitness device, converts the user’s displayed life status into the status of the pet in the game, and can obtain in-game rewards. Recently, it announced that it has obtained a strategic investment from Yield Guild Games. The specific amount has not been disclosed.

Genopet is a generative NFT that evolves, upgrades and customizes as players level up in the game. Value also increases with type, combat performance, and aesthetics. Genoverse is powered by a dual-token system, GENE and KI, where players earn KI tokens as in-game rewards every day by moving and fighting. And can be used to vote and decide on new game features such as items, gameplay, quests, locations and new integrations. Holding GENE tokens will give you priority access to new game content releases. Users can join the decentralized reward pool to earn game currency KI.

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