Into the pit NFT, wax project digging treasure to explore – update

NFT, the current will be a bit like defi early, the media side has a lot of recognition of its potential trends, but the actual landing are also still under construction and exploration

Previously there was an introduction to the NFT game alien worlds, R planet and so on, this issue and then update some of the recently explored contraptions.

First of all, NFT, the current will be a bit like defi early, the media side has a lot of recognition of its potential trends, but the actual landing are also still under construction and exploration, perhaps at this stage we are more concerned about the concept of this subject, but to really develop, but also still need to have the actual thing, like defi earliest overseas side has been talking, but really popular or wait for the real swap to lend these applications level development up.
I chose wax not because of its plastic sister chain, one is that I happened to understand a lot of things in it through TLM, plus I also saw that there are still related communities in China playing this aspect, and it is relatively difficult to get information from pure overseas projects, so here is also an experience record, but so far many things on the chain I am personally a bit confused, so for the time being it can only be a stage share.
Another is that the data of wax chain should be considered one of the best in NFT, especially in the game category, the following chart is the active situation of the game category in the last week on dappradar.

Into the pit NFT, wax project digging treasure to explore - update

The wax data is more likely to also benefit from the diversion of the alien world, and there are still more than 300,000 active users per week when the game has transitioned from the bonus period to the cold period at the moment.
In addition, other chains recently more popular on the Ether Axie, BSC chain MOBOX, interested can go to see, this area of the game and project selection, do not care how they do the concept of marketing, and ultimately look at the real data on the line.
As for the revenue, this piece of the situation that I have seen so far, it still requires a bit of coincidence, such as the alien world in it did not on the coin security patience to play the family, after the influx of players to make the token and props have gone up dozens of times, and similar games for a year or two or the same old, there are many people, and Axie, this I did not go to study, it is said that the internal game tokens are also up The game tokens are said to have gone up nearly 100 times.
So here, if you are always thinking about how much you can get every day, the game coin price fluctuations can not stand the pit, I think to explore to play with the kind of mentality but the good things do not ask the future will be better, may be when you can also receive some unexpected surprises.
Here are some specific projects, wax now I see better is that it has formed a bit to form a set of ecological feeling.

  1. NFT release
    I don’t know if this can be called INO, is some in-game props or represents some specific rights made into NFT cards, in the designated time to Atomichub (Wax chain on the largest NFT trading center) for players to grab.
    This aspect of the project information, overseas some specialized self-publishing is doing, one is, the following chart is they do this week’s NFT online schedule, a little harder for us is most of the latter part of the night for:.
Into the pit NFT, wax project digging treasure to explore - update

Another website, which will introduce the latest developments in the various projects on the wax chain.
This is a lot of information, the relevant players temporarily do a collection of good, this NFT issue it, there is to grab that is earned, but it seems that some are not, may also still depend on the specific card represents what value, and the project’s user volume, at present I will focus on the auction of the R planet, the other temporarily do not bother to consider, there is another point is the number of issues, like 1-2,000 at a time on the external issue If it really has value, it is basically the world of scientists, so sleep well and do not have illusions.

  1. alien worlds
    This now has a serious in-roll, digging tlm is the world of robots, NFT it since the end of last month, the official adjustment of the coefficient, the production reduced by half, a day digging 100,000 times, there may be only two or three thousand times is able to dig to NFT, the probability is comparable to the lottery, but most of them are still not much value of white cards.
    But may not only look at the immediate, his family has a lot of task features and so did not go online, but also to understand that many pure foreign projects are like this, they do not 996, off work than school early, work in a row, right, can have a system can withstand hundreds of thousands of scripts running on it is already considered okay, ha ha.
  2. mortgage NFT class project
    This piece of currently see two, one is previously said R planet (, another called, this is you as long as the wallet holds their whitelist project NFT, you can mortgage or just need to put in the wallet, you can get their tokens, so it is equivalent to the WAX ecology in the mess of NFT have the most basic value.
    If the market price of NFT is too low, there will also be people to collect to mortgage to these projects to get tokens, like Planet R is issued once every hour for a long time, but now Planet R’s strategy has changed, no scarcity of cards can no longer get aether [cover face], the current simple cards can only rely on, his family means that as long as you have a specific collection of cards in your wallet The collection of some cards, you can get Racoon coin.
Into the pit NFT, wax project digging treasure to explore - update

This seems to be a one-time give, can be in directly into wax, it seems that there are also players to buy these cards packaged together to get the token and then hang out to sell, but for the time being is not very valuable, but also more trouble, if the relevant players have more NFT within the wallet can go to get the next.

  1. wilderness gold
    This is a new game I recently explored, I am new to the game, his family has actually been open for two or three years, before it has been nothing to take off, may also be the recent development of this wind through the wax game, the amount of users including game tokens are growing.
    The game interface is as follows.
Into the pit NFT, wax project digging treasure to explore - update

It belongs to a management game, each player is assigned three working masters (bottom right corner of the picture above), you can earn gold by arranging for them to get work in the platform, you can also rent one or more pieces of land yourself as the boss, by recruiting other workers to build excavations on it to earn the difference in profit, his family’s virtual land is currently only available for monthly rent, rent to the land depending on the nature of the land, some can dig out gold and other Some are factories and some are stores.

He has a game token PGL, 1 PGL is equivalent to 1000 gold in the game, can be converted in both directions in the game, and then this coin is also on the dex can be directly traded, pgl now about 1 is equivalent to 0.6 wax or so, but for the time being it can only be seen as a game, spare time to calculate the profit strategy to exercise the brain and so on, now to rely on it to generate revenue It is still difficult unless the price of pgl can be further up.
His family details on many I have not studied clearly, this piece of information is also less, see the project follow-up development, if mature may also consider writing a tutorial later, today it said it, mainly his family this year there are some actions, may be three or four months will open a part of the new land to buy, on wax players may be an opportunity, in addition to open new land may be on the old land resources will have a wave of demand driven, ecological within Players can pay attention to the late trend.
Today almost say these few, later if you see more including other chains to update, these things may not be too acceptable to most people in the circle, but it is good to understand an impression, after all, NFT will be one of the topics talked about in the future circle.
I personally will hold a small portion of wax for a long time, no matter what it will do in the future, and I also hope to increase this position through future on-chain opportunities.
In fact, I also have a feeling that the crypto world is now split up, each chain and each small circle is playing different things and talking about different opportunities, and many projects can live well without being known to outsiders. In the most detailed project, become their users, spend time to experience, not suitable to decisively abandon the pit, suitable and they grow together.
I think this will be beneficial, but of course the biggest contradiction may be the growing number of these ecological models and the limited time and energy of each person on the contradiction.

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