Interview with Yi Shuihan: “Lengtoo” enters the NFT field, creating a global IP

Many people may not know Yi Shuihan, but they must have seen the “cold rabbit” he created. Yi Shuihan has been doing cold jokes for ten years. A cute, cute, black-bellied rabbit, first started telling cold jokes to everyone in Douban’s cold team, and later spread throughout the Internet. From the first generation of Internet celebrity images to today, it is still active on major mainstream platforms, and the entire network exceeds With 65 million fans, it seems to be a comic IP that has been popular on the Internet for several generations. This cute and lively virtual image has become a favorite object of many netizens.

Interview with Yi Shuihan: "Lengtu" enters the NFT field, creating a global IP

Recently, “Cold Rabbit” announced its entry into the NFT field, and combined with blockchain technology, the new X Rabbits Club NFT will be released at that time. This is the Crypto Native brand of the Cold Rabbit series.

“We will build an IP with global consensus and do interesting things to let foreigners know what a real Chinese project is.” The founder Yi Shuihan emphasized.

Interview with Yi Shuihan: "Lengtu" enters the NFT field, creating a global IP

Yuan Cosmos Wormhole (a vertical media of Yuan Cosmos prepared by Yuppie Brothers) invited the founder Yi Shuihan to participate in an interview about the upcoming X Rabbits Club series of Cold Rabbit. The following are some of the interview content summarized by the friends:

1. Mr. Yi, what kind of ideas inspired you to become X Rabbits Club?

Yi Shuihan: “ There are two reasons.

First, I personally have been following the fields of Crypto and NFT for a long time. When CryptoKitties and CryptoPunk came out, I paid attention to them. The turning point is that from the second half of 2021, when Curry used bored ape as his avatar, Yu Wenle printed it on his clothes. When the brand co-branded model was issued on. I began to realize that NFT is a brand new field. It turns out that IP can be defined in Crypto in this way. These explosive encrypted trendy IPs are a dimensionality reduction blow to traditional IP. Because copyright has great restrictions in traditional industries, crypto users can use it for commercial purposes after purchasing a separate NFT.

The second reason is that users who purchase NFTs and use them as their avatars in social software are also indirectly empowering the entire IP. So I want to make X Rabbits Club a global IP. “

2. According to the information I have learned, Lengtoo currently has more than 65 million fans on the entire network and is deeply loved by the public. Can you share some experience of operating IP for so many years?

Yi Shuihan : We still mainly rely on content innovation to operate, but the process of operating content is still relatively difficult, and we cannot focus solely on obtaining benefits. But from the perspective of operating companies on the other hand, even if the content and IP operations are very successful and cannot be realized, it will fail if they cannot make long-term benefits for the company. For example: an anchor has a very good talent, if there is no company behind to provide him with platform resources, it will be difficult to go on. Therefore, it is critical to find a balance between operational content and the company.

A healthy commercial realization supports the development of Lengtoo IP, while the innovation of content and the power of IP support our commercialization to be more lasting and stable. In general, a good IP and commercialization are complementary to each other. relation.

3. What do you think is the essential difference between traditional trend culture IP and Crypto native IP? With the rapid development of the NFT field, in what form will they be presented to the audience in the future?

Yi Shuihan : “I personally think that the most essential difference lies in whether the people who do things really believe in and recognize Crypto in their hearts. It lies in how the creator views this issue. The art creator will give this IP soul, and the design can exist in diversified forms. of.

I am very optimistic about the development prospects of NFT. The application scenarios of NFT in the future are diversified. A movie ticket can be an NFT, and personal identity authentication is also an NFT. From a traditional perspective, some of the current rights and interests of NFT are actually membership cards. Such rights. “

Interview with Yi Shuihan: "Lengtu" enters the NFT field, creating a global IP

4. Will Lengtoo plan to distribute digital collections in China afterwards?

Yi Shuihan : “I think that in the future, based on market demand and in compliance with relevant actual regulations, it will be no problem to issue digital collections of Cold Rabbit, because NFT has various forms of expression. On the other hand, it faces a globalized market, which everyone will be familiar with in the future. It will be the IP of X Rabbit Club, the copyright exists independently, but fans who love Cold Rabbit will also buy XRC as a sustenance.”

5. Faced with the aesthetic fatigue that IP may encounter, does Lengtoo have any plans for content innovation in the future?

Yi Shuihan : “We have begun to deploy some plans for artist cooperation. For example, in the future, we may launch joint models with Takashi Murakami or iterate products with other artists. We will try our best to grasp the rhythm of the market, and Lengtoo is in China. I have ten years of content creation experience. This design is completely different from the previous design. Our designers are also fans of encryption art. They have also studied a large number of NFT designs, including the elements, background, and Cultural integration, etc. Our design team is constantly learning and innovating.

Interview with Yi Shuihan: "Lengtu" enters the NFT field, creating a global IP

6. We can see some blue-chip projects on the market such as bayc. This year, gamefi about the monkey family series will be launched to better empower this IP. Doodles has also initiated an animation production related vote. X Rabbits Club will have ( Launch related games or movie animation) plans in this regard?

Yi Shuihan : “In fact, we have experience in making animation before, and we will definitely make X Rabbits Club series of animations in the future. In fact, there are many ways to play in Web 3.0. The land of the Rabbits Club is for cold rabbit lovers to enjoy.

It is also possible that in the future, when our users enter the meta-universe, they will also bring their own X Rabbits Club NFT special effects, etc., so animation will have many forms in the web 3.0 world. If users have a consensus that we need to make games, we will also explore games in accordance with the needs of the community. Generally speaking, it will still connect with the traditional world.

7. I have seen that the vision of X Rabbits Club is to create a global IP similar to Disney. Can you briefly reveal some general plans? For example, how will X Rabbits Club carry out long-term community building in the future? Some cold rabbit lovers around me are very interested in this topic.

Yi Shuihan : “X Rabbits Club will have a long-term community planning and development. First, before forming a global IP, we will cooperate with street fashion brands to empower X Rabbits Club. If we compare bayc to crypto Supreme, there will definitely be other series of brands, X Rabbits Club will also have a loyal fan base, the most important part of our Roadmap is to be an open meta-universe of rabbits (X Rabbits Club) for X Rabbits Club The members build and create.

We will establish an X Rabbits Club DAO to help artists with unique creations incubate NFT works. This will create an artist incubation ecosystem from which long-term holders of X Rabbits NFT will obtain a series of rights and interests. In addition to investing in marketing, In addition, we will also airdrop related series of NFTs to community members to give back to their long-term support and help holders achieve hold-to-earn. “

8. Recently, Nike Adidas and some well-known IPs in the traditional trend culture circle of Pepsi have entered the encryption field to issue NFTs. In the future, more well-known companies and top-tier IPs will join in. These companies with essentially centralized business models have entered. In the centralized blockchain industry, how do you see the future competitive landscape of traditional companies in the NFT market?

Yi Shuihan : “My understanding is that traditional big companies have entered the circle one after another. The most important thing is whether they want to build a community based on the consensus of web 3.0 and give back to community members for a long time. If they still do things with a traditional web 2.0 centralization mentality. , Their future development in the crypto field may not be too optimistic.”

Interview with Yi Shuihan: "Lengtu" enters the NFT field, creating a global IP

9. As far as I know, the information company team has expanded from the first few people to more than 40 people now. Can you share the story of the Lengtoo team?

(How did the team come over step by step, and created this cold rabbit IP that is popular across the country)

Yi Shuihan : “Our company’s slogan is: “Deliver happiness with your heart.” The first idea was that when someone told me a cold joke, I had the idea of ​​telling a cold joke to the public, and then started to create a website.

In fact, the joke itself conveys the energy of sharing. You told me a joke, and I posted it to them on the Internet. The joke should not be restricted to liquidity.

But when I tell jokes to others, I still hope that an IP can represent these jokes, so there will be Lengtoo behind.

The development of Lengtoo has attracted many like-minded friends, and the team has gradually developed. The reputation in the industry is relatively good, and the treatment is relatively complete. At present, the company has not raised funds and will not be carried forward by capital.

In fact, doing NFT will encounter many unknown challenges. This is a very critical step for traditional web 2.0 IP to advance to web 3.0. It is a brand new attempt, but it is also the first step for Lengtoo to enter the world.

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