Interview with ROCKI founder Bjorn Niclas: Enter the mainstream market to create a new music NFT ecosystem

In recent years, more and more musicians have realized that the traditional music industry model and the advent of the streaming media era have continuously oppressed their living space. Many pioneer musicians have begun to experiment with artificial scarcity. Among them, NFT is One of the most noteworthy ways. Recently, Golden Finance exclusively interviewed Bjorn Niclas, the founder of music NFT platform ROCKI, to gain insights into NFT in the eyes of senior musicians and ROCKI’s way of breaking the game.


ROCKI founder Bjorn Niclas

Abandon the traditional music industry model and create a new music ecosystem

Bjorn Niclas has been deeply involved in the field of music and music technology for nearly 20 years. He has served as a radio manager for world-renowned radio stations and founded a number of music technology companies. As a senior industry professional, Bjorn Niclas has a deep understanding of the current problems in the music industry: “The current music industry is dominated by a centralized model, controlled by top interest groups such as large record companies, Spotify, Apple Music, Google, and Amazon. Only a few musicians who can sign with major record companies can enjoy the advantages of this model, while independent musicians with a mass of more than tens of millions will find it difficult to obtain benefits and services from it.”

Therefore, Bjorn Niclas created ROCKI, the first music platform on the Binance Smart Chain. Through blockchain technology and token economy, it creates a new music ecosystem, cuts unnecessary intermediate links, and allows musicians and fans to communicate. Direct interaction. Using token sharing, it provides musicians with a new income channel, and through NFT works, all music fans can directly participate in the interaction.

The ROCKI platform has launched many exclusive music NFT works, including some exclusive unreleased songs and music works. Music fans can collect and listen in the form of NFT, and they can also obtain future royalties from the works by purchasing part of the ownership of the song royalties. ROCKI will also launch an “artist pledge” function, where music fans can pledge ROCKI tokens and share the pledge rewards with their favorite musicians on the platform.

Since its launch in October last year, ROCKI has gathered more than 9,000 musicians and released more than 30,000 songs on the platform. In terms of music NFT, there have been more than 800 music NFT distributions and transactions. “This is a very high number, because NFT integration just started in May of this year.” The popularity of ROCK surprised Bjorn Niclas. “Because ROCKI is still in the testing phase, many functions have not yet been officially launched, and did not focus on the entry of famous musicians, but we have attracted some quite well-known artists, such as BLOND:ISH, Nick Warren, John Digweed And Guy J, etc., are big artists in the Eurodance world. We have a long list of famous IPs and musicians, and they are waiting to use the ROCKI platform to sell their music NFT.”

At present, ROCKI is focusing on developing new credit/debit card payment solutions, which are expected to be released in the next one or two weeks. At that time, ROCKI will be able to provide musicians with the allocation of tokens from the marketing budget planned in the white paper to provide The complete process plan of VIP service helps musicians to smoothly distribute and sell NFT works.


Bring NFT music to the mainstream market

Bjorn Niclas pointed out, ROCKI began late last year in an Ethernet Square carried out on the construction, and launched the first platform Royalty NFT right product (ERC-1155), and successfully carried out several right NFT Royalty auction, which is a well-known musician Guy J, 50% of the royalties of his exclusive songs on ROCKI were auctioned to 40 ETH .

During this practical operation, the gas fee for minting coins could reach US$80. Bjorn Niclas immediately realized that the cost of Ethereum was too high for ordinary users. After a period of research and investigation, he finally chose to use BSC coins. An intelligent chain. “The transaction cost of the BSC Binance Smart Chain is low, fast, and it has a large community and developer group. This is crucial to the development of ROCKI, and ROCKI has also received a high degree of attention in the BSC community.”

Bjorn Niclas further stated that as a company, ROCKI will always seek better improvement solutions for users. In the future, ROCKI may be transferred to another blockchain or continue to support cross-chain functions, such as the current ChainSwap bridge, which will be ERC20 ROCKI. The token is connected to BSC, and at the same time, it is also considering adding more bridging support, connecting Heco and other chains, etc., to continuously optimize the functions and experience of the platform, and to bring more quality services to users.

On the other hand, ROCKI is also continuously strengthening user education and lowering the entry barrier of the NFT market. Bjorn Niclas believes that ROCKI’s biggest growth opportunity is to be accepted and adopted by the mainstream market. However, most users in the mainstream market are not familiar with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, ROCKI should focus on converting non-cryptocurrency music lovers, using credit cards or debits. As the first entry point, the card allows music lovers in the traditional market to participate in the NFT music ecosystem through familiar channels, and pay close attention to new users to help them quickly master the NFT operation process and mode of play. By cooperating with famous musicians, it drives the traffic of new music lovers and converts them into ROCKI users, gradually entering the mainstream market.

Focus on the Asian music market, and many exciting features will be launched soon

Bjorn Niclas revealed that ROCKI will focus on the Asian music market in the future. “Looking at the global music consumption situation, we can see that the Asian music and music market has always been one of the strongest markets, especially in the past few years. With the rise of Tik Tok, music consumption and discovery have completely changed. We are about to collaborate with several famous Tik Tok stars, one of them is Sunny Lukas from Hong Kong, and several other famous singers. They will release their music NFT on ROCKI and use Tik Tok for promotion.”

In addition, ROCKI is communicating with a number of famous Chinese singers and musicians, using ROCKI’s Music NFT products to provide their fans with exclusive limited edition music works. ROCKI also invests in marketing activities in traditional music forums and online groups to let more people understand the charm of ROCKI and music NFT.

At the end of the interview, Bjorn Niclas introduced us to ROCKI’s next layout and planning: “In the next few weeks, we will launch the highly anticipated credit/debit card payment function for Music NFT, so that the platform and projects will have Greater mainstream influence and adoption rate. The function of [Artist Staking] will also be launched in mid-September. Ordinary music fans can pledge ROCKI tokens on the platform and share the pledge rewards with their favorite musicians. This will It is a new interactive way for music lovers to show their support and encouragement to their favorite musicians. IOS and Android mobile apps are also under development, and I hope to see you in the Mid-Autumn Festival this year.

In addition, the highly anticipated [Listen and Earn] feature will also be released later this year. This exclusive feature allows ordinary music fans to earn ROCKI tokens by listening to sponsored and curated music. The token rewards come from artists. In itself, artists can gain more supporters through their own music. “


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