Interview with Radix’s Advanced Road: DeFi is poised to rise to the sun

Since 2021, Grayscale ‘s trust fund has received more than US$2.3 billion in investment. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust accounts for 73% of total asset management (and more than 56% of total assets managed by cryptocurrency investment products). It is reported that Grayscale has added 13 new cryptocurrencies to its list of assets under consideration, once again showing great interest in DeFi. Wall Street people also revealed that they are more optimistic about the development of DeFi, and the prosperity of DeFi will continue.

At 19:00 on October 13, 2021, a China-Japan-Korea panel will be held. The topic is “Can we reach 100 million DeFi users by 2025?” Radix DLT Ltd CEO-Piers Ridyard was invited Participation is to share with followers and supporters Radix’s advancement of DeFi, which is growing towards the sun.

From Blockchain 1.0 represented by Bitcoin to Blockchain 2.0 represented by smart contracts, to the upcoming Blockchain 3.0 in various industry application scenarios outside the financial industry, many thorny issues need to be solved. . Only with a good and reliable representation of all inputs to the economy can a new form of programmer capitalism be truly created. This will be a long and slow process.

Radix’s goal is to provide as many technical tools as possible to ensure that technology will never become a bottleneck for innovation. When the world is ready for the next phase of digitalization, we need to make sure that difficult technical problems have been solved and ready.


We all know that scalability, security, and decentralization” are known as the impossible triangle of the blockchain. What about the four corners? Radxi is committed to building a Layer-1 platform for decentralized finance. Core technology can solve the current block. Chain 4 basic challenges.

It is reported that Radix’s first mainnet version, Olympia, was officially released on July 28, 2021, and on September 15, 2021, after two rounds of community voting, all XRDs have been unlocked.


As we all know, to build an error-free code is very difficult and complex due to the risk of being punished, unless has been committed to build the application, otherwise without anything in return, gas costs are killing Ethernet Square is the presence of three huge problem DeFi ecosystem, So that the entire space cannot enter the next stage of real explosive growth.

Currently DeFi is a very good direction for blockchain applications, especially since the explosive growth from the second half of last year to this year, then which direction will Radix lead DeFi to develop next?


According to the roadmap, Radix’s main network will continue to iterate. On November 12, 2021, Radix will host the Alexandria Preview Event (APE) in New York City! In the half-day event, a keynote speech will be given to introduce our roadmap for using DeFi on Radix to reshape global finance. For developers, the next seminar will provide the first preview of Scrypto’s pre-release form-Radix assets -A programming language for smart contracts!

Many people believe that the climax of the DeFi revolution will come eventually, but they do not believe it will come soon. With a four-year cycle scale, it is no longer possible to measure the development trend of the crypto world. Four years is just a currency cycle, not a technological cycle. The development of science and technology has an acceleration. When all accumulation reaches a singularity, the climax of the revolution will come~

A China-Japan-Korea panel discussion will be held at 19:00 on October 13, 2021. Welcome to learn more about different views on DeFi. By 2025, can we reach 100 million DeFi users, what do you think? let us wait and see.

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