Interview with Leon Xiu, Chief Content Officer of Euterpe: The combination of rationality and sensibility NFT gives music a texture again

Throughout the development history of various fields, it can be seen that every major technological upgrade will touch the existing profit distribution pattern, thereby promoting the upgrading and transformation of the entire industrial structure. The emergence of the blockchain has led to a wave of global affirmative movement, and decentralized ideas continue to impact the pyramid structure of traditional industries. The profit-driven music industry is now undergoing changes.

With the popularity of NFT, more and more musicians choose to distribute NFT works, and some music companies are also actively seeking breakthroughs. The combination of NFT and music is becoming a new popular trend. Leon Xiu, chief content officer of Euterpe, believes that NFT may be able to bring the music industry back to glory, end the curse of “traffic is king” in the streaming media era, and allow users to regain an experience that combines rationality and sensibility.

Leon Xiu has successively served as the China copyright director of Sony Music, the world’s three largest record companies, the commercial director of CAA China, the world’s largest artist brokerage company, the music copyright director of ByteDance, and the Chinese director of Tencent Music Entertainment. During his tenure at ByteDance, Leon Xiu first came into contact with NFT while chatting with his partners in the Taiwanese recording industry. “When I first heard about NFT, I didn’t have any special thoughts. I just felt that due to the differences in the domestic and foreign copyright markets, there will be some difficulties in the implementation of NFT, but there will be room for development.”



In foreign countries, the cost of purchasing copyright on the platform can be deducted from the advance payment based on conditions such as traffic, revenue, and membership fee sharing. However, the domestic advance payment is usually much higher than the actual level of royalties and cannot be deducted. This model makes domestic Internet platforms have limited copyright budgets and are often at a disadvantage in copyright negotiations. In order to maintain top-tier singers and artists and gain advantages in copyright wars and the market, a large number of platform resources will tend to top-tier artists. , The resources available to other artists and the space for growth will be greatly reduced, leading to higher platform costs and higher user fees, while the quantity and quality of works continue to decline.

With the deepening of the understanding of NFT, Leon Xiu gradually realized that under the current Internet model, even the so-called large platforms can provide very limited help in the field of music and cultural creation, and cannot really promote the development of the industry and bring to the market. More high-quality works, but NFT has the ability to change this situation, so Leon Xiu chose to join the Euterpe platform and work with the Euterpe team to promote the landing of the NFT field and return the music industry to its proper state.

Combining rationality and sensibility, NFT gives music a sense of texture again

The emergence of NFT not only allows creators to fully display their own stage and hold the value of copyright in their own hands, its fragmented characteristics also perfectly meet the needs of segmentation in the copyright field. Leon Xiu pointed out that in the traditional music industry, copyright is composed of very small parts. Behind a song, not only the composition, lyrics, and singer have their own rights, but the subsequent recording rights and distribution rights are also decentralized. The distribution of rights It is very complicated. In the traditional mode of operation, it is easy to cause infringement, and the application of decentralized NFT and blockchain technology can solve the above problems well.

On the other hand, Leon Xiu believes that NFT gives collectors a sense of mutual participation. “We always say that in the era of digital economy, there is no actual feeling after paying, such as listening to music, filling up a membership, paying for a single payment, or buying a digital album, the final feeling is just listening to a song, and In the early days of buying records and listening to music on tapes, the sense of participation we can get is very sufficient. In the past, we got a cassette or a record and we could share it with friends. The packaging cover design and copywriting reflected the creation. The background, inspiration, and accumulation of singers can all be conveyed to us, and become a conversational resource and a collection. It is not a simple audio. In this way, the digital age is a retrogression.

The Euterpe platform and NFT can allow users to regain a combination of rational and perceptual experience, obtain unique NFT souvenirs, and even participate in the spread of works in a more in-depth manner. NFT holders are no longer pure consumers. They can benefit from listening to songs, sharing, and voting. The ability to bring fans a new sense of participation is the unique charm of the NFT and Euterpe platforms. ” 


Get rid of the curse of “traffic is king” and make quality the only criterion of value

One-way communication leads to the lack of sense of participation, which in turn causes the separation of rationality and sensibility. Under the “Internet thinking” where traffic is king, the final result is the proliferation of vulgar and vulgar content. Under such a market atmosphere, cultural and creative works The quality will naturally decline, and ultimately creators and users are stuck in a quagmire.

“Fortunately, we will not and do not need to blindly pursue traffic.” Leon Xiu explained that due to the open and autonomous nature of NFT, Euterpe will not be affected by the strange circle of cost and traffic. Compared with the guidance of some streaming media platforms Healthier, under the operating strategy of Euterpe platform, the quality of the song itself is more critical. “Vulgar songs have their own characteristics. Users can listen to it once or twice, but they don’t want to listen to it repeatedly. Really good music users are willing to listen to it again and again. Just like the records purchased in the record era, good record users will put them in the cabinet. Place the conspicuous places and the unpleasant ones in the corners.” The Euterpe platform will conform to user habits and push high-quality works that users listen to repeatedly to the front row, instead of so-called traffic works, and encourage creators to create more quality works. .


The advancement of NFT will definitely bring changes to the fields of copyright and creation. It is not yet clear how much impact it can have. The development of things requires a process, and NFT’s wide acceptance by the mainstream industry also requires a certain process. Leon Xiu once worked with Many companies in the music industry have talked about NFT, some want to learn and understand, and some hesitate. The NFT field is still very young, and it will inevitably experience various difficulties and obstacles in the process of implementation, especially NFT decentralization. The characteristics of integration, transparency, and traceability will touch the private interests of a small group of people, but there is always someone to promote it.

“Do your own things steadily, and then consider things like income. As Confucius said, respect the things and eat afterwards.” Behind the simple words are the firm ideas and determination of the Leon Xiu and Euterpe teams.

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