Interview with Justin Sun, founder of TRON: TRON TVL breaks through US$10 billion and successfully builds a benign DeFi ecosystem

According CryptoRank block chain platform for professional data show that the total pledge amount (TVL) TRON public chain of the wave field on August 18 reached $ 10.1 billion, second only to Ethernet Square and currency security intelligence chain, ranked third in the world. At the beginning of August, the total pledge amount of TRON was only around US$8 billion. Recently, Golden Finance exclusively interviewed Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, to learn more about the secret behind the rapid development of TRON and the layout plan of TRON’s ecological future.


Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent

The following is the interview record:

Golden Finance: It is understood that on August 18, the TVL of the TRON public chain exceeded 10.1 billion U.S. dollars. What does it mean for TRON to exceed 10 billion TVL? How can TVL data show the strength of TRON?

Justin Sun: Everyone knows that DeFi has always been hot in the blockchain, and TVL is its main measurement index. Naturally, the higher the better. Since its establishment, TRON has been committed to the construction of decentralized financial infrastructure. The TVL successfully broke through tens of billions of dollars. For TRON itself, it is not only a proof of strength, but also means that TRON has achieved benign success. DeFi ecological closed loop.

As one of the three major public chains, TRON has always been at the forefront of the industry technically. From the ecological point of view, the breakthrough of TVL data this time shows that TRON has made considerable achievements in the DeFi field, demonstrating TRON’s determination and achievements in deepening the blockchain. At the same time, from the perspective of future development, all areas of TRON have achieved rapid growth, which can jointly empower the overall development of TRON.

Golden Finance: Judging from historical data, during August, the TVL value of TRON increased very rapidly, from over 8 billion to 10.1 billion in less than a month. What is the reason behind this?

Justin Sun: TRON data and TRON ecology have repeatedly achieved explosive growth in data, which has nothing to do with our success in predicting the market many times. The rapid growth of TVL, on the one hand, stems from the explosion of the DeFi industry, which just shows that our original strategic positioning was not wrong. TRON has shown its brilliance in the new round of boom in the DeFi industry, and can be regarded as a successful model of DeFi that has been tested by the market.

On the other hand, the reason comes from the long-standing advantages of TRON. While TRON has the advantages of high throughput, easy scalability, and high TPS network performance, the low handling fee and faster transaction experience also make all users keen on the TRON network. An important advantage of

It can be said that there is nothing wrong with making choices with TRON, and everyone can continue to pay attention to the ecology of TRON. TRON will continue to allow developers, users, partners and many other parties to enjoy the benefits and peace of mind brought by the TRON network.

Golden Finance: In addition to the breakthrough in TVL data, what other dazzling data or achievements does TRON have this year?

Justin Sun: TRON’s various businesses this year can be said to have been in full bloom. In addition to the TVL data breakthrough, the total number of users of the TRON public chain has exceeded 52 million, and the number of transactions has exceeded 2.3 billion. And, just recently, the number of TRON’s daily increase in accounts exceeded 620,000, and the number of transactions in a single day exceeded 9.29 million, both hitting a record high.

In addition, the TRON ecosystem is gradually improving, and we have successively carried out new layouts in stablecoins, DeFi, GameFi and other fields. Take stablecoins as an example , TRON has achieved a super strong pattern of four major stablecoins, including USDT, USDC , USDJ and TUSD. In April of this year, the USDT circulation of the TRON version successfully surpassed Ethereum. Until today, the USDT circulation of the TRON version has been ranked first for a long time, and its advantages cannot be shaken.

As everyone knows, TRON has been committed to the construction of decentralized infrastructure, and has also launched many mining projects. We currently have JustLend, JustSwap, and mining platforms, among which JustLend is the first official lending project on the TRON network. Today, JustLend’s total pledge value has exceeded $1.8 billion. JustSwap is the first token exchange protocol on TRON. At present, JustSwap, which has just been established for one year, has a total pledge value of more than 1.4 billion US dollars. I have explained to you that is the first integrated platform that integrates stable currency exchange, pledge mining, and autonomous. Not much to say about its advantages. At present, the total pledge value of has exceeded $700 million.

In addition, the most important thing to ignore is the recent development of the BitTorrent ecosystem. BTFS Scan has been officially upgraded to BTSCAN recently. This comprehensive upgrade has brought great convenience to BTFS’s global miners and users. Not only will the data query become clearer and visible, it will also attract more and more people to participate in BTFS. This great decentralized storage action will provide a stronger impetus for the development of the BitTorrent ecosystem, and will better integrate and help each other with the TRON ecosystem.

At present, the number of active miners on the BTFS network exceeds 1.49 million, the total number of contracts on the entire network exceeds 53 million, and the total revenue of the entire network exceeds 10.5 billion BTT. It is the Top-level project with the largest number of miners participating and the most active community.

Recently, TRON has also formally entered GameFi and NFTFi through the joint APENFT Foundation. It is foreseeable that GameFi and NFT will become the next hot track, and TRON will certainly not be absent. Everyone stay tuned.

Golden Finance: Looking back on the development history of TRON, what do you think are the decisive factors for TRON’s success?

Justin Sun: To say that the factors of success are inseparable from the right time, the right place, and the harmony of people.

Speaking of heaven first, TRON is always able to seize the opportunity ahead of others and successfully predict the market. Take NFT as an example. NFT is a big hit this year. Brands such as Porsche and Coca-Cola have all released NFT collections this summer. In fact, TRON has already started to cultivate the NFT area at the beginning of this year, and it can be said to be a “leader” in promoting NFT art and helping the development of NFT. In addition, the TRON ecosystem has now completed its layout in many areas, but the TRON team is still continuing to expand and continue to add bricks to the TRON ecosystem. This is also one of TRON’s business strategies.

Secondly, speaking of geographical advantages, I personally believe that the current rapid development of the entire blockchain industry is the biggest opportunity given to us by the times. With the strong support of domestic and foreign policies for blockchain technology and the continuous emergence of new financial formats in the digital currency field, many outstanding projects have emerged. TRON has also gradually completed a strong ecological layout under these circumstances.

The last is humanity. The development of TRON is inseparable from the support of a large number of outstanding developers and many community users at home and abroad. Of course, it also includes the 7*24 continuous deep cultivation of TRON’s technology and operations teams. This has led to a glorious situation with less than 4 years of development and a global ecosystem. Thank you for your support, and welcome more developers and community users to participate in the ecological construction of this decentralized financial infrastructure.

Golden Finance: From the perspective of TVL rankings, TRON is the third largest public chain after Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Do you think TRON can further improve the ranking? Where is the breakthrough point for TRON in the future?

Justin Sun: Again, I am personally confident in TRON. On June 25, 2018, TRON achieved full independence. It has achieved its current achievements in less than 4 years of development. There is no doubt that TRON is still in a period of rapid development.

In addition, the development cycle of TRON is much lower than that of other head public chains. Take Ethereum as an example. Ethereum, which was born in 2013, has a history of 8 years, while TRON has developed a powerful ecosystem that rivals Ethereum after only 4 years of development. What needs to be emphasized is that in the field of stablecoins, we have also surpassed the Ethereum version of USDT and once became the world’s largest clearing network.

At present, the total lock-up value (TVL) of TRON’s DeFi has exceeded 10.9 billion US dollars. The speed is also the best proof. Speaking of breakthrough points, I think TRON will still pay more attention to ecological development in the future. In fact, from the perspective of ecology, technology, volume growth and other data, TRON has undoubtedly gone very fast, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. We will continue to devote ourselves to building the TRON ecosystem and make continuous efforts for the better development of TRON.

Golden Finance: What development plan has TRON formulated in the second half of the year? How will TRON respond to the changes in the bull-bear market and changes in policy and regulatory trends in the future?

Justin Sun: TRON has always been adhering to the concept of “one death every day, quick success “. In the second half of the year, TRON will mainly focus on the NFT and DeFi fields. You know, NFT and DeFi are the biggest craze of blockchain in the past two years. We will not miss it naturally.

Since last year, TRON has aggressively attacked the DeFi field. At the beginning of this year, it has set its sights on NFT and has made certain achievements. Currently, TRON has officially entered GameFi and NFTFi, and has established a strategic partnership with DeFine to jointly build the NFT ecosystem. In the second half of the year, it will continue to deepen the development of these two fields and other ecosystems. Thank you for your support. You can pay more attention to news about the follow-up development of TRON.

When it comes to bull and bear markets and the development of policy and regulatory trends, I think it’s normal to deal with it. This is not a problem of TRON, or any currency or company, but the development and changes of the entire industry. As long as you stick to your heart, in a bull market, Seize the opportunity and don’t get discouraged in the bear market. It is believed that the TRON ecology will usher in a major explosion at any time.

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