Interview with Jen-Hsun Huang: What about the economic downturn? The future Metaverse will be “free for all”

Faced with ferocious mining disasters and ugly financial reports, Huang Renxun, the head of Nvidia, is still full of confidence in the future of the Metaverse: “Maybe you haven’t realized it yet, it’s already free.”

Nvidia’s recent Q2 earnings report was pretty bad.

The earnings report showed a sharp drop in revenue from the company’s PC and game sales businesses. Game revenue for the second quarter was $2.04 billion, down 33% from a year ago and down 44% from the previous quarter.

The earnings report also expects the company’s revenue to fall by 17% year-on-year in the third quarter, causing its stock price to fall about 5% in after-hours trading.

The mining disaster was fierce, the currency price fell sharply, and the graphics card was not easy to sell at a high price, but Lao Huang had other businesses.

Interview with Jen-Hsun Huang: What about the economic downturn? The future Metaverse will be "free for all"

Jen-Hsun Huang was interviewed by VentureBeat ahead of GTC in September.

In the interview, Lao Huang remained optimistic about some major long-term projects, including the establishment of “Earth-2,” a digital twin of Earth that will have enough supercomputing simulation power on a universe-wide scale to allow scientists to predict climate change .

Earth-2 will require Nvidia’s best technology, such as the newly announced GPU Hopper. Lao Huang still believes that if Earth-2 can be built with meter-level accuracy for the entire Earth, it is actually freeing the Metaverse.

A free Metaverse for all?

Interview with Jen-Hsun Huang: What about the economic downturn? The future Metaverse will be "free for all"

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang introduces the Omniverse Avatar

Moreover, Lao Huang believes that the current global economic downturn will not affect the long-term vision of the Metaverse.

VentureBeat: With the current global economic slowdown, how do you maintain confidence in the Metaverse and the long-term?

Jen- Hsun Huang: These two things are not related, not related at all. On the one hand, the macroeconomic environment is the result of all the factors in the world, a cumulative result.

While each event, whether in Europe, Asia or the United States, is unrelated to the others, things add up and there will always be a tipping point.

Starting in June, the trend started to get quite dramatic. The PC industry experienced its biggest sequential decline in years. Meanwhile, just a few months ago, the supply chain was extremely strained. The production cycle is stretched very long.

In this particular case, we’re going up against the odds and selling to the market at a lower price in the next few months. We will normalize the channel and let the channel inventory correct itself. We’re going to give ourselves a chance to clear our inventory before the next generation arrives.

The things mentioned above are the tactical things, that is, things that are advancing now, as well as strategic things, things in the future, you can’t help but be excited about it. I’m more optimistic than ever about Omniverse and the work we’re doing.

Interview with Jen-Hsun Huang: What about the economic downturn? The future Metaverse will be "free for all"

Amazon’s Omniverse warehouse

VB: Are you saying that there are some forces that will always drive the Metaverse and not be dragged down by the world economic situation?

Jen-Hsun Huang: We will make sure that it will not be affected.

We are fortunate that our investment in Omniverse is not a separate investment. It’s built on three things that our company is really good at.

One, computer graphics, and we will continue to push that. We will continue to advance and reinvent computer graphics.

Two, we will continue to push AI. It’s so important. AI can solve some things, some things that were previously thought impossible.

Third, scientific computing and physical simulation. This work is extremely important to many industries and many fields of science.

These three businesses are the three pillars, and together they are the Omniverse, which can build the next generation of the Internet. We are the right company to do this. Although difficult to achieve, it builds on our previous achievements.

VB: Which businesses do you think will take off first? Is it an Omniverse “digital twin” for enterprises, or a Metaverse in games?

Huang Renxun: The game is already under development. Needless to say, how cool is Fortnite and Roblox now. Much of the above vision has come true in the game. Still, the game continues to evolve, but nothing new.

What’s truly incredible about the Industrial Metaverse is that, thanks to the Universal Data Exchange, Omniverse provides product design companies with every tool. Whether it’s making cars, ships, airplanes, agriculture, consumer goods or electronics, you can use it anywhere.

Every designer, CAD engineer, CAE engineer, supply chain team, and everyone who builds factories and runs simulations, everyone in every organization in the company can finally sync up for the first time.

Interview with Jen-Hsun Huang: What about the economic downturn? The future Metaverse will be "free for all"

An image from a montage of Nvidia’s Omniverse underlying technology, a virtual ramen shop

When people realized this benefit, the internet connected us all. What makes the internet so incredibly useful is that the internet is actually a platform, a data platform, on which entire companies can operate.

Omniverse is the technology foundation that enables it all for the enterprise.

VB: Do you still think doing Earth-2 “Twin Earths” will give us a free Metaverse?

Jen- Hsun Huang: Yes, of course.

The main focus of Earth-2 is to help policymakers and researchers, scientists understand the impact of various forces on future climate.

Unless we can predict climate a billion times faster than today, regional climate simulations that are necessary to use new scientific methods to avoid climate change simply cannot be done with sufficient accuracy. This is the main purpose of our Earth-2 “twin Earth”.

Interview with Jen-Hsun Huang: What about the economic downturn? The future Metaverse will be "free for all"

In order to do this, we have to invent all kinds of new machine learning models, new physics models, and we have to create a virtual environment of the Earth.

Earth-2 will have many layers. One layer is a physical simulation of the climate. Other layers will be related to cities, maps, and whatnot.

In the future, when this Earth-2 “twin earth” really becomes a “second earth”, the universal free Metaverse will come quietly before you realize it.


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