Interview with Feishu Shennuo CTO Shen Jing: Cross-border e-commerce is also a “technical job”

As good as cross-border e-commerce last year, there will be more turbulence this year.

Under the turmoil of the epidemic in 2020, this industry has spawned a number of leading players: the upcoming fast fashion cross-border e-commerce brand SHEIN has raised more than 300 million yuan, and its valuation is as high as 300 billion yuan; from Amazon The smart charging brand Anker has been listed on the Growth Enterprise Market; Zibuyu and, which also emerged from the cross-border e-commerce track, have also reported that they will soon be listed in Hong Kong.

According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, the scale of cross-border e-commerce in my country has increased by nearly 10 times in five years. In the first five months of this year, the import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce has exceeded 700 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 36.9%; in addition, my country The number of relevant companies in the cross-border e-commerce field has exceeded 600,000.

However, the rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce took a hit two months ago. In accordance with the platform policy, Amazon conducts a large number of bans on Chinese sellers who have been suspected of fraudulent reviews, such as brushing orders, giving gifts, and refunding compensation for no reason. It is reported that more than 340 cross-border e-commerce sellers have been blocked in Shenzhen, and news of store closures, bankruptcies, and layoffs have been heard one after another.

Even in the face of such a large industry shock, cross-border e-commerce is still growing against the trend. Relevant data shows that the cumulative investment in cross-border e-commerce in the first half of 2021 exceeded 2.5 billion yuan, and the scale of China’s export cross-border e-commerce transactions this year is expected to reach 7.73 trillion yuan.

In addition to powerful leading companies, growing companies are relying on digital technology to become a new force that cannot be ignored. However, unlike the rich resources and R&D technologies accumulated by large enterprises, small, medium and micro enterprises often need to rely on third-party resources and technologies in the industry ecosystem to improve the energy efficiency of their overseas business due to their small team size and limited time and capital costs. .

Recently, Feishu Shennuo, which provides solutions for overseas marketing of Chinese companies, held a technical conference of “Cross-border Marketing, More Than One Point”, and upgraded SinoClick, an overseas marketing service platform for growing cross-border e-commerce companies, to provide services ranging from site establishment to Full-link service experience from advertising to operation.

At the press conference, Pinwan talked with Shen Jing, CTO of Feishu Shennuo. Shen Jing has 15 years of rich experience in the field of Internet technology and has long-term accumulation in cross-border e-commerce technology. He gave a detailed interpretation of the characteristics of SinoClick, how marketing technology can empower SMEs, and how marketing technology promotes the development of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Feishu Shennuo CTO, Shen Jing
Feishu Shennuo CTO, Shen Jing

How to empower growing companies with overseas marketing technology?

“SinoClick is a SaaS-based product matrix, not a simple product. The main target customers are cross-border e-commerce growth companies. Their biggest pain point is to start a stable and rapid volume, and then revitalize the working capital, so as to smoothly transition to Business maturity period.”

Shen Jing told Pinwan that SinoClick has sorted out the business chain of cross-border e-commerce, and for the first time upgraded the platform to three major technical solutions: website service SinoBuild, advertising management SinoAds, and customer operation SinoOps, as well as two major service products: SinoDiagnosis for business diagnosis and SinoAcademy for marketing academy. .

Among them, the three major technical solutions directly correspond to the cross-border e-commerce business chain of “site construction-marketing-operation”. Among the other two auxiliary products, SinoDiagnosis can help growing companies conduct a series of analysis such as consumer analysis, conversion rate analysis, market dynamics analysis, platform health testing, media delivery diagnosis, etc., to help companies make decisions, and SinoAcademy can help growing companies follow Continue to learn about marketing trends at home and abroad.

The integration and refinement of Feishu Shennuo’s existing product technology, SinoClick focuses on three points: first, to help cross-border e-commerce growth companies to quickly acquire customers; second, to quickly transform after acquiring customers; third, not to do it once Sexual consumer products, to ensure the retention effect after the customer releases.

According to Shen Jing, in order to achieve these three points, SinoClick has also made many breakthroughs and improvements in technology.

“We use mixed marketing and sales, and deploy a marketing technology network around the world. Any place in the world and several major international social media platforms can be aggregated through our basic network. Because SinoClick is connected from the underlying data, through big data With the combination of algorithms, growing companies can see the effect of their overseas product launches on this platform. When customers have accumulated a certain amount of delivery data on the platform, the system will automatically deposit and generate delivery labels for customers. Precise operations are very helpful.”

In addition, SinoClick also uses deep learning, machine learning, and common algorithms such as NLP, CV, recommendation, clustering, etc. as the basic layer of the algorithm, and builds marketing models on top of this, so as to build a lot of intelligent marketing capabilities: such as advertising. Strategy, creative recommendation, localized intelligent customer service, etc. Therefore, SinoClick is more suitable for growth-oriented enterprises going overseas and can better facilitate their rapid growth.

Regarding the case of SinoClick assisting growing companies’ overseas launches, Shen Jing mentioned a company in Xi’an that specializes in young women’s clothing, focusing on the Japanese market. Initially, its launch was limited, ROI was unstable, and the conversion rate was relatively low. Through the advertising management module of SinoAds, this company uses the information of existing converted users as a seed audience, according to the purchase frequency and repurchase frequency, audience segmentation model and other similar characteristics to find new customer strategies with higher conversion possibilities. At the same time, the use of dynamic advertising for promotion ensures that all users who have arrived on the website but have not purchased will see the advertising materials related to the products they browsed, and further increase the click-through rate of the advertisement and the ROAS of the advertisement, and the final product purchase volume has been 9 times The increase in ROI has also increased by 200%.

How can overseas marketing technology empower the cross-border e-commerce industry?

The rapid rise of overseas service SaaS platforms represented by SinoClick also reflects the growing demand for marketing technology in the cross-border e-commerce industry. It is worth noting that even the success of cross-border e-commerce upstart SHEIN is, to some extent, the victory of a “marketing data first” model.

“The essence of this model is to capture customer needs through data, and then match the information flow of customer needs. The higher the matching degree, the higher the overall business efficiency. For example, if a customer generates an advertisement on Facebook , We capture your behavior on Facebook, and then lead to consumption or additional purchase behavior on its website. This kind of behavior data requires a special data platform to piece it together, and then mark it on one person, many people Accumulation of data behaviors of ”forms an overall user portrait, which is equivalent to grasping the user’s needs. After having this user’s demand, it is matched with the data of the supply and logistics system, which is also a kind of information flow matching, to reverse Promote the digital evolution of other aspects of the enterprise.”

Shen Jing said that this data-first model of SHEIN can effectively allow users to easily see the products she likes in this company and in this store, and they can see it very quickly when new products are on the market. Behind this, data is used to match user needs and production links. “This is the performance of the industrial Internet’s digital-driven productivity, which is more agile and also a kind of flexible production.”

“But for growing companies, they do not currently have such digital capabilities. Therefore, companies in the growth period do prefer to use SaaS products, because this does not require a special technical team to be used out of the box, which is a rapid improvement. A way of business. When using SaaS products, although the technology is not theirs, but the data is theirs, and data is the most important resource.

On the other hand, when this enterprise enters a mature period, there will be extensions, but it depends on how it extends. If a company has its own e-commerce, but also wants to serve others, then they need to build their own technical team to empower some products through data, and there is no contradiction between the two. “

SinoClick’s technical empowerment for cross-border e-commerce has become more and more deeply embedded in the texture of the entire link as the industry expands. What is rare is that even if 80% of the customers of SaaS products are growth companies, one of the goals that the SinoClick platform wants to achieve is to help small, medium and micro enterprises achieve technological freedom.

Talking about the future development trend of cross-border e-commerce marketing technology, Shen Jing observed that companies in this field used to be more e-commerce users such as Amazon. Now due to the tightening of platform policies and other reasons, many companies have switched from platforms to independent sites. .

“When it comes to the platform, data and algorithms are actually the platform’s empowerment. For example, Amazon has its own cloud computing and big data algorithms. The digitization of enterprises can only rely on the platform. But now that the platform traffic dividend has passed, the enterprise finds its own benefits on the platform. As it gets smaller and smaller, it is necessary to change its mindset and build an independent station.”

Shen Jing said that under the trend of independent stations, the digital demand of overseas enterprises will become more and more vigorous. From the beginning of this year to the next three to four years, more and more companies will provide services for overseas enterprises, and the resulting data flow and precipitation will also increase, and this will also become the core competitiveness of overseas enterprises in the future.

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