Interstellar Observation Blockchain’s Secret Key to the Metaverse



The dawn appears, the meta-universe is created and born

What is Metaverse?

“Metaverse” in English is Metaverse, which is composed of Meta and Verse. In the computer field, meta is called “Meta”, and verse is the abbreviation of universe.

Metaverse is a collection of virtual time and space, a virtual reality network world supported by a series of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and Internet (Internet) technologies.

In 1992, the book “Snow Crash” written by the famous American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson described a metaverse parallel to the real world. All people in the real world have an online identity “Avatar” in Metaverse. The Metaverse described by Stevenson is a new form of the Internet in the next stage after the realization of virtual reality.

“Meta universe” is a new digital form. CT technology constitutes a communication network, and the computer Internet constitutes an information network. As human society enters the digital age, AI, cloud computing, and blockchain constitute a digital network. Meta universe is a new generation of networks: digital networks.  It is a bridge between virtual and reality , and it may bring huge economic benefits in the future.

Features of Metaverse:  1. Stable economic system : Metaverse has an economic system similar to the real world. Users’ virtual rights are guaranteed. The content in Metaverse is interoperable. Virtual assets created by users can circulate without the constraints of the platform. 

2. Strong virtual identity : the virtual identity in the metaverse has the characteristics of consistency and strong sense of substitution, and the user conducts virtual activities in the metaverse under the virtual identity. Generally rely on customized avatars, image skins, and unique characteristics of the image to give users a sense of uniqueness and substitution. 

3. Strong sociality : Metaverse can provide rich online social scenes. 

4. Open and free creation : Metaverse is all-encompassing and inseparable from the innovative creation of a large number of users. Such a huge content project needs to be led by open user creation. 

5. Immersive experience : As the most interactive, informative, and immersive content display method, games will be the main content and content carrier of the meta universe. At the same time, Metaverse is one of the best application scenarios for VR virtual reality devices. With VR technology, Metaverse can bring users a sensory immersive experience. 


Giants enter the market, the next era

“Avalanche” inspired a generation of Internet people, and was once a book required to read within Facebook. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg proposed that Facebook will become a “metauniverse” company within five years. He told his employees that Facebook will work hard to build a collection of maximized, interconnected experiences in science fiction – a world called the metaverse.

In addition, giants such as Google, Amazon, and Disney have also laid out the “meta universe” earlier. Not only that, the concept of “meta universe” has also received unprecedented attention and favor from the capital market.

On March 10, Roblox, a US gaming platform, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its closing price rose 54.4% on the first day of listing to a closing price of US$69.50. The company’s valuation exceeded US$45 billion. This can be seen.

In March of this year, game company MetaApp completed a $100 million Series C financing, becoming the largest single financing in the domestic industry; on April 13, game developer Epic Games announced that it had completed a round of $1 billion financing, setting a record of $1 billion. The highest financing record on the “Universe” track.

From a domestic point of view, Tencent invested in Roblox before it went public and became a shareholder of Roblox, the “Meta Universe First Share”. At the same time, it also exclusively represented Roblox’s product offerings in China. In addition, the Internet giant ByteDance invested in the code Qiankun of the domestic “Meta Universe” concept company this year.

From abroad to domestic, many giants have entered the market one after another, and a new “outlet” is quietly forming.


Blockchain technology, the sky-filling stone of the meta universe

“BAND” is the four pillars of the meta-universe, namely, Blockchain, Game, Network and Display. They are from value interaction, content bearing, data network transmission and An immersive display of fusion to build a meta-universe.

The upgrade of games, networks, and displays can also present an almost perfect and lifelike game world, but it is just a game, and the blockchain is the secret key to the meta-universe . Its significance lies in ensuring the security of users’ virtual assets and virtual identities, realizing value exchange in the meta-universe, and ensuring the transparent execution of system rules.

Blockchain technology provides a decentralized clearing and settlement platform and value transfer mechanism .

It can guarantee the value ownership and circulation of the meta universe, thereby ensuring the stability and efficiency of the economic system, and ensuring the transparent and deterministic implementation of the rules. Decentralized virtual assets can be circulated across platforms, separated from the content itself, and become more “real”. 

Blockchain technology can check and balance the improper behavior of centralized platforms. As a large-scale platform that carries human virtual activities, Meta Universe has a natural monopoly on traffic. The meta-universe business model dominated by a centralized platform will inevitably lead to a larger-scale monopoly and control. This is a result that is more unacceptable than the Internet monopoly, and it is also not conducive to the long-term development of the meta-universe. The blockchain technology can solve the problem of decentralized value transmission and collaboration of the platform, and solve the monopoly problem of the centralized platform.

Blockchain technology will ensure that transactions and identities in the meta universe are safe and open .

In addition, non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) will allow users in Metaverse to have unique customized items, which are very similar to the real world situation. Encrypted tokens provide a roadmap for the formation of the Metaversal economy.


Concluding remarks

Metaverse is the “master” of the next round of technological innovation, or it will become the next stop of the Internet. The meta universe is actually the inevitable development of the digital society. From the perspective of the development of the digital world, Metaverse does not happen overnight. The popularity of smart terminals in the past, the rise of applications such as e-commerce/short video/games, the improvement of 5G semiconductor infrastructure, and the budding of the sharing economy are all prelude.

In the global post-epidemic era, online habits are formed, the Internet provides more freelance opportunities, changes in social enterprise organization, and Gen Z’s immersion in the virtual world all make the meta-universe general trend. And when the blockchain is immersed in the meta-universe, where the virtual and reality meet, the door to the future world has been slowly opened.


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