Interpretation of the shock of YugaLabs Deck not staying alive

Spent the afternoon watching YugaLabs’ Deck spread on the Internet. Ninety pages of Deck, seventy or eighty pages in Versailles . As expected, the core executives were replaced by a team of executives from Apple, Google, HBO and other companies. I seemed to have watched a wonderful Apple new product launch conference, which was not only shocking but also shocking , and I had to sigh at the involution of the Metaverse. Speed, do not leave a way for newcomers.

First analyze the team configuration. Unlike many Web3 entrepreneurial teams, YogaLabs has completed the integration of itself and Web2, and has basically completed the construction of the top-level team. In addition to the original four founders from Web3, other executives are: Partner Guy Oseary is the founder of U2 and Madonna Agency; CEO Nicole Muniz has ten years of Internet marketing experience, clients include Google, Nick , HBO, etc.

Chief Operating Officer Jasmin Shoemaker has 15 years of experience in operating growth, including Apple and Facebook; Chief Creative Pavilion Patrick Ehrlund has 15 years of brand experience (especially Storytelling, no wonder it has achieved such a strong Deck…), Clients include HBO, Kanye, Google, and more. In terms of configuration, this is a configuration that spans the Internet giants in Silicon Valley and the American fashion industry, and focuses on marketing operations.

Many people are confused by the Crypto Native slogan. As everyone knows, even if it enters Web3, the most important asset of the Metaverse is still traffic . From this perspective, the convergence of Web3 and Web2 is the general trend.There is no need to blush to say that web3 practitioners are eager for Web2 traffic, and urgently need to use Web2 to expand their brands and improve their product experience. Advocating for changes in production relations all day long is just an airdrop, and it will only make people tired in the long run.

YogaLabs grew out of the parent body of Web3, built its own strong team spanning Web3 and Web2 one step ahead of others, and completed the integration of capital and resources from the Web2 world and the Web3 world. This is a huge first-mover advantage, at least a year ahead of other NFT blue-chip teams. This means that YogaLabs won’t have an opponent to contend with in the next year, so let’s see what they plan to do this year.

YogaLabs’ plan: Unify the Metaverse!

Interpretation of the shock of YugaLabs Deck not staying alive

Yes you read that right, YogaLabs’ plan is to unify the Metaverse. To be honest I was shocked when I saw this. Everyone thinks that the Metaverse has just begun, and there are still so many people who have not stepped into the door of the Metaverse at all. Many creators don’t even know what PFP is. YogaLabs is about to unify the Metaverse? What an international joke? See what YogaLabs has to say.

YogaLabs first sprayed land-based NFT projects, pointing out that MMOs already exist, and Decentraland and Sandbox are not exciting at all (due to DCL’s high valuation), and they are not the Metaverse that people want. Then he sprayed PFP, pointing out that all project parties want to build their own Metaverse, and they are not interconnected, this is not the future. Games like AXS aren’t even mentioned in the Deck because there’s no experience at all.

Yugalabs believes that a true Metaverse has stories that people are captivating and willing to participate in; people can find goals, place bets, and make important decisions; and people can connect with each other. And YugaLabs’ strength lies in the enviable Web3 culture, strong community and influence they have built. (Data: Opensea’s transaction volume increased by 600 times last year, with an average daily transaction volume of more than 150 million US dollars, of which 10% was contributed by BAYC.)

Based on this, YugaLabs will build a completely different virtual game from DCL and Sandbox . It has a story and culture; is open (allows users to bring in other PFP characters, or create in-game assets); provides an SDK for developers (allowing them to create games based on the platform); lands can be combined with real-world lands (This seems to be combined with the latest Metaverse project Dropp’s story, like never before).

Many people accuse the BAYC series of assets that are too expensive, ordinary people cannot participate, and the community is too small. So, the community built with 200,000 pieces of Metaverse land is big enough (more than Sandbox). In addition, these lands can be connected to the real world. Considering that the team members announced by YugaLabs are from Oculus, and seeing that they will invest $37 million in product and technology research and development in 2022, the game experience is worth looking forward to.

In the words of YugaLabs, this kind of game is unprecedented . If successful, it can realize the linkage between the real world and the virtual world, the linkage of all PFP projects in Web3, and the linkage between the Web2 brand and the Web3 world. This brand-new experience and the strong consensus from the two worlds will form a unity: The Metaverse space recognized by everyone. In this way, DCL and Sandbox will become the past tense.

Even, YugaLabs also plans to build a trading platform within the system. I personally think this would be a real threat to Opensea. There will be a lot of UGC content in the Ape universe, and the preferred trading platform for this content will no longer be Opensea. According to historical experience, the rise of exchanges is often accompanied by a large number of wealth effects, and YugaLabs itself is synonymous with wealth, and they have such potential .

In this case, Ape will also be a common token for many games. Now you can think about how big a story YugaLabs told: kill DCL and Sandbox, unify all PFP Metaverses, open up the connection between virtual and reality, and threaten Opensea. YugaLabs made $130 million last year and plans to make $460 million this year. This round of valuation of 5 billion US dollars is not expensive at all, and the most important thing in hand is money and resources .

Finally, let’s think about a few questions: Would you rather spend money on an NFT made with $37 million, or an NFT made with $100,000? Conversely, you can also ask: what are the opportunities for small and medium creators in the NFT market next? (Is it going to Ape Universe UGC to be officially supported?) Where will the NFT market go next?

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