Internet giants get together with Web3.0

In 2022, with the full outbreak of new technologies and new formats such as the Metaverse, NFT, and digital collections, as well as the country’s support for the development direction of the digital economy, the concept of Web 3.0 will gradually become popular, igniting domestic Internet giants and capital for Enthusiasm for Web 3.0. At present, the big Internet companies have already deployed Web 3.0 through investment or their own products, and their first encounter in Web 3.0 also happened overseas.



As the most successful case of ByteDance’s globalization, TikTok has deployed Web3.0-related fields overseas. In September last year, it was reported that TikTok was preparing for NFT. Until October, TikTok announced the launch of its first NFT series, TikTok Top Moments. With six culturally significant TikTok videos from some of the platform’s most popular creators, Lil Nas X will be the first to launch its one-on-one and limited-edition creators with artist Rudy Willingham, which will be available for sale on October 6. Among them, one-to-one NFTs will be provided on Ethereum , and limited-edition NFTs will be supported by Immutable X. Byte’s overseas testing is still a little cautious. In contrast, Tencent ‘s layout is already very obvious, and it has gradually Signs of Chineseization.


Games are still an important revenue support for Tencent. Tencent will not fall behind in the game layout in the Web3.0 era. This is also the entry point for Tencent to deploy web3 overseas. In March of this year, Tencent and Yizhong Capital participated in the financing of Immutable, an Australian NFT game company. The company is currently valued at $2.5 billion and has become a new unicorn. The latter is a Web3.0 technology game company. The main target It is to develop a blockchain game that allows players to truly own game assets. This is Tencent’s first overseas investment in the field of Web3.0. As a domestic Internet oligarch, Tencent’s investment trend also represents its future development to a certain extent. road.According to public information, at the Tencent staff meeting, Tencent vice president and WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong once said that Web 3.0 may be a fake carnival, but Chinese Web 2.0 now leaves a real disappointment.

It can be seen that Byte and Tencent’s overseas deployment of Web3.0 is based on the original business, which can be simply understood as upgrading existing business, or superimposing the concept of Web3.0 for existing business, which can not only reduce the test Wrong cost, once the future model runs through, it will also consolidate their basic business and will not be abandoned by the wave of the times.


Facing the new wave of Internet, Baidu began to try to use Web3.0 for brand marketing, which is of great significance for brand owners to accumulate future judgments about Web3.0 and increase their understanding of user value. Cao Yuxin, head of brand of Baidu Group, said: “With the construction of Web3.0 infrastructure such as Metaverse and Digital Human, brand marketing has more room for imagination.

Yin Yingli, general manager of Baidu Mobile Ecology Business Group Marketing Department, said that 78% of brand owners have begun to try or are considering Web3.0 marketing methods, and Web3.0 has become a must-answer question for brand marketing. At present, Baidu has built a Web3.0 infrastructure based on AI capabilities, and has implemented a number of brand marketing cases, providing Web3.0 solutions for brand marketing in different scenarios, helping industrial upgrading and marketing innovation. Recently, Baidu launched the 5th AI Marketing Idea Season and launched the Web3.0 Partner Program to jointly incubate excellent cases of Web3.0 marketing with marketers, creatives, and brands across the industry, and explore innovative ways of playing and marketing trends. .

As the vanguard of Web 3.0 explored by Internet giants, the competition among cloud vendors is the most intense. Many cloud manufacturers under the Internet giants recovered, and found that the Web 3.0 track was a big cake that was hard to ignore, and they made efforts one after another. Google Cloud compares Web 3.0 to the Internet ten years ago, and has become a Web 3.0 team; Microsoft has announced the recruitment of professionals who can expand in the field of Web 3.0; HUAWEI CLOUD is actively expanding overseas Web 3.0 companies , not only “sense of presence” on Twitter’s Web3.0 topic from time to time, but also companies under its ecology are progressing smoothly; Alibaba Cloud, not to be outdone, announced to provide NFT solutions for overseas users. In just a few months, cloud vendors have gathered on Web 3.0, making people feel overcrowded. In addition to “Cloud+Web3.0”, some Internet giants in the United States have also explored various other “X+Web3.0” business models, such as “Social+Web3.0”, “Payment+Web3.0”, “Electricity+Web3.0″ Business + Web3.0” and so on.


A number of domestic Internet giants have joined the Web3.0 field one after another, trying to seize the opportunity in the digitalization process. It is an increasingly obvious trend to lead physical enterprises to the Web3.0 road. In the Web3 world, there will be real cross-product platform operations. user database, there is a digital identity that cannot be tampered with based on private keys, and everyone may even have their own data sovereignty. Web3 may even realize a frictionless global modern financial system in the virtual world.

Looking at the global market, Web 3.0 is still in the early stage of melee. Like many emerging products, bubbles also appear. The rise of emerging products must be accompanied by controversy. It will certainly be able to turn the unclear trend into a clear development route. We are in the era of technological and industrial transformation, and we will witness the arrival of the next era. Perhaps Web3.0 is an irresistible general trend, and there are many in the industry. Voices proclaim that Web3.0 has arrived, but the fact is that Web3.0 faces many challenges and bottlenecks.

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