“Internet Computer Protocol” opens to trillions

The cryptocurrency world is finance without a threshold.

"Internet Computer Protocol" opens to trillions

Overnight, a coin called “Internet Computer Protocol” (Internet Computer Protocol) went online. After taking a look, the current price in 400 knife, that is, 2700 yuan rmb up and down, multiplied by the total amount of about 470 million, the market value is properly 1 trillion rmb up. This project is full of infinity symbols (∞) and “singularity” (sigularity) these ordinary white unaware of the vocabulary is actually an old project originated in ’15 years. The old bottle has just been filled with new wine, the wine burns the heart, the red lips, and invites you to enter the jar. The company’s market value is calculated according to this, this is a hit, directly to the market value of the third largest token position, after bitcoin and ethereum. It’s a real “listing is the peak”. But all of this doesn’t matter anymore, at this point in the bull market madness. A Wright’s imitation disk dog coin can also soar hundreds of times under the star-level idol Musk’s powerful shouting orders to reach the fourth market capitalization, and look to take the top three. A five-minute ERC-20 token SHIB on Ether can also soar tens of thousands of times in the second half of the joint hype to rank among the top 15 in market capitalization. For a new leek who has just entered the circle, there is no difference between the profoundness of the former and the pure hype of the latter. Because there may be no one to understand the cloud of nomenclature behind the concept, what is really a thing. Moreover, the new leek into the field to speculate on a fun, they need only a dice in Las Vegas is just, engage in so much fancy pretentious packaging but let them look down.

The broader market should plunge across the board. As a rule, a blood-sucking behemoth’s launch will bleed the entire market. This is the capital logic that applies not only to the stock market, but also to the currency market. Obviously, the behemoth is not here to do charity or even to contribute, but to suck blood and eat people. The fact that hot money went after the new and profit-seeking and the whole market generally fell shows that this thing is not bringing any incremental volume to this market at all, but is playing a zero-sum game with other coins. Two days ago, we just saw the shadow of the bull market going crazy. From the point of view of going crazy, the bull market this is just beginning. From the perspective of the beginning, then the current doomsday orgy must be ended first. Why is there an orgy of doom? Because they know they are not going to live long. Why do you know you are not going to die soon? Because the listing of the blood-sucking beast is foreseen. There is a limited stock of funds, so if you don’t go crazy at this time, when will you wait? The leek is like a duckweed, floating with the waves. Hotspot after hotspot, how many people can 10,000 open to earn 100 million? Calculated, may not be as high as the probability of winning the lottery jackpot, right? The banker is not a philanthropist, the line is long, just to catch a bigger fish on the hook.

The cryptocurrency world is a finance without threshold. Many times you can’t use the elitist thinking of traditional finance to look at this market. To a greater extent, especially in a bull market, instead the internet fan economy better describes all kinds of human confusing behavior in it. If you’ve heard a little bit about the glitz and glamour of the rice industry, you probably won’t be surprised to see this rabble swarm. Moreover, in a positive social sense, it is better to harvest the money of young people who have no place to vent their youthful hormonal impulses with air coins than to let them use the money to sponsor celebrities to pour out the milk, the wastefulness, the jaw-dropping demonstrations, the extremely bad social impact, compared to these real-world rituals, the coin circle’s shit air junk coins are harmless, instead. The actual air junk coins are not only a good idea, but also a good idea. Get rid of the charm, get rid of the charm, get rid of the charm, get rid of the charm, ……

Don’t ask what internet computer coins can you buy. Just like don’t ask if you can buy shit coins. Small bets are good, big bets hurt, and strong bets go up in smoke. The last popular project with a big concept is called “Enterprise Operating System” (Enterprise Operating System). But people ByteMaster is still true to nature, in the bull market financing, it will be in the bull market cash, and then, at least to us to verify the idea of decentralization backwards is no way out. Now this bigger, big-to-infinity project, which also raised a lot of money in 2017, but held back until this bull market and came to issue coins to harvest, would be very insincere.

I admire bitcoin that doesn’t issue coins like Satoshi Nakamoto, Uniswap that has survived the bulls and bears but didn’t issue coins to raise money in the 2017 bull market and never raised money with tokens. in my position, even something like ethereum, with pre-mining, token fundraising and an opening statement about “world computers “I find it problematic. And this problem, caused by history, is also inscribed in history and cannot be erased. It’s not a merit of this project, but a stain. Maybe Ether can do a little better, but history is not to be assumed. So, harvesting is harvesting, don’t pretend and don’t bullshit, be sincere. The opening trillion is a sign that the market cycle has peaked in stages. The last straw that crushes the mad bull and opens us up to a painful retracement.

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