Internet begging? Yes, We found a cryptocurrency beggar!

In order to increase their visibility, cryptocurrency project side startups like to airdrop their tokens to strangers, but its very inefficient, that’s when an organization specialized in begging for airdrop tokens appeared on the market, they call themselves the beggar gang.


The project initiator will generally have two ways to raise awareness: 1. to give a large number of tokens issued to Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ether, Musk, founder of Tesla, and CZ, founder of the Binance exchange. but these celebrities will basically not sell these tokens, much less promote them for them. 2. to airdrop tokens in the community, in which a lot of time will be spent on The address of the user will be collected.

In response to the above 2 problems, cryptocurrency beggars have emerged, and they want to organize cryptocurrency airdrops for enthusiasts who only need to buy their tokens: Beggar (beg), to join the begging army. The Beggar Army will be everywhere posting their BSC addresses like project owners begging for airdrops.

Beggar (beg)-logo

Here’s what the self-proclaimed father of the Beggar Army has to say on Medium

I’m the beggar father and I’m here to save those who has suffered from missed the chance to get rich over night, lost money in spot trading and lost positions in futures trading. Lets beg from the rich to survive.Our community is called Beggar Gang and our mission is try to find the most rich guy/ project in crypto world and beg for airdrop.
Anyone how holds BEGGAR would try the best to complete the OKR of beg for airdrops as much as possible.
Twitter: @BeggarFather

🥣Beggar contract address:0x352fa129fe86d7b618574d39df88077c10daa6f4

Distribution:30% airdrop to CZ (TXID:0x2880b29054130ba8e063587241361be2370cf55e87517d52686cef4efc190fef ); 30% airdrop to those who begged cryptocurrency for the Beggar gang successfully; 40% to build the liquidity pool on pancake swap.
Airdrop Instruction: Go beg for airdrops and prove yourself to the Beggar Father, then you can get the airdrop. For example, when you beg on twitter, you can @BeggarFather in the comment area.

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