Intel world’s first 5G M.2 laptop baseband: network speeds nearly 5 times faster than 4G

Although Intel has sold its 5G baseband business, Intel is still continuing to invest in the 5G field through various means, such as advancing 5G fully connected notebooks.

Today, Intel released its first and the world’s first 5G M.2 solution certified by global carriers – “Intel 5G 5000” (FM350-GL), which can be plugged directly into the notebook’s M.2 standard interface to provide 5G Internet access.

What many people may not know is that the Intel 4G solution is actually quite large, and has shipped more than 5 million 4G LTE baseband products over the past year, claiming that three out of every four models of OEM products that actually sell on the market use the Intel 4G solution.

Following previous announcements of cooperation with MediaTek and Broadcom, Intel now serves up a 5G baseband solution, claiming that wherever it is used, the speed can reach close to five times the Intel LTE gigabit rate solution.

Acer, Asus and HP will be the first OEMs to launch six next-generation fully connected notebooks with Intel 5G 5000 solutions with 11th generation Core U-series or H-series processors this year.

More than 30 models are expected to adopt the Intel 5G 5000 solution by the end of next year.

Intel says the combination of 5G, Wi-Fi 6E (Giga+) enables a seamless and smooth experience between different network types and becomes a main pillar to meet the future demand for universal connectivity.

Intel world's first 5G M.2 laptop baseband: network speeds nearly 5 times faster than 4G

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