Intel CEO: the global lack of core problem may take several years to be solved

Beijing time on May 31 morning news, according to reports, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger (Pat Gelsinger) said that the global semiconductor shortage may take years to be resolved. Currently, the problem has led to the closure of some automotive production lines, including consumer electronics, other areas have also been affected.

Intel CEO: the global lack of core problem may take several years to be solved

Speaking at a virtual conference at Computex Taipei, Gilsinger said the trend for people to work and study from home during the New Crown pneumonia pandemic has led to “an explosive growth cycle in the semiconductor industry” that has put enormous pressure on the global supply chain.

“But while the industry has now taken steps to address near-term constraints, it may take several more years for the ecosystem to address shortages in foundry capacity, substrates and components.”

Gil Singh had said in a media interview in mid-April that the industry would need “a few years” to alleviate the chip shortage, and plans to start producing chips within 6-9 months to address the shortage of U.S. auto plants.

Intel announced in March this year a $ 20 billion plan to expand its advanced chip manufacturing capacity. In addition, the company has built two factories in Arizona and is open to external customers.

Gilsinger said, “We plan to expand to other regions in the U.S. and Europe to ensure a sustainable and secure global semiconductor supply chain.” But he did not elaborate on the specifics.

Intel’s plan may directly declare war on the world’s two other companies capable of producing the most advanced chips, namely TSMC (TSMC) and Samsung Electronics Co . .

Currently, the two companies have begun to dominate the semiconductor manufacturing business, and will shift its focus from the United States, which once invented a large number of semiconductor technology to Asia, which now manufactures more than two-thirds of the advanced chips.

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