Intel: Applying the latest Olympic technology to mobile phones and computers

How will sports technology develop in the future?

The high- profile drone light show at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was implemented by Intel of the United States . The company became a technical partner of the International Olympic Committee in 2017, centering on the processor, providing technical support for the exchange and processing of large amounts of information. How will sports technology develop in the future? Nikkei News (Chinese: Nikkei Chinese Net) interviewed Rick Echevarria, the vice president of Intel’s Olympic department.

Reporter: The Tokyo Olympics are basically held without spectators.

Echevalia: As a sponsoring partner, we respect the decision of the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government and provide technical support for the Olympic Games held without spectators. Intel established a legal person in Japan in 1976. Japan is a country that has always played an important role, and this Olympic Games also has special significance. As a technology partner, we will actively contribute.


Intel: Applying the latest Olympic technology to mobile phones and computers

Intel Vice President Rick Echevalia


Reporter: From the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics as a partner to the Tokyo Olympics, what changes have taken place in Intel’s technology?

Echevalia: In my current position, the first thing I do is to compare the technologies that can be used in the Pyeongchang and Tokyo Olympics. The high-speed communication standards 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) are huge changes.

“3D Athlete Tracking (3DAT)” the computer vision and AI technology combined with action and posture analysis athletes in the together . In the 100-meter race where the contestants competed with a difference of a few centimeters, the image obtained was analyzed on the spot by the algorithm, and then overlapped with the actual image. Because it is used by broadcast companies, the entire process only takes about 10-20 seconds.

Reporter: Do you mean that combining multiple technologies is important?

Echevalia: That’s right. To maximize the capabilities of computers, it is important to process information through terminal equipment. The data is then sent to the cloud for processing, and finally sent back to the stadium. Effective use of resources is very important.

Reporter: How can the technology provided this time be promoted to the products and services used in daily life?

Echevalia: Although 3DAT is a technology used for broadcast and television purposes, it can also be used for training. The design is to allow the cameras of smartphones and personal computers to perform the same analysis. In the future, we will continue to advance the development so that it can be used without professional camera equipment.

Reporter: How do you view the technological changes in the sports field?

Echevalia: Changes in the experience requested by the fans will also promote changes in the venues of the game. Whether it is watching the game live or watching the game through TV, etc., it is required to obtain a more ” immersive ” and intense experience. Large screens in venues and consumer imaging equipment have also changed. Commercial promotion requires strategic discussions, but joining an ecosystem with the participation of broadcasting companies is an important experience. Can understand the needs and provide help for the formulation of new technical blueprints.


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